Feb 4/5/6, Days 97/98/99 Glub, glub, glub

No, this is not our boat, but it’s impossible to describe that sinking feeling when you open the bilge and see you’re STILL sinking! The gut churning is only exacerbated by knowing your Visa card is already screaming, but hey, don’t start boating if you can’t take some pain!

We headed back to the marina after a peaceful night sleep interrupted only by the harmonic tones of the bilge pump automatically switching on. Once back at the dock we had a guy with contortionist skills crawl down below the engine to look once more for the source of the @#$% leak. He came back with some good news and some bad news. The Visa card began vibrating in N’s wallet. Eureka! He’d found the source of the leak (that was the good news) …. unfortunately, he concluded the source was a crack in the transom (not so good). The solution is to pull the engine, remove the outdrive and re-build the transom. Thank God we have a cash rewards Visa…. of course, we could use our travel rewards card and probably earn two round trips to China!

Again, we had some good news and some bad news. The good news is these guys can fix it. The bad news (besides the cost) is we may be up to two weeks off the water. I’m betting more, but we’ll see. Of course, being “stuck” in Fort Myers Beach where it’s sunny and 80 degrees with miles of white sand beaches is not exactly purgatory, but we want to get moving as we’ve made very little actual southerly progress since getting back in early January.

Enough of that. We received the diagnosis on a Friday and no work could be done over the weekend so off we went to Sanibel Marina once more.


We can get around here without charts these days as we’ve become familiar with the landmarks….lighthouse on Sanibel marks the approach.


We really like Sanibel. Great bike paths, access to golf and a cool little marina that delivers blueberry muffins.


More golf for N as there’s a nice little course a short bike ride away.



Now THAT’s a golf hazard! Gotta play it where it lays though despite the risk of a one leg penalty.


While N played golf and chased gators, B found her own diversions.


This guy gets up each morning to build sand castles on the beach. Not to sure about how natural the color is!


Apparently it’s very unusual to see conch’s coming in from the sea. B’s convinced they were headed to an anti-Trump rally, but N reminded her we’re in Florida so probably not.



…then we saw these dolphins cavorting outside the harbor. Let’s not discuss what B thought they were doing…”cavorting” will do!



Look how close we were able to get….



B has trained Ziggy to sit still on the paddle board. Massive amounts of dog treats help!



We took a dinghy ride through the neighborhood. These waterways go all over the place with houses on either side and boat lifts all over.


Anyway, we enjoyed the days and spent the evenings languishing to the dulcet tones of our automatic bilge pump, but we still have to get the leak fixed.

We’re back at Salty’s Marina at Fort Myers Beach where we’ll pull the boat out tomorrow and get her ready for major work.


As if it couldn’t get any worse, had to sit through an amazing Pats comeback. Can’t stand the team, but gotta respect the performance. Notice working on the blog at same time on a photo which appears elsewhere here.


4 thoughts on “Feb 4/5/6, Days 97/98/99 Glub, glub, glub”

  1. Barb and Nick? Where will you stay while they pull the boat? Do you need me to come get you and bring you to Stuart?

    Let me know if I can help in any way! Sorry about the Visa (can’t help there).

    I leave 2/10 for Savannah. Then NC.

    At least the weather is great!


  2. There is another saying in Boating called “dumptruck it!” Or as they say in more genteel circles “Fix it and sell it”. Boats that develop cracks in the hull should only be discussed in past tense…


    1. Yeah, I hear you! Alternatively, plan to fix it better than original. At the same time, the whole thing gives us some time to boat shop. Lots of stuff to see here! Will check out PDQ’s in next few days.

      Sent from my iPhone



  3. Sorry for the bad news. Happy for the good. I’m sure you’ll make the best of it — one way or the other.
    Have been in Boston for a family funeral. Arrived mid Super Bowl. Boston was NOT a happy place when it was 28 – 9, I can tell you that. As you know, things changed. Wishing you the best for a prompt and lasting fix.


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