June 14- 16; Days 198-200  Weather or not: We’re ready for L’Unifolie!

Experienced lifers know there are always two sides to every story and often an epilogue too. Based on the number of comments in the last post, apparently  Z-Bedspread (NOT to be read with a French accent…yet!)  story piqued some level of interest. So, Dear Readers, here is that other side: while B was in HER bathroom shouting for N and Z to stop overly rough-housing on the bed (aka: remember when your older brother would relentlessly tickle you?? Did he ever blow in your fuzzy ear nonstop!?!) perhaps a half -thimble full escaped from Z (I mean she weighs all of 11 pounds, her bladder is probably smaller than a thimble, in fact!)  But  N would have NO thoughts of B washing it out and saving the blanket.  AND the epilogue and always sunny side of things??!?!!::  Until now we have really generally been surprised at how deeply and well we sleep on board, but now we are getting even better nights’ sleep because the new blanket is all cotton/natural and the perfect weight. SO…Z opened our eyes to an even greater life!

2017-6-16 z potty mat
Proof that Ziggy has no problem doing her business when offered—even at anchor!
2017-6-16 N Z trio deep bay
Additional Epilogue: someone loves someone…and I think it’s mutual!
2017-6-16 N hero sunset log
Sunset  at North Hero, Vt—  Perhaps too many sunset pix on the blog…but the beauty and peaceful feeling never cease to bring me joy. Plus the logs reminded me of the NW!

As we exited North Hero Marina, we passed some more railroad remnants described in the last post.

2017-6-16 RR remnant
Actually pretty good weather blocks/marina zones behind these.   These RR remnants are all over the place.  Probably major environmental impact.
2017-6-16 beaver
This usually evasive beaver guy/gal was a fun surprise…not as shy as the sasquatches that I know are lurking around.

A short ride to Deep Bay at Point Au Roche State Park, NY. We only scratched the surface of all the trails here. N has been randomly throwing out all sorts of french sentences getting our minds prepped for Quebec and even more so during our long walks: “Vous avez des yeux verts”, for example, which only laughingly infuriates B….doesn’t he know by now that we are, after 47 years, on the informal TU basis!!!??!?

2017-6-16 bn selfie walk beach
There are 3 bays with long peninsulas abutting each side so lots of vista points and loop trails.  Minimal bugs too! Yay!
2017-6-19 dinghy dock n z
We were the only ones here overnight and only visited by a few small boaters casting lines during the day.
2017-6-16 deep bay eve adirondacks
 A different mooring ball system for us—the stick pokes up off the little buoy, you grab that little stick- if you can ! (B used our boat hook due to the height of our big Bayliner) and then Voila’ :  a loop for the bow cleat. That leaves the stick and little buoy to hang in the air off the bow. 



2017 6-16 sunset deep bay
Deep Bay sunset  with the Adirondacks (and sasquatches)  in the background .  If you look carefully (and prior photo too) you’ll see some of the 49 mooring balls here.  The other 2 bays are anchor-only.

After a morning loop hike (and temporarily getting lost), we set off for a quick trip up to Alburgh anchorage/beach for a picnic and exploration.

2017-6-16 b swim
This is where Benedict Arnold anchored his fleet before the battle for Lake Champlain. Here’s B re-enacting a battle ship.  71 degrees on the top 3” surface  but 50 degrees at 24” below the surface. Air temp: 84 — perfect! (In the winter, the entire lake freezes over to more than 3 feet deep of ice.)

Captains always have to be prepared to take on new jobs; in this case: pizza delivery!

2017-6-16 pizza delivery
First pizza for us this whole trip! Joined after dinner for some chat time by 2 other Looper couples (Arizona and Colorado) as well as an Alaskan family doing a mini NE Loop (they trailered their 24’ Hewes to the Erie Canal). Yay for the west!

We knew (well, we actually didn’t believe the forecast given the unbelievable day we had just experienced) weather was moving in and decided to play the departure and final push into Canada by ear.  Around midnight, the wind hit 40+ mph (accompanied by buckets of rain) and didn’t drop to 20 mph (in the harbor) til late morning. Still after lunch as I write this there are gusts hitting 30mph. A high of 62. Quite the dramatic change from the last few days.

Killing time on our 200th DAY of this journey  (wow !!)  (which looks to be another night by the time I am posting this) at our last US pit stop — Gaines Marina, Rouses Point, NY– eating, doing laundry,  streaming TV shows, walks during rain breaks and even some time at the library across the street from the marina. Dominoes with Margot and Jerry is on our busy docket while waiting out the weather.

2017 6-16 cornbread
Cheesy corn bread pot pie invention in the omni oven– perfect treat for the “Fall weather day”  –especially since we are out of veggies under our Canadian customs preparations!
2016-6-16 duo weather gaines marina
N, the ever-ready Captain, has us all set with 4 flags: the Looper Burgee on the bow, Ol’ Glory on the stern, and on the ‘radar arch’ tattered Washington State accompanied by L’Unifolie (= “One Leafed”  but for most, simply: The Maple Leaf)

Prochain Arret: Quebec, Canada!

4 thoughts on “June 14- 16; Days 198-200  Weather or not: We’re ready for L’Unifolie!”

  1. Hello and welcome to Quebec, I just arrived in Saint Jean Richelieu, after a week off for my wife surgery. I am working tomorrow, but if you guys, need a ride for anything while you are in Sain Jean at Le Nautique marina, I will be able to do so after 1600hrs. I will be at my boat. My cell phone is 514 779-0059


  2. I laughed so hard at this one. I was enjoying the Ziggy-Nick pictures, amysed by your Nick teasing, but when I got to the part about your French lesson, I burst into laughter!

    Barb, you are a damn good writer!!!!

    So thanks again for sharing! I can’t believe you are heading into Canada! I hope you can post internationally! 🛥⚓️🇨🇦


  3. So Zman can drop a deuce on the swimstep? Zut Alors! And how, pray tell, does one dispose of this now? Nick gets out his 3 wood? An interesting conundrum that us feebleminded would love to hear more about. 🙂 Awesome photos and descriptions. Bet there’s a bit of guzzling of hooch on the dock whilst one preps for crossing into the Great White North!


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