May 31 & Jun 1, Days 186/7 Start Spreadin’ the News

It’s unbelievable, but as we approach bigger and bigger cities the internet coverage gets worse and worse so we burn through our 4G data about one week into the four-week cycle doing this blog. N called Verizon to try and buy more 4G, but no go. Seems cell providers are the last bastion of socialism and you can’t get unlimited data 4G speeds (if you know different please let us know) at any price without buying another device. OK, OK, I know, enough of the technology rant!

Most of the boats on the dock at Delaware City planned to leave around 5:30AM to catch the tide and associated currents in Delaware Bay (it’s what you do on a seven-knot trawler or sailboat), but the morning started really foggy and many delayed their departure. Those that did leave got yelled at by commercial traffic over the radio for being dumb. Our plan was unaffected; leisurely breakfast, walk dog, leave by 10 and still beat everyone to the next stop!

Delaware Bay can be really nasty weather wise and there is a hopping tidal current, but the morning was nice by the time we left the dock, turned the corner and headed down the bay to the Atlantic. We now had New Joisey (not a typo…. accent) on the port side and the tidal push had us thundering down the bay at 30+mph towards Cape May. We passed everyone that had left before us.

6-2 wake
So when you’re alone up top looking for things to do, you notice things like this cool reflection of our wake on the front screen!

Upon reaching Cape May “we” decided to take advantage of the “calm” seas and head north on the outside to make some time. It might have looked calm, but it’s still the North Atlantic now and N had his hands full between negotiating swells and addressing the needs of a near-mutinous crew. After an hour we took the opportunity to change course and dive back onto the ICW to partake in a far calmer journey (both on the water and on board).

6-2 map
Yeah baby, nearly 28mph in big swells on the North Atlantic. That little black boat shaped thing is us 5,300 miles into the journey!
6-2 ac2
On the dock at Atlantic City. Those are casinos on the horizon, but we spend our dough at a different kind of one armed bandit…. a fuel pump!
6-2 ac3
Foggy start for our run to NYC

From Atlantic City we’re within 40 miles of NYC! Of course, we could do it the “hard way” (on the ocean), or the “easy way” (on the ICW) although you MUST do some ocean either way. We opted for the hard/easy way with some ocean and some ICW.


6-2 nj2
Not sure why New Jersey gets a bad rap. Pretty nice journey up the ICW.


We started with the ocean, cut into the ICW at Barnegat Point then went back to the ocean at Manasquan to Sheepshead Bay on Long Island.

6-2 barne
This seemingly benign looking shot of the Barnegat Lighthouse from the ICW is in no way representative of the hair raising ride we had coming in the cut off the ocean through mammoth waves against a huge current. You know it’s a hot spot when BoatUS and SeaTow are just hanging around the opening waiting for action! Would probably not opt to go through that again at tide change….. but we DID make it!


6-2 fish
Could not understand why this was such a popular fishing spot until you zoom in on the beach!



6-2 beach
Believe it or not, this beach scene is right outside NYC!



6-2 ball
We took a mooring ball at Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club (a little rustic, but super nice people)



6-2 diner
You’ve been running ocean swells and now you’re moored in Brighton Beach outside NYC. What do you do? Find a Russian restaurant for some pickled herring and potatoes then wash it down with a shot of Russian vodka and Russian beer!


You might wonder what N does alone on the bridge while the crew’s below on these ocean stretches. Here’s a sample to the rhythm of Commander Cody’s Hot Rod Lincoln.


Have you heard the story of the great boat race                                                                    When trawlers and sailboats was settin’ the pace.                                                                 That story is true I’m here to say                                                                                                       I was drivin’ a brand startin’ with Bay.

A mercruiser sterndrive gives her “some” pop                                                                     Comes with a flybridge so you can drive on top.                                                                        It’s got eight cylinders; uses them all                                                                                            It’s got trim tabs, don’t porpoise at all.

With fuel injection and underwater exhaust                                                                          With stainless duo props you can really get lost.                                                                        It’s got a dinghy on the back, but I ain’t scared                                                                          Life jackets are good, and we got flares.

Pulled out of Cape May one early ‘morn                                                                                     Fog was liftin’ a new day reborn.                                                                                                  We was boatin’ through the tidal cut                                                                                         Passing fishermen comfortably sat on their butt.

All of a sudden in a wink of an eye                                                                                                  A big ‘ol trawler passed us by.                                                                                                            I said, “crew, that’s a mark for me!”                                                                                               By then the transom was all you could see.

Now the crew didn’t mind bein’ behind,                                                                                     but as for the cap’n he was out of his mind.                                                                                Put his hand to the throttle and man alive,                                                                            Power came on with a list to port side.

Wound it up to nearly three times ten                                                                                          My speedometer said that I hit top end.                                                                                        My hand on the throttle like lead to the floor.                                                                        That’s all there is and there ain’t no more.

Now the crew all thought I’d lost my sense                                                                               And those channel markers looked like a picket fence.                                                         They said, “Slow down! I see a wave!”                                                                                      Cap’n said just go below and try to be brave.

Took a roller; waked a boat,                                                                                                    Throttle on just stayin’ afloat.                                                                                                        My boat was sprayin’ the portside cans.                                                                                    Crew yelled out stop being a “man”.

Roostertail was comin’ from out of the back                                                                          When I started to gain on that trawler hack                                                                           Knew I could catch him, thought I could pass                                                                             By now the crew was callin’ Cap’n an ass.

We had waves comin’ from over the bow.                                                                                 Feel the tension. Man! Super wow!                                                                                                   I said, “Look out, crew, I’ve got a license to fly!”                                                                         And that trawler slowed down while we passed portside.

Now all of a sudden she started to knockin’,                                                                             And down in the troughs she started to rockin’.                                                                              I looked ahead; a monster roller a comin’,                                                                                      Kept power on ‘cause my motor was hummin’

The wave caught us across the bow,                                                                                          Bikes stayed put, not sure how                                                                                                       Crew came up from down below                                                                                                 Said that’s enough, can’t we just go slow?




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