Ap 18; Day 145 Georgia Island Hoppin’ On My Mind

Trying to get back to posting more regularly so here we go!

After our big, looooong beach and trail loop on the SE part of the island, we finally found THE famous wild horses of Cumberland Island on the west side of the island amid the Carnegie and prior inhabitants’ ruins.

2017-4-18 white horse tree
This guy/gal followed Ziggy and B around so you’ll see more pix  If you blow this pic up you will see some injuries on its rib cage….see further comment below in the “running” picture.

All these horses on the island are feral and are a branch of the “Misty”  Chincoteague/Assateague ponies.  These have a bit more “modern horse” in them since they have interbred a bit due to the more constant use of this island over the last 400 years as opposed to the more isolated Virginia/Maryland feral ponies.

2017-4-18 3 horses
The little foal in the background wouldn’t let us get very close to it.  The adults didn’t seem to mind and Ziggy behaved herself too!
2017-4-18 horse carnegie
Grazing in front of the remnants of Carnegie’s Dungeness Mansion
2017-4-18 2 horses
This is NOT the same white one that is in the other pix.  There are nearly 180 feral horses here.  All under the care of the National Park Service which is contemplating controlling the numbers due to the fragile eco-system.
2017-4-18 white horse run
Ok ok, last picture (for today anyway) of the horses.  But here it goes crazily running and wildly screaming after another horse.  Even the ranger didn’t know if they were fighting or fornicating in the forest….we couldn’t see, but that likely explains the injuries to its side.  I guess they were shy either way. Regardless, while at anchor into the night, we could hear the on-going horse screams in the distance.  


We spent the night on the hook for a nice, calm evening despite a fairly big tidal current and change. The next morning was still calm and pleasant and after a leisurely morning walk that was extended to look, unsuccessfully,  for B’s misplaced shoe insert that got left behind after shaking sand out yesterday…ugh…ultimately the ranger said they threw it away!), we lifted the anchor to go for a quick tour stop on the north end of the island for a museum visit.  Unfortunately, our morning was a bit too leisurely as we missed the timing of the museum tour hour!

But we walked around to say good bye to pretty Cumberland Island for a bit before continuing north on board:

2017-4-18 plum orchard mansion cumberland pano
Plum Orchard Mansion originally built for another Carnegie family branch now acts as the local museum. N peeked in—indoor swimming pool! And apparently a lot of other cool novelties for the era.
2017-4-18 ancient oak
I never tire of these ancient oak trees and the Spanish moss


I know not an exact match, but on the beach when I saw little Ziggy melting and warping in the sun next to this naked branch with the clock-like curved edge, I thought of this Dali piece. Right?!!?!


2017-4-18 N beach walk
The sand dunes were intense.  B  was happy with her horse sightings…but still longs to see them run on the beach….wild horses couldn’t drag her away . (Educational Note to  Kids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE2B_kCfvss  )   ……but N ‘s plodding walk suffices to keep her heart happy!

We’ll spend a couple of days on Jekyll Island. I doubt Mr. Hyde will appear with B’s constant frightful humming/attempt-at-singing of Georgia On My Mind.  Here, if you want a worm in your head all day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlLUMwo_VVU

2017-4-18 sign jekyll
We liked the attempt at the specialized greeting! An “A” for effort. 


2017-4-18 biking B N
Lots of bike paths all over the island. Lots to do here: sea turtle center, golf, beaches, and historic stuff.
2017-4-18 marsh bike
Can’t deny it’s pretty.  Unfortunately, its beauty brings bugs!  We’ve bought some local lotion to ward them off. Will report later!


2017-4-18 jekyll club
Built in 1886, Jekyll Island Club Resort was known as the “richest, the most exclusive, the most inaccessible club in the world.”   Rehabbed and ready for your hoity-toity vacation!


Much prefer my private “yacht” docked here:

2017-4-18 jekyll marina
Quiet, peaceful, intimate Jekyll Island Marina.  Early morning flat waters.

One thought on “Ap 18; Day 145 Georgia Island Hoppin’ On My Mind”

  1. Love the wild horses. Try to check out Shackelford (sp) Island north or east of Beaufort. The horses are pretty tame, and the island is uninhabited. The oak trees are beautiful! I don’t know if you have passed Edisto yet, but try to find the old wildlife preserve if possible. (It may be too much current to anchor! But the trees there are amazing!


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