Ap 13- 15 ; Days 140-142 Springin’ North


We have now, with full intent, started plowing north.  We covered 98 miles the other day and another similar amount yesterday-–something that hasn’t happened in since we did the first and second legs of the Gulf crossing back on December 12 and 13. It feels good to be moving but still frustrating (especially for Nick) when we hit the occasional,but less frequent, no-wake zones.

This northeastern side of Florida feels different. The weather is a notch cooler, the plants and trees are a tiny bit less tropical, little islets are sprinkled around and even the boats are not so ubiquitously amped-up.

In honor of Nick’s boyhood fantasy, we spent a day in the old haunts of Jeannie (as in I Dream of..): Cocoa Beach. The marina was quite nice with a few Loopers around too.  We joined in on the once-a-month Friday night pot luck and smoked chicken fest at the marina and, much to our eventual chagrin, met a woman who could hold the world’s record for speaking the longest, never-ending sentences and paragraphs. Seriously.

As always, amused by boat names.  I think they have these 2 songs spooling non-stop:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY84MRnxVzo  and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PCkvCPvDXk

2017-4-15 nice transom
Loopers who had earlier posted on the Loop forum wondering if their boat name was inappropriate.  Anything that brings a smile is appropriate as far as I am concerned.

After an efficient bus run to the grocery store, we pushed off to continue northward along the Inter Coastal Waterway.

A few sites along the way:

2017-4-15 camper park
This prime location makes you want to get a motor home!


2017-4-15 Cape Canaverel
Cape Canaveral!  Next launch is the 18th….can’t wait that long though.  Next time….


2017-4-15 marker what marker mast
Marker, what marker?
2017-4-15 beached boat
Beached Boat.  Looks salvageable to me!


2017-4-15 wedding
Ohhhh!  A wedding!
2017-4-15 escapism island
Escapism dream fodder…..wonder if either the bride or the groom are thinking of jumping “ship” and heading here. 


2017-4-15 Z stern watchdog
Stern watchdog, looking south saying good bye on one of her last days in Florida! 


Night out at the ball game in Daytona!

2017-4-15 b baseball
B was happy to get everyone cheering the home team!  Woo Hoo!

Stumbled on this game just a few blocks from the marina.  Can’t turn down a spring baseball game in the minors for a cheap date—or an excuse to eat peanuts and have a beer!  The Daytona Tortugas vs the Ft Myers Miracles.  The latter weren’t performing any …which was good because the Tortugas were having Jackie Robinson Night –this field is where he first started playing!  The entire team had the same number on their jersey…no, not 42.  Originally Jackie had Number Nine. It was weird hearing the announcer constantly identify all players by #9!

2017--4-15 unset halifax
Halifax Marina in Daytona


Easter morning Squirrel Hunt

2017-4-15 chasing squirrels

Didn’t pick up any eggs (or squirrels)  ….just a coat full of burrs!

2017-4-15 burrs




One thought on “Ap 13- 15 ; Days 140-142 Springin’ North”

  1. Great to see you guys. Excited to hear/see more about the trip as you leave our state. Nice work on the blog.


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