Feb 20 & 21, Days 100 (say 100!) and 101 Yo Ho Hey Ho We’re on the Go!!!!

Just about the time we were beginning to learn our way around Fort Myers like we were residents, halleluiah, we’re back on the water! Of course, you can’t even read the numbers on the Visa card they’re so worn down (thank God for cash back!), but at least we’re floating and back on our way. I know it’s boring for some, but let’s reprise the experience with some details.

So, two weeks ago, we were sinking; nothing the bilge pump couldn’t keep up with, but new water all the time. N tasted bilge water on multiple occasions to confirm it was salt water. Sounds gross, but anything to avoid going to the “plastic wrench”. All to no avail, we had a leak.

After pulling the engine and outdrive and running a straightedge over the area where the outdrive is seated, it seemed the transom itself had warped rather than cracked, but that still created a problem with seals so it had to be dried out, filled, and re-built to level (can you hear the Visa spooling?).


This looks pretty nasty, but it was superficial



Hmmm…something seems to be missing…



Notice the lights…at least these guy were committed to getting us going ASAP.



The FIX in process



Gee, looks better than new


Got that done, had everything put back together and launched the boat yesterday. The excitement was indescribable. The good news is we didn’t have any leaks. Better yet, as we motored down the causeway we had a guy in some fancy boat compliment us on how nice our boat looked, but as we pulled into the Gulf we had an alarm go off. Are you kidding me?!

OK, this image might be cool a couple of times, but it loses its luster after the third time!



Back to the dock we went. At least we got to spend the night on the boat after multiple nights at the dumpiest hotel we’ve ever stayed in.


You can’t believe the volume of stuff you can take on and off the boat.


The marina guys were back on it in the AM (delighted that our Visa covered the expense to date!) and discovered a bad water pump impeller. WTF. Whaddya gonna do? Out comes the Visa, in comes the new part and we’re off. Well, there’s this other little issue still, but N just slammed a bunch of sealant over the problem area and, like I said, we’re off!  


At least we got to see a nice sunrise before breaking out the Visa!



No, this is not the OK sign… it’s what a bad impeller looks like!


Boat is running great and water is remaining where it should be… in the ocean and not in the boat! We ran from Fort Myers to the Marco Island Marina today. We are BY FAR the smallest boat at the dock, but I bet we spent more on maintenance than most this past week!  

Anyway, we feel a bit behind schedule now so we’re going to burn down to the Keys while skipping some classic anchorages in the Everglades (the bugs can wait until next time).      


Bag it, we’re tired of the shallow water BS and ICW wake controls….we’re powering up and straight shooting to Marathon.

PS: OK, so I thought we needed a bit more Miami boat show color.



Now you’ve already seen the boat on the right, but I like the juxtaposition. Remember the photo of our little boat next to a 50′ Ocean Alexander? The guy on the left is >100′ and he’s spent $10M+ expecting to pull into a marina and be the big dog. Until some guy in a 200’+ comes in with his $50M+ yacht (the middle boat)! Then both guys gets smoked by a Russian oligarch on the boat to the right. Unbelievable, the first two guys might as well have been in a Bayliner 288! BTW, that Russian boat has a missile defense system, two helipads and bulletproof glass throughout. Their tender is bigger than our boat. I think these guys spend more on weekly docking fees than we spent for our boat!


Then there are the engine guys. Hey nice 30′ with twin 300’s. Yeah, I’ve got a 36′ with quad 400’s…. oh yeah? Then there’s this 53′ “skiff” with quad 627hp outboards. WHAT?! 2,500+ hp!! And its a day boat.  




One thought on “Feb 20 & 21, Days 100 (say 100!) and 101 Yo Ho Hey Ho We’re on the Go!!!!”

  1. Go Go Way to Go Maldens! So happy to read you’re back on the water. Loved the Bigger Boat parable. Makes my quest for more cubic inches look (almost) reasonable. Onward!


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