July 3- 5; Days 217-219 Canal Hoppin’

Farewell Rideau Canal. Parting shots:

We finished off the historic Rideau Canal (and its 49th lock!)   At its “foot”– Kingston. A very nice little town with a vibrant and buzzing center, great waterfront paths and lots of fun restaurants.

But before I get to Kingston…just a thought: Now, as I write this, I’m wishing we had been able to explore the Rideau waterway more and stay longer…but without the rain and the boat issues (or bodily injuries, for that matter).  It’s funny, in hindsight, sometimes how much more you appreciate things. And on that somewhat related note, further, before we get to Kingston,  a daily life-on-the-boat tidbit:

2017-7-5 warrior pose kitchen window counter
Above the galley sink: a little action figure that we found in the dirt back on an island in Florida. Sometimes she gets bumped and falls over. I plop her back up. Every morning and evening (and sometimes in between) I look at her and remind myself to gather her strength and fight through difficult boat, body, mind and weather issues.  Always so good to remember all the good and the power of positive thinking!

Now for Kingston:

2017-7-5 kingston sign
Kingston is a vibrant and buzzing center, great waterfront paths and lots of fun restaurants…..and fun street names! (we both thought the other was taking cute scenic pix of the town….ugh….that’s it for Kingston!)

Well a few nature shots along the waterfront!

Big maple tree, pretty water birds and tons of turtles here!   PS Ziggy learned to track the scent of turtles here!


We’re both already missing the cute little historic hand-drawn locking system.  But with a calm, quick cross over an edge of Lake Ontario and a bit of the St Lawrence, we jumped from Kingston over to the town of Trent– the beginning of the next big leg: Trent-Severn Waterway. And no disappointments!

We’ll spend 5-8 (? maybe??) days working our way through the 240 miles and 45 locks.  Hopefully we don’t fall off the edge of the earth at the gap in the map!

The Trenton Marina is basically considered by most Loopers to be the highlight of Canada (if not the entire trip) as far as marina facilities go.  It is nice with plenty of individual, nicely tiled bathrooms, personal bathmats, excellent dock and dockhands and free laundry (AND detergent!). While we’ve had all of those things (and other fun surprises ) at other marinas, we haven’t had them all in one stop. So yes, it is nice. But also the dog park, good grocery store and nice restaurants and yoga (!) are all within a few blocks!

2017-7-5 buffing
N gettin’ his buff on!  Look at that reflection on the side of the boat!
2017-7-5 Z shaking fall
Not sure Ziggy will hold fond memories of the marina tho!  The aftermath of one of her worst tumbles into the water (just 2 other times and those both were when we were immediately there to yank her up…in fact, we had pushed her in accidentally on one of them) Anyway, at the dock Z likes to perch on the edge watching the world go by (see prior pic).  B heard a kerplunk and ran out to retrieve her only to see that she CAN swim! Yay!  But her little heart was beating very hard when B finally got positioned to pluck her out!

Mowin’ the Weeds….marina style.  That’s the other fancy thing about this marina. They spent the entire day at this project!

2017-7-5 welcome trent sev
The sign says it all!
2017-7-5 waiting at blue line waterline
SOOOOO much rain and flooding. Look how little wall there is to tie up to.  Feels like you could just add tires to the boat and drive on up the curb!

Trent Severn connects Lake Ontario to Lake Huron    Although originally envisioned for military transport purposes, the canal was built in 1833 as a commercial venture to get crops and lumber from west to east.  By the time the route was completed its use as a commercial waterway was over; ships plying the Great Lakes had grown much larger than the canal could handle, and the railways that originally connected to the canal took most of its freight.

2017-7-5 big lock
Big double step lock.

(if you want to see the cool video timelapse clip of this  you can “friend” me (barb113) on instagram!…or I’ll text it to you.)

2017-7-5 campbellford wall better
After only 30 miles, 8 hours on the water, 12 locks and only 4 hours of engine running time we made it to Campbellford. On the wall on the right.
2017-7-5 better coin
The artist who designed the $2 coin is from Campbellford! The coin is called a Toonie…get it? Loonie….two Loonie…Toonie!

2017-7-5 pastryWell, when you have all those big, heavy Toonies wearing holes in your pockets, ya’ gotta spend ‘em!  Actually the Trent Severn Waterway is know for its famous butter tarts. Ok ok, a few other things here besides butter tarts (which, by the way, is the tiniest little circle thing up there—and yes, it is yummy!)  But when you do not buy bread or include it as part of your regular food plan, then a trip to a bakery results in a splurge like this. Ugh…there is SOME fruit in there tho, right??!?

Ok…pushing off to work off some of those calories in the locks…lots of bending, pushing, pulling and shoving!  Not to mention tying and re-tying fenders alllllll day long!

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