Mar 11/12 Days 118/119 Ridin’ on the Freeway of Love in a Pink Cadillac

Before leaving Pennenkamp State Park (again!) we went on a quick morning bike ride to get a few last minute necessities (half case of beer and veggies) and were greeted by this beauty:

2017-3-12 iguana
Morning of the Iguana.      Polly did NOT want THAT cracker!

We headed out without any idea of where we would spend the night, but stopped to hang out off Rodriguez Key on the Atlantic side at the sandy bar (the beach kind, not the tavern kind…remember we had our beer stocked up!).  It seems we took no pix of our time in the water!  Does that mean we are taking it for granted or just enjoying it so much? Regardless, it was great.

2017-3-12 laying around
We sat/lay around relaxing and reading after some swimming and lunching. Look at this cute umbrella we picked up at a used marine store for $3.  N likes it more than the sheet!–not quite the same shade coverage but the Go Hawks colors make up for it!)

By late afternoon, N looked at all his info systems and found us a likely-good place to anchor for the night just 15 miles away.  It was, however, on the Gulf side so we had to cross under that highway again.  More room than this looks:

2017--3-12 under bridge
Made it with room to spare
2017-3-12 cut
One of the cuts through the mangroves to the Gulf side. Calmer waters on the inside!

We anchored off Islamorada at Morada Bay in front of Loralei Restaurant and have, in fact, stayed 2 nights (testing/pushing the battery system again! ) since it is very pleasant, calm, easy and relaxing—plus they have good live bands playing all our oldies!  “Parked” or rather docked just feet from the stage is this surprise that we came upon while dinghying around:

2017-3-12 pink cad
Ok ok, so maybe WE aren’t IN the Pink Caddy…  but it certainly feels like this trip is one big freeway of love!


2017-3-12 conch app
We were using the restaurant dock for Ziggy’s shore leave, so felt compelled to get some yummy conch fritters!

Headed back for our dinner and ,as you can see, a picture is worth a thousand words:

2017-3-12 goodnight cad
It actually works! Ridin’ on Freeway of Love in a Pink Cadillac


With the clock change and some intense night-time rain dumps, we had a late rise and just had no rush to leave the nice anchorage, so we opted for dinghy explorations.


2017-3-12 morning sunrise raindrops
Woke to this late sunrise and lots of raindrops…..the dinghy had over 2 gallons of water in it.


We stumbled upon (if that’s what you do when you are in a dinghy and randomly come upon something)  a Bass Pro Shop (with a dock…LOVE that kind of shopping).

2017-3-12 n wallet
Rarely without a wallet, N realized he needed to rush back to the boat so we could pick up some not-yet-needed denatured alcohol.  Well, seems all they sell in this outdoor store is clothes and fishing stuff—no denatured alcohol. But always a team player, B managed to find a few things so that N would feel productive for having rushed off.

Dinghying around is always fun and full of surprises:

2017-3-12 tucked boat
Not sure which this boat has more of: good cell coverage or  bug exposure.   Dock space is clearly at a premium out here.

More manatee spottings tucked in the mangroves too.  Took some more bad pix of brown blobs….will spare you!

2017-3-12 palms b z
To shore for walks and are always surprised by what is just a block or 2 off the main highway. High end resorts,  hovels next door to McMansions, strip clubs, regular neighborhoods, motor home parks and,in this case, these mega palms with abnormally muted green coloring.  The coloring actually reminded me of desert sage.

Our Looper friends with the broken arm had disengorged their refrig on us when they left for surgery (all is healing now, btw!)  and we raked in some goodies including a bunch of green apples. So with the cloudy, cooler morning and needing a sugary carbohydrate fix, B used her stove top omni oven to create this apple desert:

2017-3-12 apple
Gone in less than an hour or so. Guess the carb craving wasn’t all in B’s mind.


Some more reading, naps and then a beer and people watching ashore at the Lorelei Restaurant got us to the end of the day and our BBQ’d dinner on board:

2017-3-12 sunset
Goodnight Sun
2017-3-12 mermaid
Good night Mermaid
2017-3-12 moon z
Goodnight Moon

3 thoughts on “Mar 11/12 Days 118/119 Ridin’ on the Freeway of Love in a Pink Cadillac”

  1. Love your adventure! I am so happy you Are enjoying the places. Sounds like your Margaritaville Spirit Mind is kicking in!

    Heading to Seattle tomorrow! Hear it is cold and rainy. I especially love the Goodnight Moon picture of Ziggy! It makes me smile! Love you guys! 🐚🌕🍻


  2. you’r having to much fun cant wait to start the loop.
    the old crow from Barrie Ontario Canada
    hope to see you on Georgian Bay


  3. Hello, catching up on your post, how do you find the Omni oven, I am hesitating in buying one. Also, can I ask how much you have spend on gas so far. I have a Carver 325, and would love to do the loop, but the gas bill is kind of scaring me. Keep your post coming!!!


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