Sep 3-4; Days 252-253 One Year Anniversary on the Loop: Sittin’ in Frankfort

That NOAA website misrepresentation of wave height (discussed in last post) that resulted in a very, not good wave day has us second guessing our every decision to venture out again into Lake Michigan–well, it has B vetoing while N yells “damn the torpedos; full speed ahead.”  That, coupled with actual major winds forecast (and occurring) have us hunkered down in Frankfort, Michigan for at least 3 nights. You really get to know a small town when you are there that long with nothing to do but walk a dog!  It’s a very nice place with plenty of t-shirt stops, craft beer spots and, unfortunately, a beautiful sandy beach that is going un-appreciated in this weather.

But N did find a diversion to get to his diversion before the bad weather hit:

2017-9-3 N golf scooter
Can you see his golf clubs on his back?  Certainly easier than on the bicycle—especially when the course is a notch too far.
2017-9-3 golf course
That is NOT Lake Michigan  beyond the golf course; but rather Lake Crystal –about half the size of Lake Washington–at 15 sq miles. Although N returned from golf raving about the size of lakes here and how Lake Chelan pales in comparison. (talk about under-appreciating our home state!)

We did, however, unceremoniously celebrate our one year anniversary since starting the Loop though!  Luckily we happened to go for a brunch with another Looper couple  so that counted as our acknowledgment of the day. I could get all “retrospectivey-philosophicky” here…but since we are about to close the entire loop circle in a month or so more….I’ll hold off.  You’re spared…for a bit!

2017-9-3 imagine 2 moon light
 Our brunch companions left the dock and took a mooring ball for the first big wind hit…nice moon light before it hit.

Speaking of night shots:

2017-9-3 tv screen
Here’s a reason NOT to make N go out for an evening stroll before bed.  He’d only covet this set up more by night!  You can’t see it, but they have a major football game on that big screen. But N has been ecstatic with the internet here and even streamed the game on his ipad while smoking his cigar on the back of our boat.  Who needs a big screen!??!



It is shocking how many mega fishing-equipped small boats there are here on Lake Michigan.  These guys are going out and just circling the little harbor and beyond at all hours–day and night. Look at that collection of lures in lower left window!

2017-9-3 frankfort street
Ok, so when you are stuck for 3 days in a small town and you have no need for another t-shirt, fudge, icecream, or craft beer and despite that you’ve walked the streets about 50 times, then looking at the fish cleaning station becomes a great pass-time!
2017-9-3 fish cleaning station clinical
Really impressive fish cleaning station at the boat ramp. Very active all day long—Alas, except when I came back to take pictures for the blog during the wind and rains!  

One of the prize catches are king salmon.  “Wait!” you ask!?!  “From a fresh water lake?”  Yes, about 150 years ago they introduced kings and cohos here for sport.  They survive and they keep stocking the lakes too. We even saw them trying to spawn up a stream that was damned/blocked off.   Kinda weird/unnatural if you ask me!

No, this is NOT another artistic shot of a pretty stone that B has stumbled upon!

2017-9-3 roe closeup
It’s salmon roe!  They’ll use it for bait; despite B insisting that they should do as our loyal reader Bjorne does and clean it, etc and serve yummy salmon caviar to us!

Well, when you’re stuck in port and the internet is perfect, the readership gets a quick back-to-back posting—albeit just a snippet of life at the docks in a small lakeside town. We actually may push off late this afternoon (so it might not be 3 nights at the same port…but not going back up to edit that earlier paragraph!)  If so, we’ll make a quick run to the next port to keep working our way down and get off this GREAT lake as soon as possible before the really bad weather sets in.  Of course, that departure is weather dependent and subject to B’s veto!  Oh and speaking of weather….

2017-9-3 labor day weather duo

The Tale of Two Cities! Here’s a juxtapostion of realities: so much for skipping out on the NW typical bumbershoot, non-picnic weather at home!  That water shot is NOT through the window! Look at the size of those rain drops! Accompanied by big thunder and lightening too…. stay tuned for more.

PS AND, Happy Labor Day too!


One thought on “Sep 3-4; Days 252-253 One Year Anniversary on the Loop: Sittin’ in Frankfort”

  1. Please send some rain our way. The smoke and heat are killing us. And it’s raining “ash” today. I’m keeping my sanity by flash backing to your Canadian rocky bay photos. Wishing you safe no swell travels. Your blog is my favorite summer reading!


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