March 16/17 DAYS 123/124 Luckin’ Out in the Keys

Since we like Post Card Inn Marina so much and are under no rush as we are basically circling/passing time until we need to be in Miami for a flight out next week, we are spending three nights here.  The thermometer took a big turn southward though. And yes, we realize that 51 degrees in the night might be balmy and a welcome relief for many of our readers; but it did surprise us.  We’ve had to break out the fleece and vests for evenings and mornings. Have to admit it feels good. Ziggy seems a notch more active too.

So off we went walking some more only to find yet again the on-going theme of when walking the dog, one sees surprising things:

2017-3-17 Helicopter
 How’s this for a different career choice!    Better than what B thought at first  as they circled over her: a sniper aiming at her!


So much walking required some recuperating:

2017-3-17 sitting beach
Relaxing at Post Card Inn .  Dogs allowed everywhere!  

See the white dot boats in the horizon in the picture above?  That’s a sand bar at low tide and N headed out to do some scouting

Here’s Nick on return after scouting the scene.  Reported 3 inches of water…..and lotsa partying out there.   We’ll all go out tomorrow if it warms up a bit. Note:N is sporting his hip double glasses combo!

2017-3-17 catch o day
Catch of the day !   NO, we didn’t get any though.  In fact, the guy wouldn’t even gift a fish head to someone–but that’s another story.  We’re craving ahi!


2017-3-17 shower N
When you don’t want (ever!) to mess with your tiny shower in your tiny bathroom (aka head) and the marina doesn’t have a shower room,  you take advantage of every showering opportunity–even if it means scaring some people a little.

It remained cold the following day, but we powered on and went biking a bit to see some nearby sights. On the way we finally stopped in at store we’ve passed several times.

Racks and racks inside and out. An unbelievable inventory of things for people who are NOT trying to downsize/simplify! In fact the  18-wheeler dedicated to just shells was dumping off even more!

2017-3-17 shoes N
No, we did’t buy anything —not even these shoes for N. They just didn’t seem to fit quite right.

After all that browsing, pointing and laughing, we finally made it to the Dive History Museum   Another odd, out of the way (well, it’s on the main road down the Keys) little museum.   Well worth the stop.  Even had a documentary playing narrated by Sir David Attenborough (see post from last week where we SAW him in person at Pennenkamp with his BBC crew.!) Lots of cool stuff …too hard to photograph…you’ll just have to go.

2017-3-17 jules verne dive.jpg
In the meantime, read/re-read Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! 


Okay, Okay,  one picture of diving stuff:

2017-3-17 helmet head
 Helmet Head(ley) recreating Jules Verne and Jaws all in one.


We biked “home” from the Diving Museum and despite the cold wind, dinghyed out for a picnic on the sand bar that Nick had scouted out the day before (see pix above).

Plenty o’ room with a view      and       B’s selfie—killing time while they hung out together!

2017 -3-17 catch o day 2
Boats were up and out pre-dawn today…guess they knew something!  Quite the catch! Those pink ones on the right are hog fish.  The long skinny one is Spanish mackerel….I forget the rest (sorry!)   But all are edible.

Another visit from a not-so-shy Womanatee:

2017-3-17 manatee on back
Floating on her back
2017-3-17 b z manatee
Even N thought this was pretty cool. Ziggy was over the top with excitement but held back all but one yap and then refused to leave her lookout perch waiting for it’s return.  She ( the womanatee) did roll over to get a nice back rub.  (And in case you sophomoric dorks are wondering…no, that is NOT Nick’s personal contribution to the picture…just fresh water from the hose.)

Great Lucky St Patty’s Day ! Hope you, Dear Reader,  find your pot o’ gold, your four leaf clovers and your catch o’ the day today, too!

One thought on “March 16/17 DAYS 123/124 Luckin’ Out in the Keys”

  1. Barb and Nick, I love the Florida sunshine and blue water. Are you guys snorkeling at all? If you are on a sandbar, it may surprise you what is just over the edge!

    Hog Snapper is probably my favorite fish. And Yellowtail Snapper is also great. Just buy the filets, and pan fry them in panko and olive oil, add a little grated parmesan after you flip them over. If you can’t buy the filet, then you can skin them out. Really easy.

    Where are you flying next week? Seattle???? I will text you tomorrow.

    Love the Manatee pictures!!!! Glad you are hanging out. I am in the VERY RAINY NW. I went to breakfast the other day with Karen in my new bright neon tie-dyed t-shirt, turquoise pants, and turquoise tennis shoes. She said, “Are you wearing that to breakfast?” I said, “Yes, just trying to import a little Florida Sunshine.”

    I think she may have been a little embarrassed by my attire. But who cares? It worked! Yesterday was beautiful. I may bring it out again tomorrow. I think the NW could use a little sunshine!

    You guys look fantastic!!! Happiness is a puppy who loves you more than life! And a supportive and loving Partner is pretty good too! Take care! J


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