Jan 30/31, Day 94/95 Sinkin’ Boat Blues


I CANNOT figure out how to get the line spacing correct so sorry about that, but read first bit with a “country music” beat.

Well a here I sit,

All alone with a broken heart

My boats a sinkin’

Got no idea where to start……

 My Visa’s a smokin’

Got all new parts,

Buy my boats still a sinkin’

Got no idea where to start…..

OK, so this another twofer, but we’re consumed with our leak issue. What a hassle! But I digress. We spent two nice days at the cheap end of the pier at Sanibel Marina otherwise known as Back Cove central. You know there’s some margin in those boats when the marina owner is the Back Cove rep, and has a huge house and 100’+ boat (not to mention sea plane) on site.


We had the local paper and blueberry muffins delivered to the boat each morning at Sanibel for free…well, you know, included in the price no doubt, but it felt like free!


B was totally entertained in AM watching two hapless marina hands launching a brand new Ranger Tug for a sea trial. The marina owner started barking stop, stop and then asked “what’s missing?” Sure enough they had been about to launch without the transom plug! Hey, we’ve done it! 

One other Sanibel story…..lots of people go beachcombing for shells, but we saw two guys out looking for whale vomit! Seriously, Google it. It’s very tough to find whale vomit, but if you do, it fetches tens of thousands of dollars depending on the amount. I’ve heard of blowing chow, but that’s some real dough.


No whale vomit here, just shells!


Back to the leak! We’d been trying to get someone to look at our boat for days, so we were willing to brave small craft warnings in a leaky boat and cross back to the mainland after finding someone available to evaluate the situation. The good news…. they confirmed we had a leak, the bad news…. they had no idea where it was. The really good news? No charge for that helpful info!


These pelicans were hanging out the fish cleaning station on the dock we went to meet the service guy. It’s illegal to feed even scraps to brown pelicans because they stop learning how to search for food. You can feed scraps to other birds, but not these Pelicans. Apparently they’re birdbrains!  


Next day we found a place called Diversified Yacht Services. N was barely able to splutter something about a leaking 29’ Bayliner to the service manager and was amazed they welcomed the business at such an augustly titled organization. We got in same day! Off we went totally encouraged…. we’re going to nail this thing come hell or high Visa limit.


No, this is not a doctor’s office, it’s the service desk area at  Diversified Marine Services. Much like a doctor, they don’t lift a wrench before establishing your ability to pay. And we had to fill out about as many forms! 




…and the owner can’t afford his big boat sitting in the background of this shot of our boat. What’s with marina owners and big boats? I thought marinas were a tough business.



When it’s sunny and you’re paying by the hour you hang out and see the work getting done!



Here’s what we thought was the culprit… a leaking fuel cooling module. 


Three hours later we were off with our new parts and hope in our hearts. The latter was soon crushed with the sound of the bilge pump coming on again! So, we’re back at the dock……to be continued!


So we sat on the back deck drinking beer and reflecting on the fact… we may be sinking, but hey, it’s sunny, warm and there’s money left on the Visa. Tomorrow’s another day.


3 thoughts on “Jan 30/31, Day 94/95 Sinkin’ Boat Blues”

  1. I can relate to your frustration on the leak. Wishing you the best as you work your way through the problem. Sounds like your spirits are high and you’re enjoying the journey. Appreciate your reports on the ups and the downs.


  2. So sorry to hear about the leak in your boat! I really enjoyed seeing you guys last week!

    One step forward, two steps back. There may be a reason. It is so nice to have good weather again here in Florida! Beautiful skies in Palm Beach last night!


  3. Well, I suppose there could be worse views while you’re getting your boat worked on :). Wish you the best in getting it fixed. Really enjoying reading about your adventure!


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