May 10/11/12, Days 167/68/69 Chesa-peekin’

I know it seems impossible to shake this three-day posting rhythm, but we have had some terrible weather forcing us to “hole-up” at a dock with really poor internet for several days now. Yes, we have our “jet-pack”, but we’ve used all our super-fast “free data” so we’re down to whatever until the next cycle. Blah, blah, blah…. I guess we need to just accept our limitations.

After a pleasant night at the public docks in Hampton, VA we decided to leave the following morning, but not before checking out the NASA museum in town. I know! NASA in Virginia; the connection is through Langley AFB. Anyway, the museum was really cool.


5-12 nasa
This museum was really cool! Full of planes, rockets, etc…


I sometimes forget the awesome technology stuff that happened well before iPhones and the internet. Re-learning about flying to the moon and beyond was amazing…. we all are living in some pretty amazing times.


5-12 nas 2
Check this out… the actual Apollo 12 module that brought astronauts back home!


Unbelievable we could shoot a rocket into orbit, have it circle the earth and then come back within less than 600 feet of target…. in the 60’s! What up Kim Jong Um you goofball!

The weather forecast was terrible so we decided to high tail it out of Hampton to get over to Port Charles on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake before it got too bad. We’re fixated on that area having both read Michener’s book “Chesapeake”. The Eastern Shore is part of Virginia, but only connected by land to Maryland and Delaware. A tunnel has been dug under the mouth of the Chesapeake connecting the Eastern Shore to Virginia proper, but the Shore retains a mystique. Seems to me that mystique is “economic decline”, but they’re trying. The cool thing is many of these little towns on the Eastern Shore are trying to revive themselves through tourism and boating is a big part of that. We’ve only dipped a toe into the Chesapeake so far, but can tell the anchoring and marina options are simply awesome.    

Port Charles was OK, but we got waked (as in big waves versus bad English for “we were awoken”) at the dock by multiple crab boats about 4:30AM and then were serenaded at 7AM by some kind of grinder at the concrete plant across the harbor! Oysters at the bar were good, but not good enough to offset the agro, so we braved the weather and headed north for more peaceful climes.


5-12 crab 2
Loved going by this crabber…. he ate some wake for the team!




5-12 wheel
We were the ONLY boat we could see out on the Chesapeake (besides that crab boat). Weather was bad, but had to get to a better spot. 


….. and now we’ve been sitting at the dock at Onancock, VA….and sitting….and sitting.


5-12 dock
We’ve had the marina to ourselves!



5-12 seat
Rain, rain, rain….. so here’s what you do on a small boat… pitch a beach chair on the aisle.



5-12 heat_LI
N FINALLY broke down and went to the internet to figure out how to get this system from AC mode to heat mode! We needed to get that little light next to the sun to come on. He figured it out and we had heat!



5-12 walk
We’ve had a lot of rain!




5-12 fish
Here’s something fun to do at the dock on a rainy day….. poke a dead fish with a stick and see if you can get Z to jump in!



5-12 crab
All that big rush to get out at 4:30AM and here’s what they bring back! you can see a few crabs in the bottom of the traps.


Again, very cool little place with amazing hospitality. A town councilman drove us 25 miles to pick up a rental car after the dock master called him to say we might leave because we wanted to get to a spot where Enterprise car rental would pick us up.


5-12 selfie
We were going stir crazy on the dock so rented a car to go to Assateague on Maryland’s Atlantic coast……



5-12 z
Of course Z was happy to have some beach time.




5-12 horse
The real reason we went to Assateague was to see another bevy of wild horses…. well it’s the reason SOME of the crew wanted to go.


Someone else at the farmer’s market invited us over for an afternoon drink after learning we were on a boat at the marina.

…. more on all of this later. We must get this post going!

One thought on “May 10/11/12, Days 167/68/69 Chesa-peekin’”

  1. Having just lived through two days of that stormy weather in NC, I can appreciate how cold and rainy it must have felt in the Boat.

    You are both amazing troopers! Do you know where you will be in DC?
    Happy Mother’s Day! B 🦋😎❤️💕


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