Jul 6 – 10, Days 221 – 225 Canadian Pole Dancin’

Well, we’ve had another technology driven blog hiatus despite which we’ve continued along the Trent-Severn Canal enjoying random adventures along the way.


7-8 carp
There are some GIANT carp in the river with plenty of people fishing for them. Our friend and gourmand recommends the following recipe for enjoying carp… scale the fish, season it, stuff it with herbs and roast on a cedar plank. When cooked, throw out the fish and eat the board!


We’re into the thick of the Canadian boating season and traffic is building. Not only are we seeing more “looper” boats, but many little towns along the canal plan weekend events to attract people.

7-8 canal
Lots more traffic going both directions!

That’s cool, but it makes it more challenging to find space each evening. So far, we’ve done OK.

7-9 ret
Tied up on far wall after the lock and walked into this little town.


7-9 lake
… and here’s another cute spot we found for another overnight. We were able to sit in the sun and enjoy the jazz fest going on at the nearby park.


Speaking of events, we stayed in Peterborough on Friday and had a chance to enjoy the annual “Rib Fest” together with seeing two tribute bands; “We Ain’t Petty” (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and “Hot Rocks” (The Rolling Stones).

7-8 bbq
Each rib place displayed their trophies out front. We couldn’t handle more than one order.
7-8 b
Lots of fun in Peterborough

They were awesome! The good thing about tribute bands versus the real thing is the former ONLY play huge hits rather than forcing you to sit through their latest creative effort. OK, so we’re not big music aficionados…. we just want the hits!

7-8 roll
These guys even dressed up to look like the Stones. If you’re a Rolling Stones tribute band, what’s the first song you play? We both guessed “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and were right!

OK, after a night of rock ‘n roll we were off up the canal.


7-8 truck
We preferred the floating pink Cadillac limo in Florida!


With all the June rains the currents are strong in the canal making for always interesting marina entrances and exits. Leaving Peterborough, we came close to a big 48’ Sab recraft. NO WAY were we going to hit it, but the guy was out watching, paranoid that we would. No problemo! In fairness, another guy did bash another boat exiting.

7-8 curr
Not sure you can appreciate it from the pic, but the current is ripping after all the rain.

Two locks up we came across the largest hydraulic lock in the world. Amazing. It’s like one giant railway bridge suspended on a hydraulic pole. One comes down while the other goes up at near elevator speed.

7-8 lock
Check out the elevated chamber on left on top of pole. We’re entering the counterpart ahead.


7-8 lift
Once we’re in, a gate comes up to “seal” the box.
7-8 lift 3
… and then we go up! Look over N’s shoulder to see 65′ elevation gain. Very weird feeling.

We’re getting into a bit nicer scenery now as we go further north and west. This is lake cottage country with tons of little cottage all over including on individual sized islands. Amazing boating even if there are still a lot of 10kpmh speed restrictions!

7-8 island
Tons of little islands all over with houses.
7-8 rice
Great to get some open water where we could spool up the throttle a little bit.


7-9 trip
Still gotta slow for narrow channels. Believe it our not that’s a speed limit sign in the channel!



7-9 chur
This is a church on an island. If you look closely to the right you’ll see a string of aluminum boats belonging to parishoners.  


7-8 sling
One marina had a great solution for misbehaving crew! Z seems to be saying “Really?” while B looks more concerned. Note the clouds….it’s not ALL sunshine here!



Faithful readers will remember we’re using our spare props while we wait for repairs on the other. We’ve been spoiled by the other props and “WE” are getting frustrated by the seemingly poorer performance of the others. At least we have nice scenery and places to stop overnight (even if they don’t have internet)!


7-9 canal 3
Even N acknowledges you can’t blast down this at 25! Believe it our not there’s two traffic on this!



7-8 sleep
You’ve heard of sleepwalking…. here’s an example of sleep-snapping!


Turns out the old props can’t be repaired so N bit the bullet and decided to cough up the 30% plus premium to buy replacements versus waiting until we get to the US. That price included a MAJOR discount since the prop guy had been unable to sell the set for the last three years!


7-9 fix
Pulling in for yet another haul out for a prop swap!


The prop story is actually pretty complicated involving multiple prop shops, friends picking up and dropping off props, etc… but I’m working on the blog from a Tim Horton’s restaurant so trying to save time.

Even with our new props we’re not confident we’re back to normal performance, but there is a lot of current were constantly battling. Besides, now we have a new issue….. something’s weird with the steering. We’ve called ahead and hope to get someone to look at it. Hopefully it’s something really easy like bleeding a hydraulic line, but you never know; that’s boating! OK, maybe that’s Bayliner boating, but even so. In the meantime, we continue to shuffle along the canal. We’re down to our last 10 locks or so and then we have a few months of open water. We’re looking forward to that!


7-8 map
Green marks our trail since Ottawa. We’re probably a one hour drive from the open waters of Georgian Bay, but still a few days by boat!


One thought on “Jul 6 – 10, Days 221 – 225 Canadian Pole Dancin’”

  1. So glad to have an update! I laughed out loud! Love the slingshot photo of Barb!

    Funny thing about carp! I have 9 here where I am Housesitting! They are interesting fish!

    Travel safe! I hope to talk with you soon! Love you! J


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