June 10-13, Days 194-197 Headin’ North in Freshies with Frenchies

We were starting a leisurely breakfast on board when N spotted some friends of ours across the lake steaming northward…. OK, they were going about 10mph, but that’s steaming in a trawler! We’d gotten ahead of them a few days before and planned to meet up in Burlington, VT about 30 miles up the lake, but since we go closer to 30mph there was no rush; drink coffee, do some laundry, chit chat on the dock and then power up about 11:30 and still nearly beat them there!


6-13 pt henry
OK, this was actually the evening before, but N spotted our friends on that far shore the following morning


Lake Champlain is a mammoth lake separating NY and VT. The north end of the lake has NY’s Adirondack mountains on one side and Vermont’s Green mountains (home of the Green Mountain Boys of revolutionary war fame). As a North westerner you gotta call these things HILLS rather than mountains, but it’s nice to see some elevation and they are very pretty on both sides of the lake. Of course, we’re totally in all fresh water now, but while its super clear, it’s also super cold so no swimming for us.


6-13 lake
A view to NY from Burlington


It turned out last weekend was the Burlington Jazz Festival so there was a lot of live music around and the docks were packed; so crowded we had to take a mooring ball on Saturday night rather than tie to the dock.


6-13 street
All sorts of little bars, restaurants and shop on this walking street. Burlington is home to the University of Vermont so plenty of breweries around too!


Interestingly, much of the crowd on the water was Canadian and French-speaking Canadians at that. Sacrebleau! We’ll need to brush up on our high school French to get through these locks coming up…. We have to translate boat names now too.  


6-13 dock
Sunday at 9AM the marina wasn’t sure they’d have room for us at the dock that day. This was the scene by noon! Yeah, there was space!



6-13 golf
N got a chance to play some golf. He characterized his game as having flashes of brilliance within a round of abject mediocrity.



Again, we found ourselves in a largish town, reasonable marina, and NO internet. What is up with that!? We’ve consumed all our 4G data on our phones and jet pack hence the blog delay. It is painful to do this stuff at slow data speeds! C’est la vie…. Whoa, the conversion is on!


6-13 ding
When you’re on a mooring ball you need to dinghy to shore. Not sure why our friends left a banana on our seat… maybe they were glad to see us… or at least the dinghy!


We left Burlington on Monday to explore some islands on the lake and get ourselves staged for a border run this weekend (we need to consume some of our alcohol to meet the limits into Canada).


6-13 inlet
There were several of these artificial peninsulas running parallel to the lake. Turns out they used to be railway bed now converted to private use.


First stop was for an overnight at a state park on Burton Island. The park had slips for 100 boats! The ranger told us they fill up on summer holiday weekends including many French Canadians enjoying “le weekend” as one says a bit further north. As it turns out there were only four other boats when we were there.


6-13 sign
Of course Z is delighted to be off leash and running wild…….



6-13 walk
….. N maybe not so much!



6-13 trail
We did have a nice walk around the circumference of the island.



6-13 dog
Z enjoyed running this strip!



6-13 sunet
Sunset at the dock



6-13 self
… had a cocktail, opened the wine and things got hazy!


Next day we were off to explore multiple little islands and possible anchorage spots. Of course, ANY stop must be a “Z-certified access” pee stop (although B has had some recent success with Z peeing on the mat on the swim step) so not every spot is good after closer inspection.


6-13 hero
We stopped at the Hero Island general store for a sandwich. It’s called Hero Island because the land had once all been given out in 60 acre parcels to individual Green Mountain Boys as compensation for their fighting during Revolutionary War.  



6-13 bed
Faithful readers might wonder what happened to our red bedspread. Well, Z peed on it!!!!! N refused to sleep on it again even if it got washed, so we found a new cover at the General Store….. and we take no more chances on bladder control. 


We had every intention of anchoring tonight and found several nice spots along the way, but rolled the dice one too many times as the last place we checked out just was not going to work for Z so to the nearby marina we went.   


6-13 hero2
OK, so the North Hero Marina is perfectly great and we’re here for the night.


5 thoughts on “June 10-13, Days 194-197 Headin’ North in Freshies with Frenchies”

  1. Ziggy, “peepy la paws” now “peepy la pee” seems to be getting some heat this post, would loved to be a fly on the stern when the discussion hit the fan on the bedspread, good for Nick in holding his ground. B
    onne nuit Peepy la Pee


  2. Bayliner’s owners manual calls for replacing the boat in several situations. Number three on the list is “DOGS PEEING on the bunks”. Your in luck having a disposable boat! Despard.


  3. Curious minds want to know if Nick has to pee off the swimstep as well or does he get priority and get to arc it from the flybridge? OK, just sayin’. Awesome trip so far, Maldens! You seemed to have jetted from Florida’s hot beaches to the cool of Lake Champlain in short order. Did you swing by Basin Harbor, VT by chance? Nice preppy little destination.
    Can’t wait to hear ol’ Nick howls at the petrol prices in O’ Canada! 🙂 Keep the petal to the metal, amigos!


  4. I am loving the Journey, as always. Are there any blackflies? (My memory about Canada from frequent whitewater canoeing trips.) You both look so brown and happy! You may enjoy a book from last year by Annie Proulx. It is called Barkskins. Epic novel (a la Michener), which covers some of the early immigrant stories of settling (and logging) New England. There are Native American families too. I loved the book!!! Annie Proulx wrote the Shipping News, which you may have read 20 years ago.) It is fiction, but it seems deeply rooted in the tradition (including the development of shipping from Canada to the Old World.

    I am back in NC! It is great to see Miss Ziggy enjoying herself!!!


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