Jan 26/27, Days 90/91 Island Hoppin!

We made nearly 48 hours at anchor on one battery and while the fridge was still running there just wasn’t enough juice to start the engine. Fortunately, when we clicked to battery 2 this time the boat fired up and we were good to go!


Of course we couldn’t leave before B and Ziggy had their morning constitutional….N is trying to get B to work the dinghy solo with mixed success. It’s the motor’s fault.


The winds are sort of subsiding but they’re still around 10 to 13 knots in the afternoon. Not too bad on the ICW, but pretty difficult in the Gulf. To be honest, this boating around in Florida is getting a bit tough. The winds are one thing, but these shallows are total BS! There’s no rhyme or reason to where they are so you have to religiously follow the charts and markers and just pucker up when you pass over 5’ of water at 25mph at high tide through markers. As it is we’ve touched more than once (albeit NEVER at pace) and all I can say is it’s fortunate we’re in an I/O Bayliner with 2’ draft because I can’t imagine what might have happened otherwise.

Anyway, our first stop of the day at Pine Island Marina was a total fiasco. The entrance off the ICW was about as wide as a driveway and the winds were blowing.


Look at the width of this channel and that other wake! That Dilbert passed us at pace going the other direction.


Nice spot…. NOT…. a stupidly shallow entrance with total “local knowledge” channel “sticks” and rickety finger piers with total southern exposure in face of winds out of the south. We basically coasted into the dock then whipped out the iPad to find a new spot…. one with good south wind protection.

We ended up going to Cabbage Key after first stopping at North Captiva Island for lunch. Both islands are only accessible by boat and there are no cars on either one. Lots of golf carts, but no cars!


Well, North Captiva you can fly your private plane to and land on this airstrip.




Nice Captiva peninsula property and it’s for sale!



We shared a great seafood dish here for lunch!


Cabbage Key is small island owned by a family who live there and run the restaurant and a bungalow rental business. Check the map, Cabbage Key is small, but they serve over 600 people a day for lunch alone in the busy season.


The last wooden water tower on the west coast affording one of the highest elevation views in Florida!

Spent the night at Cabbage Key where we charged up our batteries and ate their famous cheeseburgers for dinner. The server looked crestfallen with our order after having briefed us on all the fresh catch of the day options with paired wine ($$$$). What can we say…. we’re on a Bayliner!



These docks were full when we arrived, but we were the only ones to spend the night. Was it something we said?!



“Don’t worry Ziggy, I’m going back to the boat, but you wait here for mommy”


We started our push South in earnest today and tonight we’re on a mooring ball off the ICW adjacent to Ft Myers beach after meeting up with our friend Jane for lunch at Tarpon Point. It was great to see Jane and thank you Jane for bringing us some supplies together with some Amazon stuff we ordered.


Check out this “boat.” A powered inner tube seats 10 with a bbq in the middle! Also spotted a pontoon boat with twin 300hp outboards…..WHAT?! A 600hp pontoon boat! And the thing had a standup bar.


The big news today is we think our boat is leaking!!! This model is reputed to have some trouble with leaking between the transom and the out-drive. We’ll see…how else could water get in there?! We’ll check again in the AM. Worst comes to worst N saw a 65’ McKenna for sale at Tarpon Point!

One thought on “Jan 26/27, Days 90/91 Island Hoppin!”

  1. Nick, The “leak” in stern bellows (boat match-up to outdrive thru hull) is well known in various Baylnrs. It will require a pullout and outdrive/bellows removal. Be sure not to fall into the, “Just replace the seals”. This will be starting over again. The real issue is the tolerances in the thru-hull around the bellows are or have become too large. This needs structural repair to really fix. This opening is the largest in the vessel, DO NOT GO cheap with just new gaskets. Be sure the hull tolerances are solid. Leaks are not GOOD. Cheers- DDD


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