Sep 5 – 8, Days 254 -257 Wavin’ Frankfort Goodbye!

After spending many weeks complaining about Canadian internet, I’m not sure what’s worse… getting stuck by weather in a marina with whip fast internet, or moving from one marina to another with inferior internet at each one! Honestly, I’ll take the former. At least we can stream video, watch games, and follow the news. Also, we were in a town with a reasonable main street including a brewery, a few bars, restaurants, and a grocery store. That was all good because we were stuck in the town for 6 (SIX!!) nights.

This Lake Michigan is a beast! N was going crazy (had to keep repeating the mantra…. it’s not a race, it’s not a race….), but there was just no way to get out of port and on our way. We’ve had a week of sustained winds above 15 knots and waves of at least 5’. B and Z went to the breakwater each morning to assess the situation. Waves breaking over the wall meant no go!


9-8 light
Yes, we had some occasional sunshine. Even so it was windy with waves coming over the breakwater!



9-8 boat 2
N didn’t care… he just wanted to get underway. In the alternative he used great internet to find pics of boats in rough water!



9-8 wave
Even so, he did get us into this “slop” (you can’t appreciate how bad it is from this pic). Amazingly, it was N who opted to return to the dock as B was totally fine prostrate on the cabin floor… her normal “big water” position.



9-8 below
We’re at Defcon 2 when B and Z are on the floor with life jackets on…..damn the torpedoes!


Obviously, there’s not a lot to write about when you’ve been sitting in the same spot since the last time you posted! We’ve been up and down the main street at least 30 times, spent time in the library, talked to guys cleaning fish (it’s amazing how many fish get caught including large king salmon although the latter look nowhere near as good as our PNW variety), jaw boned about the weather with guys on the dock and did a lot of thumb twiddling!


9-8 city
Walked this street many a time!


9-8 sign
Found this great brew pub….then what?! Closed due to rain. Fortunately beer was flowing elsewhere.



“We” (i.e. N and a reluctant crew did try to leave yesterday…. only to be turned around by 6 footers! At least we tried. The good news is that as of this writing we’re off the dock and heading down the coast.


9-8 sun
Yesterday evening things began looking up for continuing our journey


We’re going to go for a bit longer each day to get off this lake post haste, but also because while the little towns along the Michigan shore are nice,


9-8 cut
Yes, it’s a NEW harbor… after 6 days we went nearly 70 miles today to Pentwater. This is the channel entrance off the lake into the harbor. After brutal waves for days we had “water-ski” conditions for much of today. It’s a funny old lake! Forecast for the next few days is great so we’re going to burn down Lake Michigan and hopefully get to Chicago and the rivers before the winds kick back up.


there’s only so many t-shirt shops and cutsie art places you can look at before they all sort of run together! Not to mention it’s getting cold and we aren’t psychologically ready for that yet!


9-8 b
B was delighted to find a pair of VERY USEFUL wool hunting pants from the 50’s at some antique store (yes, there’s a lot of those in these little towns too)….Z was less enthused. 


More later… cruise on!

One thought on “Sep 5 – 8, Days 254 -257 Wavin’ Frankfort Goodbye!”

  1. WOW. You’re really MOVING. Just think….you’re headed home while other Loopers are just beginning. We met one years ago in Green Turtle Bay. Wish, Wish, Wish we were with you. God Speed cuties.


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