May 1-3; Days 158-160 Bombin’ Up: Bald Head to Beaufort, NC

A little clarification and detail added to a tidbit from the last post:

Days Underway –means days moving from one spot to another/changing locations.

Days (as in the Title of each post)—means days living on the boat (i.e. could be at anchor or moored multiple nights in the same spot.)

So, as of  May 3, 2017 we started the journey exactly 8 months ago on September 3, 2016 just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We’ve gone home 4 different times for a total of 65 days.

We’ve been sitting near the boat while enjoying time with family, friends or at a hotel and/or while the boat was “on the hard” for repairs for a total of 23 days.

We’ve been on the actual journey for 160 days of life on the boat (hence the title heading to each post!)

We’ve been underway moving 102 days.

We’ve traveled about 4,343 miles of which about 3,330 are ON the official Loop circuit.

Wow!  I could go on with number of locks, engine hours, gas mileage, but NOT costs (we’ve chosen to ignore those!), etc….but let’s keep it to that –for now!

In addition to N’s golf outing, we enjoyed biking, golf cart exploring and lots and lots of great beach walks on Bald Head–especially nice was feeling like we had the whole island to ourselves.  Apparently this little island is consumed by over 5000 people between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Oh, and, as the result of partially filling a big shipment order with the product but NOT the new freezer to go with the product, there was a 75% off sale on the ice cream bars at the marina store!!!… we added some ice cream eating to our list of activities too! Nothing like a discount to motivate N and B!


2017-5-3 east hsore bald head
Golf carted early morning over to the far East shore– some big waves out there in the Atlantic!
2017-5-3 butt shadow
Shadow Fun:  “Honey, does this shadow make my butt look big?”


2017-5-3 Old Baldy
Sign says it all, right?
2017-5-3 bald head marsh
Full view of Old Baldy…at its base is the site of the Brits’ Fort George. The future United States of America’s first amphibious military operation occurred here in 1776…but the colonists actually failed against the Brits who were protecting their warship’s anchorage in Cape Fear River. (Van Gogh anyone?)
2017-5-3 SW shore bald head Z
Another long, quiet beach walk (or run, depending on your perspective) on the SW side of Bald Head near the marina.  Waves were about 4 times bigger than they look here.

After 2 nights at Bald Head, we pushed off for a quick hop up the ICW to Wilmington, NC.

2017-5-3 icw picnic spot
We’ll need to stop here for a picnic some day!
2017-5-3 industry icw
We don’t see much industry along the ICW…but when we do, we really do.


Made it to Wilmington, NC by noonish:

2017-5-3 wilmingotn marina
They are hosting a Wells Fargo hot tail PGA event which is played nearby (that’s N’s description since there was a separate check-in line for women…all of whom were a “certain type”—weird!)  You can see the special chipping contest/floating green thing they had going. Loud music into the night, but luckily (as far as B was concerned) we were at the far end of the marina failing to fill the gap between some big boats.
2017-5-3 wilmington marina back cropped
Wilmington Port City Marina on Cape Fear River…lil ol’ us 3rd from the left!

While in Wilmington, we enjoyed walking the river front and visiting the RR museum!

Besides having fun watching the model trains chug around and posing in the caboose, we learned a lot about railroads and especially interesting was the role that the southern railroads played in causing the south’s loss in the Civil War.

A non-functioning water pump has caused us to do the dishes the old- fashioned way (well, we were already doing them by hand; but now doing them by hand with buckets of cold water.) We’ve got a new one coming in on overnight delivery arriving at a friend of loyal reader Jane’s, so we headed out of Wilmington to the other Beaufort (this one is BO-fort), North Carolina for that rendezvous.

2017-5-3 hawk snake
While gassing up at pretty Carolina State Park Marina, we spied this hawk with a long snake dangling from its clutches! Even the ranger was enthralled.

We continued north along the ICW…here are a few more ICW scenes to give you the feel:

2017-5-3 icw scene n of wilmington
Homes and private docks on the west side and nothin’ but nature on the east.  Just past that nature barrier on the right is the churning Atlantic Ocean.
2017-5-3 ICW picnic 2
Plenty of secluded and not-so-secluded picnic spots along the way calling us to return.
2017-5-3 ICW parking meter n of wilmington
Kayakers contemplating the legality of the parking meter.


After a fairly long jaunt of 109 miles but with minimal no wake zones, calm seas and generally favorable winds, we got to Beaufort Docks Marina in the heart of the historical old, quaint town.

2017-5-3 rump
Dockmaster of kindred spirit …AND creative!  Ha Ha!

Always enjoy strolling through old cemeteries.  this one holds everyone: Brits and Colonists,  Confederates and Yanks, slaves and freed slaves. Note the guy on the left is buried standing up saluting King George III.

Janie, childhood friend of loyal reader Jane, brought us fresh strawberries and a few other fun provisions as well as our new water pump.  Then we all went to get the Wednesday night local special: chicken wings. Yum!  Janie knew 90% of the people in the restaurant: small town/friendly person!

2017-5-3 miniskirt
On our dock is this beautiful 37 meter sleek sailboat –for just shy of $7 million you can own her….it only sleeps 6 though (not counting the crew) so you have a good excuse to not invite too many people aboard!.  N has the stabilizing binocs trained on it in hopes of sighting what he believes should be the case: an all-female crew sporting the namesake) (and if you can’t read it: Miniskirt)

Looks like we will be enjoying Beaufort, NC for a few days as we weather some more weather. Luckily it is a pleasant spot with a few things to do (and eat)….so stay tuned!

One thought on “May 1-3; Days 158-160 Bombin’ Up: Bald Head to Beaufort, NC”

  1. Great updates and fun reading. Low Country grits, huh? Wonder if Amazon can ship me some? And pray tell, why did the Southern Railways lead to the demise of the South during the Civil War? Curious minds want to know! You aren’t missing anything in Seattle but rain and a humongous thunderstorm this afternoon.
    Deb and I are off to Opening Day of Boating at Montlake Cut for crew races on Saturday, UW vs China!
    Happy cruisin’!


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