Apr 28/29/30, Days 155/56/57 ICW Rope a Dope

OK, ok, we’re back behind the 8-ball on blog posting! We’re on a mission to get to Washington DC by 5/21 so we’ve decided to bite off ~75 mile days when we can to allow for time off (read N golf days) and potential weather delays. Of course, after you’ve travelled 75 miles on the water you have a series of priorities which tend to conflict with blogging.

5-1 sail
OK, nothing to do with today’s news, but had to post a pic of this awesome private 300′ sailing boat docked with our Bayliner in Charleston. The former is on the market for $90M…we’ll take a bit less for ours!

We left Charleston and headed north on the ICW. While in Charleston N had posted a note on the AGLCA (America’s Great Loop Cruisers Association) in response to another’s rant about passing slower boats on the ICW. Of course, there was plenty of conversation back and forth, but at least people will now know who it is when passed by the mighty RioMarLago! BTW…that’s our boat name! B’s a little uncomfortable about how close it sounds to Mar-a-Lago, but we named the boat before the election result. There were plenty of added value comments about passing on the ICW and we have improved out technique in an effort to be as “unobnoxious” as possible while maintaining speed and course.

5-1 icw
It’s not always sunny on the ICW, but sometimes the clouds are a relief. Note the changes in shoreline. Lots of marsh land now, but the channel is deep.

We made nearly 100 miles on Friday from Charleston to Osprey Marina just south of Myrtle Beach.

5-1 m 2
Shades of the rivers! Osprey Marina is back at the end of that channel which we had to spot as we came up the ICW.
5-1 marina
…and there we were, comfortably snuggled up in the sailboat area! Sound familiar?

We had Osprey in mind because we had to stop by to check on our “sister” boat (another Bayliner just like ours with whom we’d travelled the rivers and across the Gulf). Don and Joan had left her there while they went home to Boise. The cool thing is we FINALLY caught up to them after months of being behind.

5-1 don
N went to check Don’s boat and drain any water from the bilge.

Cruising the ICW was pretty cool as we went from cities to open marsh country and back to civilization multiple times across the journey. While underway to Myrtle Beach, B found some tickets on line to “Time Warp”; a show with all 60’s and 70’s music. Pretty fun! We “ubered” to the show and back. Technology is AMAZING!

5-1 show
Rock on! This was a pretty good rendition of Purple Rain.
5-1 pic
Wasting time after the show waiting for Uber! 

Next day N did some boat maintenance before heading out for golf while B and Z hung out at the marina.

5-1 oil_LI
Had to top up the hydraulic fluid. Clever design meant the fill spot was TOTALLY inaccessible without using a turkey baster! N’s brainstorm while perusing the kitchen supply aisle at the store.
5-1 turt 2
This is what you do hanging out at the marina! Feed turtles with lettuce….note reflections of interested parties.
5-1 golf 3_LI
Notice ball. Yes, on #18, N managed to hit it where indicated by the red line from where he proceeded to par the hole….the other 17, umm…not so good.

Sunday started auspiciously as it was our 100th day underway and our odometer read 4139 miles travelled as we left the dock (home street address)! With the exception of having to cut a line we hung up on a lock bollard many months ago, we really hadn’t had any issues……until Sunday! As we approached a low bridge and asked for it to open, the engine stalled. What?! Re-started, but couldn’t move! Dead in the water. Turns out N had not secured the dinghy line and it had tangled in the prop at just the wrong time! With car traffic stopped as the bridge swung open N had to radio the bridge operator we had a problem then rush downstairs, put on his swimsuit, jump in the water with a knife, swim under the boat and start freeing the prop. Meanwhile B was able to paddle the boat to a bridge piling to stop us moving around. The bridge operator came out to watch while traffic remained stopped. Sorry, no pics as we were in complete Chinese fire drill mode! N freed the prop, clambered back aboard and all was good!

5-1 wave
Another scene from the ICW. Seems we can’t really capture waves from the boat on film, but the spray should show you we had some chop.

We passed the bridge and were on our way to Bald Head Island, North Carolina(!) and Cape Fear (dum, dum, dum). The latter is at the mouth of the Fear River and is so named because of all the shoaling in the area and number of ships known to have sunk nearby as a result. N was the only one experiencing any sand shoals this week and he found those on the golf course with some regularity. And yes, N’s golf game has basically “run aground”!

5-1 golf 2
Yes, there were some bad “shoals” around Bald Head Island
5-1 golf
Amazingly, no lost balls on this hole!

     OK, ok, enough golf. More on Bald Head later, but gotta get posting.

2 thoughts on “Apr 28/29/30, Days 155/56/57 ICW Rope a Dope”

  1. Ok so now I have some credibility issues–I have 154 days of pictures of “stuff”. But when Nick springs into his Amazing Lloyd Bridges imitation–knife in his teeth…cutting the line from the prop… saving the Damsel and Yes- the Dog… While the lock tender and adoring crowds applaud!! Bubkiss, No pictures, 3rd party comments or collaboration — “Just saying”. DDD


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