JUNE 2-4; Days 188-190 NY: The Empire of Dreams


We left Sheepshead Bay (Long Island) after a night on the mooring ball to get a notch closer to “the action” in “The City” …no to mention just inch a little further north. Since our plans included a photo shoot with friends on their boat at the base of the Statue of Liberty on the following morning, we were going to by-pass her and loop back a little the following day. However, just seeing her majestic-ness in the near distance, B was so excited and, of course, wanted to capture a picture from afar. That excitement, compounded by the major rocking in the current, river and the wakes from all of the big boat traffic, resulted in B’s knee smashing into the kill switch.  For non-boaters that means the engine immediately turns off. Not a problem…normally.  However, if your knee snaps the plastic and it breaks, then there is a big problem. The engine won’t start short of cramming your thumb into a little tiny inset button and permanently holding it there.  We did manage to devise a  bottle cap and duct tape aid (which still required constant thumb pressure but at least we could take turns and switch hands and not have our fingers get half inch depressions!) and limped into the nearest dock…nearly under a May Day call…but not really! Needless to say, there are no pix memorializing the event due to all the difficulties!  An uber ride to another marina that had a set of universal kill switches brought only short-lived relief as, of course, as Murphy’s Law would have it, none fit! SO much for “universal”!!  N carved the plastic of one with that handy Swiss Army Knife (while also slicing his finger!).  And we were underway again after about a 1.5 hour delay.  In hindsight not too bad overall….but B was so bothered by the whole thing that she had to literally choke back tears as we ultimately and safely made the emergency landing in high winds and current!

So we finally actually made it to Manhattan! See feature photo at the top of post.

2017-6-4 NY skyline
“In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of.”  Jay Z :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPeOkzadr5g   
2017-6-4 street trio
Between the skylines and the street scenes, I kept experiencing multiple major deja-vu’s…..but alas, not previous-life- experiences….just too many episodes and re-runs of Law and Order.


A respite in an actual home! Yay!  And Kids!  haha….Yay!

2017-6-4 bull trio
GREAT to see Nichole and Jon on zone defense…they moved off of one-on-one D a year ago—only about 16 more years to go!  Jon is the son of B’s double-double cousin, Meredith from Florida.  (Consistent/dedicated readers will remember “meeting” Meredith and Gerry in December and January.)
2017-6-4 sofa time Bull
After dinner sofa time!! Photo Cred to Nichole!

We subwayed our way around Manhattan (a bit more than necessary…ie we took the wrong train at one point! Haha)

2017-6-4 9 11 world trade
Made it to the World Trade Center Memorial right at dusk. Very intense.


2017-6-4 79th boat basin
Docked at 79th Street Boat Basin for a rocky time.  While N slaved away on the last lyrical poetry post, B and Z went off on a long morning walk in search of the best lox and bagels.


We pushed off in the morning to get our Statue of Liberty photos (the other couple had decided to bag on the idea!) So we were left to selfies…still fun and special!


2017-6-4 statue liberty trio
Thank you France for your gift of La Liberté éclairant le Monde (Liberty Enlightening the World) Noble thoughts…hope we can live up to it! 


And one more of just her!

2017-6-4 Statue of Liberty
Give me your poor,                                                                                                                               Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,                                                                       The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.                                                                         Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:                                                                         I lift my lamp beside the golden door.                                  



2017-6-4 Brooklyn Br and skyline
Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan–  Instead of doubling back up the Hudson to continue north, we went up the East River on the other side of Manhattan and looped back to the Hudson on the north side. More Manhattan views.  Fun to see that side too.


Out of the concrete jungle where dreams are dreamt and into the countryside:

2017-6-4 pano N end of Manhattan looking s
Exiting the East River (on the left) and re-entering the Hudson. Good Bye Manhattan (northern tip ) .  NJ shore on the right in this pic.
2017-6-4 NJ cliffs just outside NYC
Pretty NJ cliffs  just outside of NYC


2017-6-4 hudson banks
Hudson River view:   At first bordered on the west by New Jersey and the East by New York, it quickly cedes to just NY  Region of the Catskill Mountains    We also passed West Point and the CIA (no not THAT CIA…the Culinary Institute of America) 
2017-6-4 maid of meadows 1871
Maid of Meadows  helping mariners since 1871 !
2017-6-4 sailboats hudson
Sunday Regatta on the Hudson

With rain threatening, and certainly the wind picking up we stopped for the day.

2017-6-4 half moon bay marina
Half Moon Bay Marina
2017-6-4 pano sunset half moon bay N
A nice walk out for icecream and then a sunset at Half Moon Bay.

Got some miles in to get out of incoming weather the next day and arrived at Albany Yacht Club…well technically we are in the town of Rensselaer (which btw is NOT where the University of R is…that’s a few more miles north!)

2017-6-4 albany dock
Docked here just a block away from one of the sites where Yankee Doodle Dandy was allegedly penned.
2017-6-4 1700s trio better
The Hudson shore in 1750’s, the penning of Yankee Doodle, and the actual well as it stands today! Although historically it was penned to make fun of  ’mericans, the locals eventually turned the whole song around and adopted the song with pride. (For those historically curious -and with time on your hands- feel free to read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yankee_Doodle )


Book-ending this post, in juxtaposition to JayZ’s New York, with that little diddy (and mind worm! J ) (Which song will have a longer life?)    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzRhFH5OyHo

One thought on “JUNE 2-4; Days 188-190 NY: The Empire of Dreams”

  1. Hi Nick and Barb, its be forever since I commented, sorry….this last post was a classic and it reminded me of how strong your relationship must be to weather the ups and downs, small quarters, rough weather ect. and at the end of the day you laugh it off and enjoy the adventure, not many couples could do this! Barb, I’m still working on ziggy and getting close to sharing some new stuff, I guess I should do this offline. Love NY and Liberty Lady, it can’t get better than being up close and personal on your own vessel with this majestic woman. Alix


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