Apr 19 / 20, Day 146 / 7 Marsh Madness

Yesterday was our second day on Jekyll Island. We’d borrowed marina bikes to cruise much of the historic district the day before so N was up early to play golf while B stayed on board working on the blog…. Seriously, pumping this stuff out requires some dedication. The access to golf is great on the island with three 18 hole courses and a 9 holer all within a cart ride from the marina and only costing $30! No, we’re not in Florida anymore where $30 might have bought a hot dog and a beer at the turn! There were no on-course alligator sightings, but we won’t discuss the score!


4-20 golf
N was playing very quickly before getting slowed by 4 old guys who refused to let him play through….. the score degenerated from there!


We also took a trip to the northern tip of the island to visit driftwood beach. These pics might give you an inkling as to just how creative that naming really is.


4-20 wood
Can’t figure out if this tree’s roots are actually rooted so not sure it’s technically “driftwood”. Just sayin’


4-20 wood 2
OK, this piece will move so it’s “driftwood”. Note weird trees in background with all the twisted up branches just like on Cumberland.


4-20 couple
Too bad about the lime green bag! Representin’ Tacoma with a T-town tank top and a Narrows Marina t-shirt!



4-20 z
On the way back to the marina, B took about 25 pics hanging off the golf cart trying to capture whatever this scene was meant to be. At the same time B was telling N to stay off the side of the road (the white line here), despite N feeling it might be a good idea to let the 10 cars behind pass!


Sounds pathetic, but one of the BEST things about Jekyll Island Marina was the blistering fast internet. I know, I said pathetic, but believe me, it gets pretty tiring to have sketchy connectivity. Turns out one of the liveaboards on the dock is a techie and wired up the whole dock (note to other marinas: SEE, this internet stuff is not that hard…. just fix it!). At least we got to catch up with the Bill O’Reilly firing and watch two episodes of The Blacklist.


4-20 fish
These guys came back with a ton of Mahi Mahi. Such pretty fish. Too bad the guy was just absolutely butchering the filet job. Not too mention they were wheeling the fish around in a marina cart. Mmmm, nice for the next person to load their stuff in that cart!


We were off this morning at the crack of 11AM and still got in just over 100 miles arriving at Hope Isle Marina just outside of Savannah, GA. Again, we were last off the dock and then proceeded to pass everyone.


4-20 isle
This Georgia section of the ICW requires careful marker watching. It’s weird to see boats off in the distance across the marsh about 3 s-curves ahead….. but not for long obviously!  



4-20 marsh
…. just another marsh shot


We have not been making reservations on our journey to date, but rather using Active Captain to find a spot and calling from the water around the time we want to stop. Today was the first day we couldn’t get a place at our first marina choice. Not a big deal, we found another good spot and we can always anchor out, but the exodus north has obviously begun with many Looper and non-Looper boats cruising up the ICW.


4-20 chrt
Check out the twists and turns! If you blow this up a bit you can see a portion of the route we took today (it’s the yellow line).


We are now starting to see at least 4 or 5 boats every night that we’ve seen before at one place or another in the prior few days.  Of course, if we string together a couple of 100 mile days we break out of one 9 knot clump and break into another. It’s the ICW Shuffle!

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