Feb 7-17 It’s Hard on the Hard!

Since we’re using the blog titling mechanism to keep track of actual days sleeping ON board, today’s title is modified to only include the dates that this post covers. Thought we better post our status since we seem to be getting lots of off-blog inquiries wondering if we’ve been rescued by the Coast Guard (or not). Hope that explains it for those sticklers who have gotten used to the day count pattern—besides I want Day 100 to be on board!

So although we remain in Florida, we are still on land just filling our hours and days (and, apparently, weeks) as creatively as possible. It is shocking how intensely we are missing our nomadic boat life.  Here’re a few things we’ve been up to:

The next post will include photos of the repair(s) but for now here’s what we discovered once the engine was pulled out:

A large crack in the transom fiberglass which either caused or was caused by a warping of the transom.  UGH!

So with that prognosis we have taken to the trails, the courses, the museums and the roads of Southern Florida to pass the time.

As we’ve pointed out, Florida is flat. As a result N’s traditional slower NW hiking slog has taken a change of pace and he more frequently than not leads the pack to race past mother nature. 
Look at these cool alligator tail tracks! Not to mention the cypress tree knees bumpy lumps to the right of the tracks!
Cool lab…makes you wanna invent something! It’s Thomas Edison’s at his winter home where he shared subtle, yet beautiful, estate grounds with Henry Ford. The museum section was amazing and informative.  Tireless and prolific with over 1,090 patents:  ranging from the phonograph, the light bulb, motion picture, fine-tuning the telegraph and electric plant systems, to iron ore and cement production.

No pic of N’s golf day (probably would have shown steam coming out of his ears anyway) but after dropping him, B and Ziggy stumbled upon a utopian community.  NO…not those nudist colonies you hear about, but rather a relatively short lived  (1890’s-1960’s) experiment in an intentional community that built and operated a printing facility, boat works, cement works, sawmill, bakery, store, etc.  They valued education, science, the trades and the arts.  B was so entranced with the inner workings of their mind-set that she forgot to use HERS and take actual pictures, so if you want a visual of the picturesque community go to: https://www.floridastateparks.org/park/koreshan  

The more interesting things were about the community itself though.  Celibacy was a critical part (no wonder they died out!). They also believed in reincarnation–which didn’t work out too well for them either as they left the founder, upon his death, in a bathtub awaiting his second coming – which, of course, logically would happen on Christmas day. When no reincarnation occurred, local authorities forced the corpse to be buried. But most interesting was their world view that apparently came to the founder via a dream of a beautiful woman who revealed the secrets of the universe to him. (I’m sure many a man has had a similar experience; the only difference being they didn’t go out and start up “New Jerusalem” …but I digress.)

Unless you lived in the Koreshan 250 member community, I bet you didn’t learn this universe version in fourth grade. It’s a version of the hollow earth theory which puts forth the idea that the Earth and universe are contained WITHIN a concave sphere, or ‘cell’.  And the sun is merely an invisible electromagnetic battery running on a 24 YEAR cycle and we are only seeing that invisible sun’s reflection.


N has not yet reached this point of converting his golf bag –yet.  A few more bad games and he may be pushed over to fishing as a hobby though.


 Up a creek without a  paddle..but hey, at least they had a hot tub!
Here’s Gerry not trying to commit familia-cide…or was he?  After  hosting us for the 3rd time in as many months, maybe we deserved it!.  It’s sabrage–the noble art of opening champagne bottles with a sword started from the Napoleonic Era   It certainly made the first cheap test bottle taste better than normal!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCp9-tEHa8U 

Said good bye (again) to Meredith and Gerry and headed across the state to the Eastern seaboard to take up the gracious offer coordinated by our reader Jane to stay in an empty furnished duplex for a few days in Stuart.

Bathtub beach near Stuart, Florida
Oysters and sushi made a great craving-satisfied lunch stop!
House of Refuge from  the porch…oldest and among the first buildings (1875) in the remote /isolated county and only surviving house of refuge out of 10 that had been placed every 15 miles to provide aid to shipwrecked victims that made it to shore…..of which there were many with harrowing tales.. Also used as a traditional life-saving/Coast Guard station, a WWII  look out for German intrusions, a turtle rehab center and now a nicely-restored maritime museum with  reflections of the ‘frontier-like’ hardships in early Florida and some native artifacts and history as well.  Nice little pit stop….we like these odd, special-interest/focus museums that we accidentally stumble upon!

Enjoying dinner with friend/housing host, Barry (formerly of Tacoma!), Ziggy, beer, and valentine’s chocolate…not necessarily in that order of importance! and then again but also joined by Caitlin and Doggy Chapman.

Another golf day:Straight and flat…..seems straightforward but sometimes even that can be a challenge
Sand hill crane surprise on this hike.


Quiet neighborhood walk: An example of the need to revert to baby talk with the aging Floridian population?

We jumped down to the Miami Boat show for a day before heading back to Ft Myers. Lotsa boats, lotsa people,  lotsa money, lotsa BIG boats:

2017-2-16-lunaOne boat that was NOT for sale but that was in port: Luna… Over $5 million new.  Armed with missile defense system.Bullet proof glass. Crew of 52. Etc etc.  Russian owners.  Note N’s photographic juxtaposition and social commentary.

Back at Ft Myers, we have found that our boat is basically/nearly ready to re-launch. N spent 2 days buffing and cleaning the exterior hull while B —hmmmm,what DID she do?…well nothing quite so endeavorous– but she did clean and re-tidy inside.



Crossing paths to catch up over docktails and dinner with sister boaters Joan and Don.


Crossing fingers that we are re-launching within the next 2 days so that we get off this land and back on the boat and the Loop…. and even more crossing fingers AND toes that the boat is sealed tight after all that work! Will let you know soon.


4 thoughts on “Feb 7-17 It’s Hard on the Hard!”

  1. So good to have you back on the blog. Sure hope those repairs are soon finished and effective. Looks and sounds like you’ve been making the most of the down time. Thanks for the update and pics.


  2. That Russian boat was quite a bit more than $5 million. It’s the second largest privately owned “exploration” style boat and cost $545M! The first Russian owner sold it about a year later to his Russian buddy for $400M and that guy turned around and invested another $50M! …..and I worried about our depreciation/repairs?!


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