June  7-9; Days 192-193 New York on the left; Vermont on the right; Canada straight ahead!

UPDATED ROUTE MAP ON HOME PAGE as well as an enlarged section of the Champlain and Canada areas

Although still in New York State, the hustle and bustle of the City and the East coast in general seems to be melting away….it certainly should with all the rain we’ve had. Luckily we’ve had a bit of a break with two days in a row of nice sun—haven’t had that for several months!

We’ve continued north up the Champlain Canal enjoying the water, the green, the small little towns/hamlets and relative solitude. Most Loopers have turned left to head up the Erie Canal (only to be stuck for days with flooding and closed/damaged locks); but there are apparently about 5 of us on this route sprinkled among even fewer Canadian sailboats returning north for the summer and handfuls of fisherpeople playing hooky in their little skiffs.   So overall very quiet boating!


2017-6-9 kill switch hope not dam
Random thought: Hoping the kill switch doesn’t malfunction…
2017-6-9 floating barn
This was easier to spot and avoid than some of jetsam and flotsam after all the rains.  Had to get the  classic New England barn pic…just from a different angle, right?
2017-6-9 dam champlain canal
Damn handy dam to slow the water and catch debris



Arrived in the afternoon at Fort Edward for a free night “on the wall.”  All of these little towns are struggling to find a reason to exist  (for now, anyway, we don’t need to worry about being invaded by Canadians….)  Even their fort is so old it’s existence is merely marked with a big boulder.

2017-6-9 boy and his dog
A boy and his dog:  Much to N’s feigned chagrin, he has a constant pal at his side.  And look: we got our fed-exed renewed boat tabs just in time before entering Canada! Love these easy boat projects where you can lay down on the job!
2017-6-9 ft edward cemetery
There’s just something compelling about old cemeteries…one of those things like taxes and death?


2017-6-9 leaving ft edward
That’s our last glimpse in the background of the Hudson River as we enter the final stages of the man-made canal and locks to Lake Champlain. (Photo Cred:Jonathon of C-Dory Salty (in the background) 


We made it to Whitehall and again “stayed on the wall” for free! Yummy bakery across the street too. ….but more exciting was the random discovery of the Elks Club just 2 blocks away!

2017-6-9 Elks N
Yes, N is a member (turns out it is a good deal at the golf course at home) — and that  means B is some sort of elkette  or something (sounds better than a cow!). So we went in for a beer and were pleasantly treated to drinks, lots of chatting and welcoming smiles.  Pretty fun!
2017-6-9 white hall wall cropped
Only us and C-Dory Salty’s nice Looper couple with whom we’ve crossed paths off and on since Hamilton, Virginia.  Their little fun 22’ long and 6’ high boat makes the Bayliner look like something Bill Gates would own….ok, ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration!

Looming over the wall where we were tied up for the night is the picturesque, mega-big, 1872 Skene mansion (nicely restored on the exterior…interior might be another story!)– now historical tea room/museum type thing with minimal hours:

2017-6-9 skene mansion
Yes, N willingly went uphill to take a look…motivating factor probably was the cannon to see that was on the way.



2017-6-9 pano double NNice leg stretch up.  Cool thing about these pano pix is that B can get 2 N’s for the price of one! Bonus points if you can spot our boat below!


2017-6-9 sasquatch
So actually besides the Northern California to British Columbia sasquatch territory, the second largest zone is here in the Adirondacks! Yay! Hoping for a siting…may need to anchor out, right?

Whitehall, NY makes claim to being the home of the US Navy  (as do at least 5 other towns). It is clear that the first American naval battle did occur here. Sticklers (ie those from the other 5 contenders) claim that the US government had not “commissioned” the boats before the battle.  Just a small detail as far as I am concerned!

2017-6-9 old ticonderoga
The salvaged hull of the Ticonderoga ship– among the fleet that was purposefully sacrificed and sunk under orders by Benedict Arnold to stall the Brits and thus give the colonists time in Saratoga to mount a defense that actually resulted in a win that changed the course of history (France joined our ranks as a result of that win). 

In fact, Benedict Arnold had many other great successes (and severe injuries) while fighting for the Americans; but other men, including Ethan Allen, took  much of his credit. As a result, Arnold was overlooked when it came to a promotion—perhaps compounded by a charge of minor corruption (unproven) for which he was found not guilty (maybe a story planted by other jealous competitors?). As a result of that treatment, the embittered Arnold turned to the Brits and offered his services…..and the rest is history.

2017-6-9 amish
Upstate Hot Rod Lincoln!?!
2017-6-9 marker on champlain canal
Onto Lake Champlain and out of the canal.  In the last 4 days we’ve cleared 11 locks (the last 2 were going down stream!)

We stopped for lunch at a little boat launch (but failed to get around to eating!) and left on a long trek to visit Fort Ticonderoga– a reconstructed, privately run fort (read: expensive to get in—even with our Triple A discount!).  It was neat and good way to get a lot of the history from the French-Indian vs American- Brits War, the Revolutionary War, fur trading, settlement life, etc. This trip seems to be one long middle school field trip!

2017-6-9 N fence
From the entry gate, we still had another mile or more to go! Believe me, N was certainly thinking enviously of those Harley’s behind us as we continued traipsing up the road.
2017-6-9 pano feature fort t
Sweeping views northward were insufficient to solve for the vantage point of Mount Defiance (right/background) from whence the Brits made their cannon attack and successful invasion.
2017-6-9 trio fort
The refurbished fort was in top shape with various reenactments (including lighting the cannon!)  Cool powder horns carved with “diary” entries.  Lots more history here at Fort Ticonderoga; however, I’ll leave it to your own inquiring minds and google searches!


Lake Champlain straddles Canada and US.  We’ve got a few more days in the USA  while we dust up on our high school French for the locks, docks and eats!

A night at Port Henry Marina:

2017-6-9 port henry marina
Nice little marina—great bathrooms and wifi with an abutting park
2017-6-9 port henry town
We took an evening stroll up to town (yes, more hill climbing!)  As with the other towns we’ve passed since leaving New York City, it seems to be struggling ..the only difference here is that it has some pig iron ore history in its background.  At least six churches in the six square blocks. ( Note to selves: do not go out at dusk in bug territory!)



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