Oct 25 Day 31 A Father of a Day!

We said goodbye to Florence midday. Really a great town with lots of things on the tourist calendar: from mega-golf to a storytelling extravaganza (and lots in between—including all that music!).  After yesterday’s tourist extravaganza, here are a few parting shots:

Just to give you some idea of the intensity of music history and roots here!  We are in Florence/Muscle Shoals (midway-triangle btwn Nashville and Memphis) (obviously I like maps!)

We stopped at  the Alabama Music Hall of Fame- very long list of successful and famous Alabamans in the music industry.  And did you know the first Rock and Roll song was from here??  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0mhgyTgxtw

I like the part about the amplifier falling off the truck.

Can’t forget Sam Phillips the Father of Rock and Roll  (with Elvis, duh!):

Sam Phillips launched Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins,  Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Charlie Rich and many others.  Even in the 50’s and in the South he had no racial biases…only what sounded right (and probably moved right) was what mattered.  He said he was only “looking for that little piece of soul magic.” 
The Golden Country Car, a 1960 Pontiac convertible adorned with more than 500 silver dollars and 17 silver guns….but still not sure WHOSE car it was??! haha

So aside from being the birthplace of Rock and Roll, Florence is also the birthplace of W.C. Handy, Father of the Blues:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGqBmlZR3dc  — recorded BEFORE outbreak of WWI  …wow !

Besides our “tourist” things we golfed and walked.

Look at this cool frisbee golf course in Mcfarland Park…can you see the next “hole/target” way through the trees on the grassy knoll?  And Nick thinks HIS courses are challenging!


Nick’s last (for now) day of golf on the Robert Trent Jones Trail –the Father of all Golf Trails.  At least THAT pin/hole can be seen!

And then we arrived late in the afternoon back at Grand Harbor Marina Iuka, Mississippi

On the way, we enjoyed perfect weather, water and scenery:


Largest boat we’ve seen yet….and, for that matter, hardly any boat traffic of any kind today.

Little islets near Sevenmile Island Wildlife Area (see above feature photo too)                     Good bye Tennessee River!

We are now positioned for the Tenn-Tom Waterway section that we’ll start tomorrow.


Oct 23 Day 29 Carpoolin’ Fun in Florence, Al

Yet again another nice marina and great dockmaster couple: Kyle and Eva who, despite being inundated w/ Loopers heading downriver after the annual “Looper Convention,” they still made us feel special in our little boat. (fyi, we did not attend the “convention”…just wingin’ it, I guess)

Picturesque Florence Harbor Marina: Although we did just now discover there is no fresh water on our “small boat/sailboat dock” where we have, as usual, been relegated and are spending a few days….so I guess we’ll just have that much more practice docking/tying up/maneuvering around the big Loopers when we go over to the main dock and re-fill the tank. A small problem compared to the rest of the world’s.

Just a block from the marina is a lovely 3+ mile long river park that includes a forest of these great pine trees for our morning walk.

The fallen-pine-needles-fermenting-in-the-warm-sun smell is not, unfortunately, photogenic!

Nor was Ziggy particularly photogenic for this shot…but she wanted to show off her Seahawk spirit today:


We borrowed the marina courtesy car and B was back to carpooling as if the kids were little again.  B ushered Nick off to play at a nearby stellar Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail  (one on the trail that he missed last year when he came to Alabama with his Tacoma golf buddies to tackle the Trail).


Fighting Joe Course at Muscle Shoals l0st to Nick today.  Good game!

While in carpool mode, B stopped by a nature preserve and let Ziggy romp on the trails. Ziggy, for her part, let B romp too.  Besides the cool old, moss-laden remnants in feature photo above, a few other discoveries:


Since all mushrooms are fungi, but not all fungi are mushrooms…safe to say: Nice fungi!


Hmmmmm, couldn’t pass this up.  I guess it’s an armadillo….so much for its armor!

And to wrap up the carpool loop, we all had lunch together afterward to enjoy N’s good golf day:

First country club lunch for Ziggy …or was it jail?   

Watching Seahawks struggle now……

Tomorrow will be a full-on tourism day in Florence,Al…stay tuned.