Jan 28/29 Days 92/93 Still Floatin’ in Florida


Ok, ok, maybe it’s getting a little repetitive:   it’s COLD again here and yet we still have more beach walks and photos!  But a few other reports to make too.

Our first mooring ball (on this boat)!

The morning after a nice night free—floating without wondering if the anchor would hold. Or responding to repeated questioning: “Did you FEEL the anchor set?”

The actual Ft Myers Beach BEACH (not a typo!) is west (left of the bank in this picture) on the other side of the land. (By the way, Ft Myers Beach should NOT be confused with Ft. Meyers where we were about 10 days ago in a city-setting !) This harbor area with mooring fields, marinas, commercial maritime things, and a few restaurants makes for an active little alternate zone.  On the other hand, the main street abutting the actual beach is clearly formerly cute, old Florida but now turned a touristy Tshirty/restauranty/bar-ry scene –perfect for Spring Break and those 20-somethings! Needless to say, N was wishful he could re-live those days…or live them  for the first time — depending on which reality he’ll admit to.

As we returned from shore leave in the early evening we passed by some of these big guys.  Apparently, this area has the largest fleet of shrimping boats in the Gulf here.

It was a looooong dinghy ride to and from our mooring ball to the dinghy dock which forced B into “sneaking” onto a nearby tiny little sand bar for the final bedtime dog shore leave requirement. Assuming B was going to be cited for trespassing,  Nick nervously waited in pitch black darkness, steadfastly refusing to use the flashlight. No pix available it was so dark and N didn’t even want the camera flash to alert anyone to the illegal trespass.

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for news of our leak issue since our last post. Well, we’ve pre-narrowed down the issue after internet searches, input from a variety of characters (including faithful reader DDD) and our own instincts too to: an exhaust bellows (but maybe the shift cable or perhaps, but doubtfully, a leaky Y joint thingamajig (as well as another drip drip drip that we have discovered that probably just needs a clamp ring thingy too).

Although nice to free-float out there,  but with no chance of professional confirmation/resolution for several days (compounded by the risk of a mechanic’s “manana” attitude) and with no shore power (not to mention the long dinghy ride to just to get to shore…or the risk of being cited for midnight trespassing), the prospect of sitting on the mooring ball simply over-road the risk of the irresponsibility factor of getting underway, so we ventured  off of our mooring ball  to Sanibel Island Marina–only a few miles west of Fort Myers Beach.

A surprisingly peaceful, small intimate marina  even though it is on such a highly vacationed island.
A couple of other Loopers here…but mostly a high percentage of Back Coves (in part because this is home base to a Back Cove dealer which then results in hard-to-come-by slips being offered to buyers.  The Back Coves are beautiful boats; luckily for N, B has no desire to own one–but at least our Bayliner has that same navy blue look!

Dumped rain for half the night and into the morning but everything was sealed shut and even the cold air didn’t penetrate our little fort. Extra bonus fun to have fresh blueberries and the Sunday paper delivered to our doorstep in the morning!  Yay, Sanibel Marina!

Once the rain stopped, we got out for some fresh air.

After calling for a tee time and while waiting for Uber to arrive, Nick experimented with his golf bag and bike. It worked!  So he took both with him in Uber but pedaled the return back to the boat.  Made up for driving around the course in a golf cart!
Meanwhile, B set out on the bike with Ziggy keeping a calm trot for a loop ride around the southern end of the island.  Especially nice for Ziggy’s trot time was that it was only in the 50’s today. Felt like Washington in October.

Made it to the Point for some exploration:

Sanibel lighthouse
Can anyone tell me what this is?  A bunch all over this beach; haven’t seen them elsewhere.  Also, we have seen a lot more shells on all the other island beaches we’ve visited, but there were hordes of people shelling here.  I guess it could be a non-renewable tourist activity at some point.

We are so happy with the bikes easy on/off the boat and fold-ability; the flat Florida landscape; and all the bike paths that N happily (no exaggeration) got back on his bike so that B and Ziggy could give him a tour of the south end of the island (B, not wanting to push her luck, had us take the direct route there and back instead of the longer loop though!)

Back on the beach again…but this time it’s all of us.   There’s the lighthouse in the background.
A setting-sun beach walk with enough light to get back to the “fort” (aka boat) for dinner (and an impromptu chat with one of the other Looper couples here)….followed by a trip across the parking lot to the nice little restaurant (Grandma Dot’s) for a key lime pie taste test. Yum–passed the test!

2 thoughts on “Jan 28/29 Days 92/93 Still Floatin’ in Florida”

  1. That odd looking papery thing is an egg case for conch shells. Sometimes if you are lucky you can pick it apart slightly and find tiny little conchs that didn’t hatch. Yep, they’re all over in Sanibel and Captiva islands.


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