Mar 18/19/20, Days 125/126/127 Buggin’ Out

It’s another 3’fer! Not sure if it’s laziness or poor internet, but we’re definitely slipping on the blogging discipline. Maybe it’s just a Florida Keys influence we’ll shake off as we begin to head north. Indeed, we ARE heading north now and will be for quite some time.

We left the Postcard Inn Marina on Islamorada (BTW…. how would you say that word? It’s Eye la morada) and headed back to John Pennekamp State Park.


3-20 rise
We were up with the sun the day we left for Pennekamp (doesn’t mean we LEFT that early!)


Yep, our third time stopping there. It’s a nice laid back place. There’s a floating dock spot seemingly custom made to fit only our boat and it’s only $26/night (you go short Bayliner!).


3-20 bridge
Once again we snuck in under the low bridge… a route less traveled by boats with a flybridge


We wanted to go to Pennekamp to help our friends Jerry and Margot. Jerry had broken his arm riding his bike last week and had flown home for surgery. He came back with a cast over his elbow, but in good spirits and with a flashy orange cast. Given the injury N offered to help with an anchor switch. It’s pretty fun to have EASY projects to work on at the dock. Of course, getting it done required multiple trips to West Marine!


3-20 anch
Fun project on the dock replacing one anchor for another. Notice orange arm cast and N’s seemingly passive aid… ever the manager!


3-20 anch 3
At least N stepped up for the heavy lifting to check the 55lb anchor was all connected properly. That’s a lot more weight than the 12oz curls he’s been working on.



Next day we were off, but not before an underwater salvage operation to recover our water filter that had fallen off the hose (together with the metal part of the Park’s hose… c’mon, let’s get a little infrastructure investment going…. I mean a garden hose in a State Park?!


3-20 loss 4
So near and yet so far! The end of the hose broke off and deposited our water filter on the bottom.



3-20 loss 3
~$25 filter at store, or ocean salvage!? B wanted the salvage. Of course that’s an easy decision for the person not wearing a swimsuit!



3-20 loss 5
Nope, that’s not a manatee, it’s a Maldenatee! Filter recovery was successful.


Anyway, after the salvage we were off to Boca Chita which is part of the Key Biscayne National Park.


3-20 selfie
Fenders, lines? Don’t bother me I have a selfie to take coming into Boca Chita


What a super place.


3-20 dock
Blow up this pic and see our boat on the seawall. Super cool little spot!


The island was owned in the late 30’s by Mark Honeywell the founder of Honeywell and he built a really nice little harbor. He sold it a few years later after his wife died from a fall on the island. There are no services, but the harbor is nice with a great view of the Miami skyline in the far distance. It’s reputed to be buggy, but we have all sorts of “masheesh” (a family term for mosquito netting).


3-20 net
Never fear…. the Tacomans are here! Just when you thought we might by “classing-up” our game you find us at the dock with our homemade bug solution.



3-20 bug
…and we had another solution for the “bedroom”. Hey, c’mon, people pay big bucks for this Arabian Nights look on high end safaris!


Turns out we don’t need it because there’s a nice breeze blowing, but at least we know we have a system.  OK….GOTTA get this posted! We’ve had bad internet, but we’re now in sight of Miami!

2 thoughts on “Mar 18/19/20, Days 125/126/127 Buggin’ Out”

  1. Zika here we come, never fear Barb is here. Just thought I’d add that rhyme. We’re looking forward to seeing you guys in the Northwest have ladder sign all done ziggy. Alix


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