Sep 1 & 2, Days 250 & 251 Coastal Skippin’

Have you ever wondered why the Great Lakes are called the Great Lakes? Maybe you thought it was because they’re big, but that’s not it. It’s because they are HUGE! We are skipping down the west coast of Michigan and there is nothing to see on our starboard side. It’s no different that running down the west coast of the US. We need to be very careful to watch wind speed and direction because we are in a small boat for the types of seas that can kick up.


9-2 water
Yep, it’s a very big body of water!


With all that in mind we checked the weather in Mackinac and decided to head south before the Labor Day crowd. People at the marina lazily gazed at our little Bayliner from the bridges of their parked 40 and 50 footers with nary a thought of venturing out. Hmmm… what did these locals know? In this league, I guess it’s go big and stay at home (or at the marina in this case). Off we went into the Mackinac Straight and on to the little town of Petoskey. Go Bayliner, go Bayliner…. (to the tune of “Speed Racer”)


9-2 rocks
Apparently, Petoskey is home to the “famous” Petoskey Stone. Basically it’s like a wet t-shirt contest… fairly round, smooth and bland; but then you throw a little water on them and your interest is piqued! (Editors note: Just for the record…. that sentence is word for word from B…. the mind reels at her knowledge). The stones above have just been dunked. Prior to dunking they were generic grey rocks. B insists she’ll polish these, but in the meantime we’ve got more weight on board. 


The trip to Petoskey wasn’t too bad. Who knows what those big boys were worried about. We’ve finally just said “that’s enough” on this engine break in stuff and cranked back up to our regular cruise speed and held it there. Motor sounds good and it’s nice to get up on top of the waves. Bye bye 8 knot trawlers!


9-2 zig
B’s mornings generally involve trying to get cute Ziggy shots…..



9-2 dog
…meanwhile walking with N…. whaddya mean the afternoon cannon demo is canceled?!


We have a general plan for getting to Chicago, but only planning one day at a time and playing it by ear.


9-2 charl
We’d hoped to stop in Charlevoix, but docks were full so we pulled in for a peek then headed back out to the lake through this narrow channel (header pic is Charlevoix as well)


Big water notwithstanding, we’ve been astounded by how great the boating is in this part of the world. Seems like every 30 to 40 miles along the coast there is a little town with a great municipal marina, restaurants, breweries and lots else to go visit. The lake itself is crystal clear although it’s a lot colder than it was up North! That seems weird, but it’s probably because the lake is significantly bigger and there aren’t the same rock formations going into the water.

From Petoskey, we went to Leland Harbor. 


9-2 lee 3
Pic from the restaurant we ate at. Tables outside were nice, but we’re outside all day so we like to be inside.



9-2 car
I know it’s a boat trip, but check this out. Super nice GTO convertible parked outside a store in town. Blow up the picture. The keys are in the ignition! Where can you do that?! Leland Harbor, MI I guess.



9-2 lee 2
Here’s another one…. Honor system wood selling and money box not bolted down…. clearly they do not have a meth problem in Leland Harbor!


Now we’ve made it Frankfort. Along the way we’ve passed Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and rocked through 6 to 8-foot seas.


9-2 dune
Really amazing MASSIVE sand dunes in Northern MI. Who knew?



9-2 wave
Normally I would try to level this out, but since you can’t see the waves, this gives you an idea of how hard it was to take a level pic of this mega dune.



9-2 beach
Check it out… this is a beach in MI! We sure were happy to see that lighthouse marking the entrance to Frankfort harbor.


Yeah, the latter was sort of a mistake! We’re going to be a bit more vigilant in future.  


9-2 wave
B took this screen shot while horizontal on the cabin floor below. Her comment… WTF, this NOAA chart says we’re in <2′ seas, what the heck is Trump’s problem with accuracy?!

OK, it’s Saturday night and need to sign off here to allow time to get into town and look for a place where N can better understand B’s whole perspective on Petoskey Stones!


2 thoughts on “Sep 1 & 2, Days 250 & 251 Coastal Skippin’”

  1. SO FUNNY!! Love the narrative! Love Barb and her amazing curiosity of all things natural! But the best picture of all was Nick with Ziggy in the cannon!

    You guys need to know how much you make me smile and laugh out loud!!! Love you! Travel safe! J


  2. I told you Lake Michigan was great, as in GREAT BIG. I rode around it on my motorcycle. That 920-mile jaunt took every bit of two days.

    It’s so good to have your posts coming in again. Keep up the great (lake) work.


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