Mar 21/22/23 Apr 4/5, Days 128 – 132!!! Takin’ Time Off

Well, well, well, here we are back on line! Sorry for the blip out, but we headed back home in late March to attend (actually host at our house) a baby shower for the first grandchild. It was super fun with all kids (and their significant others) attending. The house was loaded up and mommy was happy.

4-4 tacoma 2
Nope, not Florida…all family on mandatory walk in woods! Big change in temperature from Miami.

We’ll blip out again in late July to go see the baby, but meantime…. back to boating!

Whoa, I now realize we missed a BUNCH of days before we even left. Not sure what kind of operation we’re running here, but we need to catch up. We left Boca Chita for the short hop to Billy Bagg State Park which was another great spot.

4-4 boca chita
No, not us, but a cool pic we took of new friends leaving Boca Chita

I can’t believe how we’ve consistently stumbled upon cool spots with literally no planning or local knowledge. There were a lot of boats waiting for weather to make the crossing to Bimini,


4-4 anchor
At anchor at Billy Bagg State Park.

but the most interesting vessel was the original Stars and Stripes sailing cat. The boat won the America’s Cup in the 80’s and stated the whole trend to cats in that racing series.

4-4 stars
You could see from a mile away that this boat was special. It’s an America’s Cup winner! Everything on the boat is hydraulic. Unfortunately she’s now relegated to travelling without sails  ferrying snorklers around.

We spent two days at Billy Bagg and then made the short run to Miami on the day of our flight.

4-4 billy fish
No problem spending a few days at this place when the restaurant on-site was a well regarded Cuban place. OK, maybe you don’t like fish this way, but we do!

Yes, we fly redeye’s because we have a crew member who does best on redeye flights. We’d decided to have the bottom painted while we were gone primarily because we figured the boat sort of needed it and the moorage was FREE (a very big deal in Miami) since we were having work done. The classic, you gotta spend money to save money!


4-4 hand off
Before leaving we had to meet some friends on the high seas to give them our surplus supplies. These are the people we helped with their anchor and who gave us their surplus supplies a few weeks ago when they went home to fix his broken arm. Proof what goes around comes around!


4-4 boat 4
OK, it might be getting a little old seeing the boat on a hoist, but what can I say…. it’s fascinating to me!


4-4 boat
Prepping the boat for new paint.


4-4 boat 2
Forget pictures of Z! Just how trick does that look!?


4-4 boat 3
All done and ready to go.


We got back to the boat the AM of 4/4 (yes…. another #$%^& redeye flight…. you don’t see many retirees on these flights because we’re not supposed to need to fly them). After provisioning the boat, we left the dock. After one mile, we returned to the dock! Turns out the guys had left some residue coolant in the bilge and not fixed an idling problem we’d asked them to fix. Boating! Ended up spending the night at the dock which was just as well as we were totally fried after a long flight and arriving in the heat and humidity of Miami.

4-4 miami 2
Night time in Miami!

Very lucky to have A/C on the boat…. You go Bayliner!

4-4 billy
Everyone was pretty burned out after the long flight!

Next day the marina guy got it fixed early and we were off up the ICW. 

4-4 miami 8
Forget trees and mountains…. we’re in Miami baby on our way to West Palm Beach!

It’s all north now for well over 1,000 miles. Very different to travel up the ICW from Miami. Lots of tall buildings, fancy homes, big boats, and a pretty much constant no wake zone. We’ll see how long N can last before braving the outside and hammering down. We made it to Dania Beach Marina (literally 100 yards to beach on Atlantic Coast) for the night

4-4 dania beach
It’s funny how you keep running into the same people every once in awhile. We ran into some other friends at Dania Beach with whom B and Z had bonded over their puppies late last month. Fortunately they’d name their boat after her (not the dog) so we were able to avoid the awkwardness of not remembering her name!

and we’re off to West Palm Beach tomorrow to meet some guy who’s meeting us at the municipal pier with our new custom bed so don’t miss the next installment!

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