March 8/9/10, Days 115/6/7 Reefer Madness

March 8th was a day loaded with administrivia at the dock with N basically spending all day on the computer and phone taking care of various things related to our compromised Visa card and other family matters. 

March 9th dawned bright albeit breezy, but after a few days at the same dock it was time to go. When you’re on a multi-thousand-mile boat trip you find yourself looking for ways to entertain yourself en route beyond the usual. Yesterday was such a day! We had ordered some parts to be delivered to our friends Kendall and Laura, but the parts arrived after we’d left. What to do? How about meeting up about eight miles off-shore for a handoff. Cool project! Kendall and Laura were going fishing so we agreed to rendezvous by boat. Kendall radioed coordinates and we found Kendall and Laura way out there. How cool is that? The seas were really bad so absolutely no hope of getting close in mammoth waves.


3-10 ocean
This picture does absolutely no justice to the state of the seas! Seriously, no justice at all. Here Kendall’s crew show off two of the 20 or so fish they caught while Laura expertly maneuvers for the package transfer.


Kendall first tossed us a bag of key limes from his garden for practice and then he threw us our package which Barb caught in our fish net. Truth be told, B was a little pissed about the whole thing saying it was dangerous, blah, blah, blah because it WAS pretty rough. We did take a lot of spray over the boat, but nothing “dangerous”. Speaking of tossin’, B and Z blew chow again, but that’s boatin’ with this team.

After our exhilarating off shore adventure we headed to a calm little anchorage to relax before deciding we’d fuel up at the Ocean Reef Club!


3-10 fix
N was delighted with his latest dohickies and wasted no time on getting them installed. It’s amazing how N has found the most obscure stuff for the boat at Great Lakes Skipper.


Let’s face it, they don’t get many Bayliner’s in there! Didn’t matter…we’re burnin’ gas and they’re sellin’ it so we were welcomed in by a young gas dock attendant wearing crisp khaki shorts, and a white collared shirt with epaulettes with three gold bars. You don’t see gas dock attendants like that in the northwest!


3-10 or
Blow this picture up! Yep, we’re coming in like the big boys past the pool and bar area where everyone is watching what you do. At least our fenders matched on that side….ok, they were dirty, but they were both white.




3-10 or 2
Note T-shirt! Yep, Tacomans in the house! Check out boats going by. Despite our size, the people at the dock could not have been nicer! Although N was pleased to have pulled in without any drama.


After gassing up we headed a bit further north to Adams Key to anchor for the night. It was a cool spot and we were the only ones there, but maybe that was because the current was ripping. Didn’t matter to us. We have our anchor oversized for the boat so drop it in and swing!


3-10 anchor
You can’t tell from this, but the current is really moving. Even so, look how clear the water is.




3-10 swim
N and Z discussing the merits of skinny dipping.


Today we had to head back south to where’d we’d left the day before. We had to pick up another package. This time it was a new credit card to replace the one shutdown by the bank for weird charges a few days ago. Major hassle, but it’s amazing how you can get basically anything sent to you anywhere within a couple of days!  


3-10 jelly 2
We saw this coming back from a dinghy ride this morning. Any idea what it is???


3-10 jelly
Here it is on our paddle. If you said Portugese man-o-war you were correct! This one is missing its tentacles and likely dieing.



3-10 reef 3
There are not too many 29′ WN registered boats cruising in waters this color! 



3-10 reef 2
Stopped at this reef about three miles off shore to snorkel. You could actually stand in knee deep water 3 miles off-shore! Wow.


3-10 reef
To be honest, despite the smiles, the crew was on edge again on the way to the reef due to swells. Who knows how these two are going to eventually go the 60 miles to the Bahamas!



Not sure what our float plan is now. We have to tread water until March 23rd when we fly home for a week. Bimini is close, but we can’t take a chance of the weather stranding us over there and forcing us to miss our flight. We’ll probably head back down the Keys and just goof around before stopping in Miami to get some work done and fly home.

One thought on “March 8/9/10, Days 115/6/7 Reefer Madness”

  1. You guys got to hang at Ocean Reef Club!? What a great spot. I’ve visited a cousin of mine who lives there, and Despards go their annually to catch up with their East Coast counterparts and ogle 80′ Sportfishers etc. They even aerate the waters around the slips to keep hull growth at bay. Wow. You both write a great blog and sure wish we were there, but your words are a close second!


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