May 18-22 Days 175-179 Potomac-in’ Up to DC

At the risk of having Homeland Security come check us out, we’ve spent the last few days honing in on our target: Washington D.C.  Overall the Potomac is far less developed than what we expected; in fact, the majority of the journey up it felt quite remote and uninhabited. We took a few days to make the 100 miles. We thought it prudent to have the extra days built in for any unforeseen circumstances (ie weather and/or boat problems) since the one and only hard date on our calendar is our son’s graduation ceremony.

Just shortly after leaving Chesapeake Bay and entering the mouth of the Potomac River, we were flagged down by a distant speck– the only human life/water craft in sight.

2017-5-22 jet ski trio
For whatever reason (and believe me, there are plenty when it comes to jet skis), this guy was stuck (and with no phone etc) and needed a tow back in. It was 20 minutes back to a very,  very shallow inlet where we dumped him to finish wading in on his own….and then briefly touched bottom ourselves.  Suffice to say the guy’s wife chuckled when B called her to advise of the situation.
2017-5-22 gas after towing
Those 20 minutes of towing sucked the gas to our lowest point ever (and for those of you who know N…that made him uncomfortably nervous!!)  But luckily there was a marina a bit further up river to re-fuel.

We made it to Bayside Marina in Colonial Beach, Virginia—clearly a vacation destination but mid-week before Memorial Weekend it was still a nice, quiet place.

2017-5-22 Z haircut
The heat remains around the 90’s so time to chop some excess hair! In this case only Ziggy  received the treatment…..B just can’t get the guts up to take the scissors to her own mop too!
2017-5-22 trivia night
We had fun losing at Trivia Night –our downfall was the Disney Villains and Good Guys category…but we whipped in econ and sewing!

Colonial Beach, Va:  Sunrise on the Potomac and Sunset on the Marina side

We had an uneventful journey the next day as we continued up the Potomac where we spent 2 nights. I’m not really sure where those 48 hours went though!??!? No town reasonably nearby: just some docks and walks for us.

2017-5-22 scenic hope springs
Scenic Hope Springs Marina in the distance….on very pretty little side river (the Aquila)  off of the Potomac


BUT, should you think it was restful….this was perched over our heads:

2017-5-22 train hope springs
Rush hours on Friday was pretty busy…but actually with the fans and AC running it wasn’t overly bothersome. 
2017-5-22 country western potico N Hope Springs Stafford Va
N enjoyed crashing (read that: free food and booze!) the local political scene that was being held our first night at the marina…the country western music was too much for B…..not to mention the political leanings.


The second night we were joined by Tom V and Betty B for dinner who were kind enough to drive 4 hours roundtrip to make the visit!

2017-5-22 Tom and Betty dinner
Yay for old friends squishing together on our small boat: Tom and N since 2nd grade and then B joined them in 8th for the final push to 12th grade! Wow…..that’s a lotta years ago! Not quite as impressive though as Tom’s and Betty’s 35 year marriage!  

A couple of shots to show just how undeveloped the Potomac is. On the ­­­­left: just 10 miles away from DC   and on the right: 22 miles away

Made it to Washington Marina right downtown and only blocks from the National Mall:

2017-5-22 marina far side cropped
Here we are (second from the right) within stone’s throw (don’t worry, i won’t do it) of the White House. That’s Washington Monument towering to the left above us!


2017-5-22 selfies DC duo
Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials — Got here early enough to start tackling a bunch of Smithsonian and other sights …but there is so much we haven’t even begun to make a dent.   (FYI: N keeps doing his Forest Gump imitations).

We had Kaj and Paola over for appetizers on the boat  and then out for dinner… it was so exciting I forgot to take a pic of us!   But after dinner, we did take a tour of Kaj ‘s and Paola’s  SAIS classrooms.

2017-5-22 sais trio
Reenactment of a study session, Kaj’s actual locker,  and Professor N.

Since we missed the group shot at the boat yesterday, this may have to do:



2017-5-22 k n z marina
 The following morning before venturing out to the Spy Museum  (maybe the spy reference will cinch Homeland Security’s review of our status!??!?)  (They are clearly already onto us though…as I write this, the helicopters are dive bombing the boat so much that the whirling water from the blades is splashing the boat!)

One thought on “May 18-22 Days 175-179 Potomac-in’ Up to DC”

  1. You MADE it! Yay! It is hard to imagine the Potomac feeling quiet and undeveloped!

    I LOVE the pictures! And. I understand why your friends would drive 4 hours to see you! You are making an incredible journey, which last August, I could not imagine would be possible!

    The Will, the Way, and the Why are all connected! Happy to know you have reached D.C.! Quite Amazing! J

    Btw, Beautiful 4 days here in Seattle! 72 degrees at Paradise on Sunday. 🏔⚓️🌹


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