May 13 -15; Days 170-172 Reminders that We’re Boating: Rain, Wind, Cold and Waves

Rain pounded down and the wind whipped for at least three to five days… I’ve actually lost track! Losing track must be a coping mechanism—I mean after about the 12th Bayliner-interior new drip/puddle/sopping-wet-clothes-in-closet/blown fuse outlets/etc discovery, you just kind of let go and realize that moisture is but the source of all life! And luckily, as mentioned in the last post, we had a rental car through the weekend so that meant we could ignore the boat issues and moisture and instead explore areas that the boat (wet or dry) otherwise won’t reach. In addition to just driving around and noticing things (like mega chicken processing plants with tons of birds circling above), we stopped at some more tourist-type destinations:

The last post didn’t really remind readers about that 4th grade horse lover hit: Misty of Chincoteague … but these are the ponies of Chincoteague that inspired that great Newberry winner!

2017-5-15 ponies
So unless we somehow get blown southward and shipwrecked, this IS the last of the wild pony sightings.

We continue to be fully entertained at the small, random museums we come across.   Michener’s Chesapeake really hits home when we see exhibits about things that he spent hundreds of pages describing and about which, beforehand, we had never had any idea.

2017-5-15vpen ink gun
Multi-barreled gun system and lighting to mass shoot geese and ducks on the Chesapeake…nearly causing their mass extinction.
2017-5-15 boat gun
The real one (but with only one barrel). Note the decoys too…lots of history and art lessons on those…..who knew!??!


2017-5-15 tonging oysters
Hand tonging oysters.  Love the quote! So true!
2017-5-15 arsters
Speaking of arsters! Lots of competition in the olden days!  Clearly “arsters” have been popular over the centuries (and pronounced differently too).  But we prefer ‘em the old fashioned way: raw on the half shell !

We also stopped at  the NASA Wallops Flight Facility for some current updates on the heels of the visit to the Hampton Flight and Space Museum last week.

2017-5-15 B astronaut
A quick trip to outer space–weather there was totally fine!   Thank goodness since B’s hair doesn’t even fit in a space helmet!

Getting off the boat during some rain and wind breaks in that adorable town of Onancock  (which by the way is native for Place of the Misty Fog….NOT making that up!) :

2017-5-15 4 churches ononcock
As is the case farther south, no old Catholic churches here because of  that fear of Papist and Spanish sympathizers –needed to control  the spread northward out of Florida and just didn’t trust that an American was an American first and foremost before some broad religion.  Hmmmmm…. history repeating itself?


2017-5-15 trio market food
Saturday outdoor market fun purchases made great ingredients for dinner prep back at the boat! Fresh spring onions, baby bok choy, shitakes and hand/home- made potstickers….ok ok, the pork tenderloin was from the grocery store.
2017-5-17 bath mat
Personal bath mats  AND free laundry (not to mention a great view)!  It’s the simple things!


The weather finally appeared to clear so we could depart.  But for the very first time in this journey, B shoved the boat off the dock and didn’t jump on.  Instead B and Ziggy drove the rental car 60 miles north on the roads to the next marina while N solo’d  the 25 miles via water.

2017-5-15 n waving bye

2017-5-15 B waving bye

Waving good bye to each other!






Despite the wind kicking in by surprise on the short journey and having to bear through the biggest waves yet all by himself, N powered through and showed up at the next marina (albeit a bit white-knuckled).  At least he didn’t have to be distracted by B or Z tossing cookies!  We probably learned some  other more valuable lessons on that one.

2017-5-15 crisfield somer dock windmill
Safe and sound under the hum of the wind turbine at Somer Cove Marina in Crisfield, Maryland (yes, now we are in a new state!)  There are no transient boats to be seen and only a few dozen of the 500 slips are being used.


Crisfield isn’t much of a town other than having some friendly folks around now that the railroad is gone, the once famous fish and crab processing plants are basically all closed and the 21st century leaves it behind. Yet because of its deep accessible port (unlike all the quainter towns that are up little river inlets like at Onancock (see feature photo at top–that is the head of a stream that leads to an inlet that leads to Chesapeake Bay), the cruise ships can come into port here for a  stop.

2017-5-15 cruise
Feelin’ pretty ‘with it’  (haha, not really tho!) since we chose to stop here too: these cruise ship vacations that ply the Chesapeake Bay are more expensive than the ones that head off to the Bahamas (so we’re told!)


2017-5-15 biking at dock
Biking Crisfield.  Only about 6 blocks…but by N’s standards that counts for some exercise! A lunch stop and then another museum!  More Michener validations! Wow…might be wise to read another one of his books before a trip somewhere.

By the way, although the sky is blue in those last few pictures it remains windy and cold!

So after all the “exercise” and cold, windy weather, we thought we’d take advantage and sit inside the boater’s lounge at the marina and remind ourselves what it feels like to watch TV.

2017-5-15 james bond
Bond. James Bond. Some great escapism before the evening news.

CHECK THE HOME PAGE…I will try to add a map of the Chesapeake region there!

One thought on “May 13 -15; Days 170-172 Reminders that We’re Boating: Rain, Wind, Cold and Waves”

  1. OK, love the itinerary travel documentary so far. But curious minds want to know about these huge waves Nick had to handle solo. Were you on open ocean or in the Chesapeake (Tangier Sound) itself? How deep is the Chesapeake? If it’s shallow, maybe that’s why the waves so big? Anyways, good on you for plowing ahead. Just what an oysterman would do!


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