Feb 22-23; Days 102-103 Smellin’ the Roses (aka the Salt Air)

Way back up the rivers we had an engine-hours counter added. It’s been good to have and certainly keeps B, as the first mate who is charge of the ship’s log, honest on how long we are underway…so without exaggeration (or rather minimization), she reports that we went all of 1.089 hours of travel time today.  And it was NOT because we had any boat issues. Yay!  Just puttering southward to position ourselves for the open water crossing to the Keys tomorrow and to wait out some winds and related waves that otherwise probably would turn B and Ziggy green at 40 miles off-shore.

Here we are, pre-departure, buried amongst the big boats at fancy Marco Island Marina where they even have a heated pool! ( Speaking of fancy…there are 7 billionaires who have permanent residence ON this tiny little island.)

Nice neighbors on either side too: another Bayliner (with Left Coast owners/inhabitants) on one side! And some fellow (for N) Brits on the other.    And look: a sneak peak at the new paddleboard set up in our aft-cockpit!
Yesterday’s chore rendered this result…it’s been in the back of B’s mind for nearly 2 months now.  With the boat up and running and the sun and beaches calling, it is time to have the board at-the-ready instead of stowed inside.


As we exited Marco Island Marina, we passed this big boat:

.…clearly the Antithesis of the tiny house it was docked in front of.  In fact, that was its name!  They had a smaller boat (about the size of ours) named Thesis.  We were amused. Love looking at boat names!


After our 1.089 hours of cruising (the vast majority of which was taken up with undocking /docking and exiting/entering the marinas, btw!) we made it to Calusa Island Marina (at the bottom tip of Marco Island..despite the marina’s name).

We fit in a bit better here .…not just boat size but also because we are from the land of legal mj…..!

It’s a looooong walk on a boardwalk and then through a major mangrove forest just to get from the boat dock to the marina office. This evening we learned to NOT do the walk at dusk…the biting bugs are at their worst. Ugh! If you haven’t noticed, in basically every picture that includes green, we are constantly surrounded by mangroves—read that: Bug Breeding Grounds!  But luckily out on the dock, there is a constant breeze that keeps them at bay.

More mangroves…not to mention the in-flight osprey (I think?) 

But by mid-afternoon we took a short (especially when compared to the boardwalk to just get off the dock!) jaunt into the little town of Goodland to have a look around:


These 2 shots give you the TOTAL view of the small town of Goodland.


Not to mention tequila!
That tough boardwalk exit off the boat, the little half mile walk into town and the Florida heat, called for a beer break–tequila just wasn’t going to quench our thirst. Ice chips for ZIggy!


Classic Florida parrot pic No Jimmy Buffet music playing though!


As discerning readers know by now, I’ll vote the Nasty Woman ticket most any day; but this gal is probably ok too.

Speaking of crabs, we stopped into the local fish market where we bought some smoked mullet  and learned about crab claw leg regeneration ..talk about renewable resource!  (if this interests you: https://www.bluecrab.info/autotomy.html)  It’s required by law to harvest ONLY the legs and toss the crab back in the water.  Do we do that in Washington?

Back on board before dinner we enjoyed this appetizer plate featuring the smoked mullet–Yum! A good way to wrap up a calm, easy, enjoyable day: Just Smellin’ the Roses/ Salt Air!

2 thoughts on “Feb 22-23; Days 102-103 Smellin’ the Roses (aka the Salt Air)”

  1. Love the update! You are in a unique place in the Universe! So much history, so many alternative lifestyles. Jennifer Leyen’s Mom had a cool place there.

    Great kayaking! Love your appetizer planter. Are you guys lucky or blessed or what???

    Keep in touch! Love you both! Safe crossing!!!! LJ


  2. s my heart good to see N+B adopt and repeat the two foundational adages of boat ownership’ “You can’t have TOO much Money or Power as a boater”. Lord knows they have that VISA card well worn. And Nick now gets the overwhelming need for more power! They have learned a bunch in 110 days! DDD


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