Sep 9-11; Days 258-260 Coastin’ Down Lake Michigan

South Haven should be renamed: Wave Haven.  It seems the usual entry system to all these great little harbors that are sprinkled every 15-30 miles along the east side of Lake Michigan (west coast of Michigan State) is to set up two long protecting jetties and cut an entry in which probably expanded what was originally a little creek or river mouth that then opens up to either a large lake or wider river.  Some of the cuts even zig and zag with doglegs so the crashing storms and unrelenting winds are subdued.  Very nice system!

2017-9-10 s haven bridge view
The small town of South Haven is centered along both sides of the Black River…every possible spot has as many boat slips squeezed in as possible along the banks, in little inlets, and in coves for about a mile up.


2017-9-10 unstolen wood
Unstolen Wood–random after-store-hours pic! And a few doors down were a bunch of nice plants and a bench for sale too—still all sitting there at 8:30 pm…and they remained there, unstolen,  again 12 hours later as we passed by on our morning walk!  I guess the bad guys haven’t hit South Haven (I mean Wave Haven) yet. 

We ventured out up the dead calm Black River in the dinghy for a little tour:

2017-9-10 nina pinta
View from the water line in the dinghy: we last saw these two great replicas (the Nina and the Pinta) down  in South Carolina last April see:     They won’t be looping with those masts though!  Bridges too low in Chicago.

After about a mile and a half, the docks, marinas and boat slips suddenly thinned out and ultimately only nature (well, a bridge or two did remind us we weren’t too far out).

2017-9-10 black river dinghy ride Z
In fact, we could have gone further but it was getting late….definitely worth exploring more (with a picnic in hand though!)
2017-9-10 bridge relections
Bridge Reflection– could get philosophical with that title….

We had fun over dinner (and some port back on board) with N’s old work chum, Denny, from Arthur Anderson days and his wife Nancy.  It took some back tracking but we finally pieced together when we last saw them: 2012 …wow- time flies!  And of course, we forgot to take a pic!   But looks like we’ll see them again in Chicago…so hopefully we stop talking long enough to get a shot.

We snuck out onto The Lake on a great day:

2017-9-10 lighthoue storm s haven
No, Hurricane Irma didn’t make it this far north…but just want to show you what it could look like on the edge of South Haven.
2017-9-10 lighthouse s haven clear day
Here’s our pretty exit out at the same location as the above pic ( just the other side of the wall) Yay- minimal winds and flat water!  No floor time for B and Z.

En route, we slowed down to take a closer look at the big Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

2017-9-10 sand dunes
Can you see the cars on top for size comparison?
2017-9-10 shipwreck
While dune peaking, we passed right over an old wreck.  Water was about 15’ deep.

A 60 mile jump got us to a nice night in New Buffalo where we enjoyed golf, yoga, grocery replenishing, frustration with Seahawk performance and some nice walks!

2017-9-10 New Buffalo dock better
A few Loopers here.
2017-9-10 beach trail pano
Only a handful of people enjoying the sandy beach.

2017-9-10 boardwalk

Here’s  one of those “what-is-it?” shots.

2017-9-10 duck blind tow dog boat
Is it a floating duck blind, a floating tiki-party boat, a dog transport, or a tow boat?  I think all of the above…and probably more!

A short 40 mile hop midday, got us to a new state!  Indiana! We are definitely out of the country-side and into “civilization.”  In Hammond, Indiana with industrial smoke stacks of Gary, Indiana to our east and the towering skyline of Chicago to our west.

2017-9-10 marina hammond chicago skylineHammond Marina shares the floating dock with a mega-casino….talk about un-civilized civilization!  See Chicago in the background?

2017-9-10 coyotes sign
Feeling a bit like Dorothy and Toto here. But this really nice long trail through a bird sanctuary/migration spot is a little bit of paradise squeezed between the casino and downtown Chicago.
2017-9-10 ecoli beach
A further reminder that coyotes, cockroaches and crap are not limited to Washington DC….. probably all  will out-survive us!

Speaking of signs (and on a more pleasant note):

2017-9-10 xmas sign
At least someone has their priorities right! Fun!

Heading into Chicago in a bit….Go Cubs!

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