Aug 22; Day 239 Sittin’ in Killarney (proof reading)

Really this post is just to get the yesterday’s post’s completion to trigger! So to see it you may have to scroll down past the home page on the actual  site.    It does have some typos and other issues…primarily  though, it seems to have left off at least one key paragraph:  the one about WHY we were towing the boat!  Here it is because I simply cannot get back into that post to correct and inseert it to the part immediately before the picture of Nick in his green coat in the dinghy::

“Even  the weather cooperated, the Bayliner Beast did not.  About 3 miles shy of our destination, a screaming jolt emitting from the engine area stopped us dead in our tracks…or rather made our wake crash up onto the stern swimstep.  What the —-????   Seriously??  How can this be?  No shallows, no rocks on the chart, new engine gingerly broken in, no crabpots (remember this is a lake afterall). UGH! Ok, well time for ANOTHER first: let’s tow ‘er in.”

In the meantime, here’s a view of Killarney waterfront –a town of 400. It only got its first road to it about 45 years ago so everything along its 3 block length has a dock.  Not only do you pull up to the dock for gas but you also pull up to the liquor store, the grocery store, the icecream store and a variety of restaurants at each of their individual little docks. “Parking” is limited to 30 minutes at most places!  haha

Lots of Loopers passing through. Some we met last Fall way up on the river; others we’ve read about on the Looper forum.

Ok we only have a handful of Canadian towns to pass by on THIS adventure so winding towards Lake Michigan and Chicago on the horizon.  Check back again. We’ll try to post as often as possible. Hope all your retinas are intact after eclipse gazing!

3 thoughts on “Aug 22; Day 239 Sittin’ in Killarney (proof reading)”

  1. Holy Toledo, Batman, what a fabulous group of postings and photos!! I mean really! OK, I guess if you’re holed up for 3 days or more in pouring rain and winds, you can either just watch your hair grow or do something productive. Great photo of Nick enjoying his birthday dinner. Memorable indeed! Loved the zillions of tiny islands, flora and fauna, and imagery. I can’t wait to see that part of the world with my own eyes. And you never did say what happened to the clutch of the outdrive. Just crapped out? Cracked? How nice to have insurance that actually works. That plastic tool kit of yours had taken a beating too along the way. Is that covered under warranty? 🙂
    Have a grand time on your next leg rolling through those huge Great Lakes!


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