Aug 23-26, Days 240-244 Rocks, Rocks and More Rocks

With much trepidation we pulled out of Killarney with our 30 hours old motor and second new (re-built) outdrive. It took thousands of miles to become confident with our original set-up and that was in an environment where if something went wrong we were a stone’s throw from help (not to mention having functioning internet!). This leg of our journey really has us in the outback heading north and west before taking the big left down to Michigan. Blowing the clutch on the first new outdrive did not inspire confidence. If something goes wrong here we are literally up a creek (in a lake actually) without a paddle. Well, we do have a paddle, but we can’t really use it! Anyway, you get the idea.

After five days in Killarney N was going crazy. Three days were due to waiting for our new parts, but the other two were down to weather. At one point N took the dinghy into the bay to judge “just how bad” the water really was.

8-26 waves
Not sure you get the idea from this pic, but just outside relatively protected Killarney it was blowing for days!
8-26 sign
You start to notice small things in a small town when you’re there for 5 days. Not sure what caused this sign, but there are a number of establishments in other towns that could use the same!

Although there are lots of islands up here, there is still tons of huge open water and 20 mph winds can really whip up some waves (the winds caused one 50’ cruiser at the marina to break loose with the finger dock it was tied to!). After much prevaricating, the RioMarLago crew negotiated a settlement to get the “heck outta Dodge” on Wednesday afternoon. We only went three miles, but our destination was a great anchorage called Covered Portage. A small step, but progress and movement was good for the sake of the order.

8-26 cliff
It was a little grey and chilly, but it was good to get underway. See our boat at anchor in Covered Portage.
8-26 liff 2_LI
If you blow up this pic you can see B and Z at the top of the same ridge in the previous picture.


8-26 head
Check out this rock! Can you see the indian face?

The stretch beyond Killarney takes us to the northernmost point of our journey on Lake Huron before we take the big turn south to Michigan. Cruising in this stretch is more and more remote with plenty of anchoring as we travel through the North Channel up to near where Lake Huron meets with Lake Superior. From Covered Portage we went to Baie Fine where we anchored then hiked up a trail to Topaz Lake (pic in header) before having lunch and a swim then heading to Little Current.


8-26 bf
At anchor in Baie Fine.


8-26 toilet
So we’re out traipsing around this lake when lo! A sign we are not the first!
8-26 hroom
…it’s OK Ziggy, those are really good eating!

The latter is the last stop to get any kind of serious kind of provisioning done before getting to the US so we loaded up for the big push to the border.

8-26 lc
It’s still August, but the season is winding down up here as evidenced by all the empty slips at Little Current.
8-26 broad
This guy gives a daily news broadcast then has boat from around Georgian Bay and the North Channel call in their position. He’s had as many as 190 call in. There were 70 the day we were there. OK, so maybe this might seem a little boring, but it was cool to attend (once) and listen. Especially hearing boats radio in that we’d seen all over the place.
8-26 store
This was the “big” store we came across in Kagawong after leaving Little Current! Not much here, but there was a chocolatier next door where B was able to find “provisions”.


8-26 church
Check this out! Full steam ahead to heaven….the pulpit is a converted ships bow and a ship’s anchor wheel more prominently displayed than the cross. 


Anchoring out has been great. It’s amazing to think people will be out ice fishing in these areas in a few months when right now the water temp is perfect for a daily morning swim…. ok “swim” might suggest a level of energy we’re not necessarily achieving, but still, it’s fun to jump in. No need for those marina showers.    


8-26 b2
B took a morning swim to the boat while Ziggy observed from shore. This was a fantastic anchorage in the Benjamin Islands. None of the big boats dared sneak into this little spot so we had it to ourselves.


8-26 rock2
No idea how these trees survive basically living on solid granite, but it makes for some cool walking paths. Very zen.


8-26 rock6
OK, so we smashed up our props/outdrive/motor on rocks a month ago, but you gotta get back up on the hoss! Navigated this channel after first inspecting it by dinghy.

After enjoying our great anchorage in the Benjamin’s we headed out for points west.


8-26 water
Speaking of zen, pretty spectacular scenery when the sun is out!

I think our last days in Canada will be here at Blind River waiting for weather….oh wait, there’s a golf course! Maybe we’ll stay an extra day.


8-26 golf
N found a truly spectacular golf course in the middle of nowhere. Maybe the local uranium mine funded it to keep employees happy….whatever, N’s score was certainly radioactive!

OK…that’s it for now. We are totally looking forward to first world internet in the coming days! RioMarLago, out.






2 thoughts on “Aug 23-26, Days 240-244 Rocks, Rocks and More Rocks”

  1. I absolutely LOVE receiving a post. First, it is great to know that you are Safe! Second, there are pictures that give us some perspective of what you are doing! And third, almost always, there is the quintessential Barb and Ziggy picture, which makes me smile from deep within!

    I am so proud of both of you for being adventurers, for embracing the challenges and “navigating by dinghy.” So funny, I remember walking whitewater rapids in Canada in the middle of nowhere and ultimately thinking, “What are our alternatives.?”

    The Indian face is cool! So much like the Southwest and Maine. Barb, I am in Raleigh, and I see about 25-40 hummingbirds an hour. Reminds me of your lavender!

    Travel safe! With you in spirit always! J


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