Ap 21-22; Days 148-149 Hi Y’All-in’ Ourselves Outta Georgia

Georgia via the Inter Coastal Waterway has been very pleasant—even with the constant threat of and required vigilance due to the bugs.  The ICW here feels more like boating through vast estuaries and sloughs extending in all directions with fingers reaching into the forests and zigzagging back to the main bodies of water.  By NW standards with all the marsh grass, lowlands, overall water depth, birdlife, and brackish water, this would be considered major wetlands. It just happens to have a tiny randomly curving, route carved deep enough for all this boat traffic.  No more manatee sightings; only occasional dolphins here.

It’s getting very busy out here with all the Canadians and New Englanders heading home (probably compounded by the weekend and impending storm).  After leaving the Golden Isles, we moved nearly 100 miles north to Isle of Hope Marina just outside of Savannah.

2017-4-22 boat isle of hope sun
First time we’ve had to opt for a second choice marina!  Not disappointed with the result though. Bonus Points: Perfect berth for the sunrise!

The marina is bordered by a quiet, old, staid, classic southern neighborhood. We were Hi Y’All-ed by people of all ages who were either out walkin’ or just sittin’ a spell on their inviting front porches on the cushioned-rocking chairs and gliders…even the other dogs seemed to have that Hi Y’All aura about them.  The fresher mornings and cooler evenings were prime time for that communal conviviality which was also accompanied by background songs of the mockingbird.  So pretty and every-changing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNNX3f3_svo    In the late afternoon, everyone seemed to be inside missing the heated, humid air holding the decadent, full- o’-scent lush, gardenia perfumed aroma. But B and Ziggy powered up their afternoon walk to breathe it all in.  Really a sense that is hard to describe.

There are no marinas IN downtown Savannah so from our distant marina, we Ubered into town.  We hopped on (and off and on) the On and Off Trolley for a great, humor-sprinkled overview of some history and local lore followed by lots more walking around too. Here are a few (of the waaaay too many sights):

2017-4-22 selfie on off bus
Ziggy got to join us for this portion of the day. Then she was “rewarded” (hahah…probably not from her perspective) with play time and a heat break at doggie day while N and B continued their on-the-ground sightseeing.
2017-4-22 forest gump feeather
Remember the opening scene where the feather floats down and lands at Forest Gump’s feet ?  Here’s where that great story all started!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7voy1vit6Y    As an aside, at the other end of the street is the aptly placed City Hall–the beginning of Bull Street.
2017-4-22 julia roberts
On a more cinematicly unpleasant note, here’s where Julia Roberts pounded on the window of the restaurant upon seeing Dennis Quaid, her husband, with “the other woman” in Something to Talk About.
2017-4-22 pirates house
Pirate’s House (now a restaurant—love that re-purposing!)  has an underground tunnel where rum was brought into the “dry town” and drunken men were shanghai’d out to work on ships. This inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island!
2017-4-22 cotton ramps
Cotton ramps (you might need to blow it up a little to see the series of metal ramps) under which the cotton bales passed inspection for bidding at the Cotton Exchange (1880’s)
2017-4-22 indian rock
Tomochichi’s Rock was placed over the 1739 burial spot of the Yamacraw chief who was instrumental in the first colonists’ survival. The rock was added later in 1899 by the mother of the mother of Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low, so that the burial spot and memory of the man would not be lost or forgotten. (As an aside, the first Girl Scout meeting was in Savannah in 1912.)
2017-4-22 wilkes line
Famous Wilke’s Southern Family-Style Restaurant…well not the restaurant but rather proof that  it is famous.  Lines form at 9 am for the 11 o’clock opening. This pic (where you cannot see the end of the line) was at 1 – good luck!–they close at 2!  If you know N, we did NOT for one milli-second consider standing in line to eat here!
2017-4-22 catholic church st johns
Of course no classic historic town tour is complete without at least one picture of a church–St John’s Church built 1853  (Needless to say, there were a lot more–including the third oldest synagogue in America c.1878)

We picked up Ziggy from doggie day care and headed back to Isle of Hope Marina for a brief freshen-up and dog feeding/stowing-away, and then biked, at Loyal Reader Jane’s recommendation, to our date-night dinner at Driftaway Café.

Great grilled octopus with shitakes and potatoes and yummy buttery-rich scallops too!

We left Isle of Hope Marina on the early side (hahaha…ok 9 am!) and continued north-ish along the Intercoastal Waterway.

2017-4-22 marsh
More pretty marsh lands.  And in a blink we were out of Georgia and into South Carolina.

Aside from a couple of tiny waterside towns, the only commercial activity we saw were these two distinct enterprises:

Tug-Barge-MegaPipe conglomeration and big Shrimper boat.

We made it to Hilton Head, South Carolina just after 11.  Yay! Plenty of time to tour the nearly empty little marina and then get to our dock and head to golf!

2017-4-22 harbor head lighthouse
Picture-card perfect candy-caned Hilton Head Lighthouse  The Harbour Town Marina currently has zero power due to hurricane damage.
2017-4-22 golf hilton head
A Robert Trent Jones course, the Palmetto Dunes, treated N ok even though he pushed the envelope teeing off the distant blues

2017-4-22 boat hilton head

We’re here at Shelter Cove Marina for a few days of golf, beach and exploration and, perhaps, to wait out an impending storm

2 thoughts on “Ap 21-22; Days 148-149 Hi Y’All-in’ Ourselves Outta Georgia”

  1. Yayyy! Glad you toured Savannah. Did You make it to Forsyth Park?

    Glad Nick is getting his golf in!

    I hope you can find a marina in Beaufort. Let me know when you get close to Beaufort. It is a beautiful old town! Maybe 1703???

    I’m pretty sure Blackbeard had a dozen or more camps in the NC islands. Charleston Inner Harbor and the Battery are cool too. Fort Sumter is where the first shot of the Civil War was fired. And SC folks never let us forget it!

    Good Luck with the weather! Love you both! J🌈🐬🌞🌈


  2. Ok so I have a dumb question “Why does a couple living on a 30ft boat together, on vacation for over 149 days need a “date Night?”


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