Feb 26-28, Mar 1 /Days 106-109 Keys Skippin’ into March

Sunrise walk on Atlantic side of Bahia Honda State Park.

After our usual morning routine, we left Bahia Honda to continue southwesterly along the non-Gulf (ie Atlantic side) of the islands toward the bottom of the Keys.  We spontaneously stopped at a really cute tiny little island that had about 20 boats most of which were anchored in 3 feet of water just off the shore—clearly there for some beach fun in the water and sun.  We couldn’t resist.

Looks like a Corona ad!




FINALLY, Ziggy got some actual swim strokes accomplished after some coaching from a buddy.  Since we, for whatever reason, had anchored in 5 feet of waater, we used the red float cushion to get the doggy to and from little Picnic Island.  She was thankful for that strategy since her body temp drops so quickly in the water.

We left our unartistic/nearly illegible mark among others’ marks…but it’s there so if you make it to Picnic Island, take a picture of it and let us know!

We encountered our roughest seas yet with wind and big waves off the southern tip of the Keys—in fact, the worst we’ve encountered.  No picture does that roughness justice…and besides…we were too busy in the critical moments to try and snap…BUT happy to say no “tossin’ cookies” on this trip—probably because we only hung in there for an hour before deciding to modify the float plan: skipped a night at anchor at a sought after sand bar (Snipe Point) and headed straight in to Key West and found another high-end dockage at  A and B Marina in the heart of town:

Rooftops Horizon

We spent a couple of  nights in Key West in fine company:

We hung out with Marilyn, Lady Gaga, Bette, Tina and many other great women..even a sing along with Julie Andrews!  Funny thing is they all started to look like the same guy.

See::: Christopher Peterson as Lucy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIPb1OMTZ0Q


Not your fairy god-mother….but maybe just as much fun??!!!?!  PS Probably want to thank me for NOT including the full frontal view!
B had to do something to keep Nick from his 4th grade habit of trying to peek up skirts (made ya’ look!)  And yes, it’s hard to aim that kiss while aligning the statue AND taking a selfie all at the same time…but still always fun!  


After all that fun, we had to re-hydrate with some ice!

A bike ride the next day to the farther side of the Key got us:

Brunch at daughter-in-law’s fave: Blue Heaven  Where we also ran into fellow Looper Friends Jerry and Margot who we had met up at Gulfport nearly 2 months ago. (we also re-met  up with them for a beer later too…well, they introduced us to a new drink: Deep Eddy’s vodka….will need to try again!

And a few blocks further on the bikes got us to….:

Another photo opp at a major geographic landmark.

Really bad weather approaching in the next few days so got up early to try to beat the start of the wind and waves for our 70 mile trek northward to Marathon….but, alas, Mother Nature woke up earlier than we did:

Feelin’ green again, so B and Z headed to their “safe spot”: lowest /farthest aft point in the boat.  It worked! No “tossin’ cookies!”

Made it to Blue Fin Marina in Marathon by noon. Best gas mileage yet! Yay!  Not sure if it is the additive we dumped in at the last fill-up or the ‘following’ seas we had that gave us some helpful pushes…or both? Ok, off for a stroll and a swim….


3 thoughts on “Feb 26-28, Mar 1 /Days 106-109 Keys Skippin’ into March”

  1. So cool!!! I love Blue Heaven! A great Key West Tradition! Especially the Bloody Mary’s and Eggs Benedict!

    Love the Tutu man! I think Caitlin encountered her first tranvestite in the Ladies restroom at Lah de Dah! She was about 9. “Mommy, that lady in the bathroom has hair like a Man!” Yep, good thing her overprotective Mama was with her! Just kidding.

    Where after Marathon? Are you going outside after Miami or up the ICW? Love you guys! J


  2. Nick & Barb – Pleasure to read such a fine accounting of your trip to date. Somebody paid attention in their creative writing classes back in the day. Hope you makes lots and lots of friends along the way and eat ceviche like its going out of style.. Not missing anything here except lousy weather and fine skiing. My day dreaming of warm weather is aided and abetted by your blog and I just have to deal with it for now…glad you guys are getting your fill. Big birthday month for our family with Jillian turning 18, my mom 88, my son 30 and brother in law 50 not to mention Henry turning the odometer over at 60. Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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