Apr 10/11/12, Days 137/8/9 Ding, Dang Dinghy!

Picture this…. you’re in West Palm Beach nestled amongst 75’+ vessels on a 29’ Bayliner.  You’re looking for some help with the davit system for your 7’9” dinghy. Not sure what the problem is, but maybe someone could look at it. Bueller, Bueller…. Anybody? Nope! When you’re in a community rockin’ 100+ footers, who needs to work on some dork’s dinghy problem.


4-13 crack_LI
It’s not like this is going to break right away, but we can count on it breaking at the WORST possible time if we don’t fix it now.


In fairness, we should have seen the problem coming back in September. Don’t you hate it when you put something together and you’re left with what looks like a pretty significant piece and yet everything seems to be working fine?


4-13 ding_LI
OOHHHHhhhhh, so THAT’S what that extra support arm was for!


You’re faced with two options; maybe the manufacturer miss-packed the box and you got some part you weren’t supposed to, or maybe you put it together incorrectly and you should check the instructions. N generally prefers option 1 as it enables him to move on to other things more quickly while saving “unnecessary” rework (at least he always keep the excess part(s)). Of course, when product failure occurs and he’s forced to examine the problem, the “extra part’s” functionality often becomes clear. Yep, adding the second support brace to our davit (connects to a little tab whose purpose N had been wondering about for six months) would have prevented the movement that caused metal fatigue resulting in a cracked fitting and the need to order a new one from Idaho. 


4-13 ramp
Off our little dinghy goes for a new part.


We figured all that out waiting for a call from someone in West Palm Beach. The call never came, but we found someone in Stuart to help so we’ve come to the Sunset Bay Marina near downtown Stuart to off load the dinghy and wait for our part.


4-13 sun
OK, if you have to wait for a part, this is a super marina to wait.



4-13 crab
Z went wild on the back deck last night for no apparent reason then B spotted this stowaway! How did a crab get on board? Needless to say all underwear storage was carefully checked!


Of course, we’ve been to Stuart before a few weeks ago on our way to the Miami Boat Show while waiting for our transom repair. That’s the weird thing about cruising around a giant peninsula like Florida; you can see some of the same places coming and going.  


4-13 active_LI
Some people wonder how we find the places we go. Here’s what we do. This is a pic of our I-Pad screen showing Active Captain (a free app) overlaid on Garmin BlueChart. The little red spots are marina’s, green anchors are anchorages and so on. You can click on each spot for a description of the amenities and reviews much like Trip Advisor. It’s a super tool. Here the red arrow shows where we are (note #1 designation… no slumming around for the RioMarLago crew!)



4-13 walk
B & Z walking the boardwalk back to the Marina. That bridge is the bridge shown in the chart above. How cool is that?



4-13 grin
The good thing about staying a few days in Stuart is it gave us an opportunity to get back together with our friends Alan and Jeanette (N went to college with them both) who drove over from Dunedin. Alan’s newly retired so N was introducing him to the joys of beer drinking before noon on a weekday!


The cruise from North Palm Beach to Stuart continued the cavalcade of unbelievably ostentatious wealth. The boats are phenomenal, but it’s the houses that honestly border on the grotesque. They’re beautiful, but it’s just mammoth house after mammoth house and it’s hard to understand how so many people can have so much dough to put into real estate and then another huge chunk to invest in a 100’ boat to park in front. What’s more, many homes look unlived in so they’re just weekend “cabins” or seasonal places. Well… we Tacomans sheepishly chugged by in our little Bayliner, wonky dinghy and all!


4-13 stock
These houses are not indicative of the mammoth homes we saw elsewhere along the ICW, but N was amused by the boat name, B not so much!



4-13 guns
Speaking of boat names, are you kidding me!? What kind of name is this? Plus the guy moors the boat right next to the Coast Guard station!


Sticking to the ICW we’re able to travel in fairly windy weather (still can’t figure out what’s up with these Florida travel brochures and the weather…. if you made similarly “inaccurate” representations in an SEC filing you’d go to jail), but there’s a lot of no wake zones so we putt along. It’s basically like going up a river with tons of homes and little restaurants on both shores along the way.


4-13 pirate
Those boats in the distance are floating on the ICW.


We are now sort of anxious to get out of Florida figuring we’ve left enough “boat bucks” down here and crossing the state line will re-new our sense of journey. We still need to collect our dinghy and have several days of cruising north before we hit Georgia. More later, oh and we know we really need to get more diligent on the posting!     

One thought on “Apr 10/11/12, Days 137/8/9 Ding, Dang Dinghy!”

  1. Boat bucks make motorcycle money look like chump change.
    Always good to have your well written reports, even if they don’t arrive as often as I’d like.


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