Jan 24/25 Days 88/89 Conquering Cayo Costa

Despite the coast guard announcing 4-5 foot waves, we left Burnt Store Marina for a 12 mile jaunt across slightly protected waters to get over to Cayo Costa State Park (a 2400 acre unspoiled, uninhabited, barrier island) and set the anchor for 2 nights “on the hook” and some island exploration time.  The crossing was nearly flat so the wave hype was just that.   It’s a beautiful location that is western Floridians’ big brag generator; although to be honest, we’ve been more impressed with even some of the river anchorages up north (not to mention Prideaux Haven,  BC and other NW spots).

Lots of trails, roads, and beach walks to discover:

We meandered several times down the road bisecting the island from east side to west (gulf side) and took many of the side trails off of it for exploring.
Miles of sandy wide open expanse on the Gulf side.


Almost Dali…just missing the drippy, droopy clock and some weird Freudian title.
As Snagglepuss the cartoon guy used to say: “Exit Stage Right!”
Yay!  No more alligators and a little freedom to run to Dada!
A really long (from N’s perspective) walk past the cemetery adorned with weathered conch shells. Only about 8 graves here…from late 1800’s to mid 1900’s
Unusual (for this Northwesterner anyway) to see palms and pines together.  By the way, Ziggy loves to snorfle up the ripened wild dates that have fallen to the ground from the palms.

We were one of the first to anchor in the area ( I think the high winds had scared everyone off, but by the second day, we watched about 30 boats cruise in and drop anchor (even though at that point there were 13 mph winds….guess we timed THAT little 12 mile crossing right!)  We did dinghy over to say Hi to one of the other first people.  Their Albin Express Cruiser caught N’s eye.   Henry sent this song to us a few days ago…maybe applicable to that boat??!!   https://www.bing.com/search?q=buy+me+a+boat+chris+janson+video&form=EDGNTC&qs=AS&cvid=87d47f4d5f8a4be2b52fa3c2dedeed8b&pq=buy+me+a+boat+chris&elv=AXXfrEiqqD9r3GuelwApulrr8cC%21MQQk4uvpdmBpnUp9olzw4FoogPrwf5dC8DT3Evubp%21eYiyneBeEnI3irLv8R5ecPzS%21g6eFkQNaTmIMD

Lots of dinghy adventures:

In search of manatees through the Tunnel of Love (appropriately romantic)….but I was just informed that that was NOT the Tunnel of Love. Apparently, it is elsewhere….still felt romantic though.
Well, regardless of the name of the Tunnel…..we found the manatees!  I love them.  They don’t photograph very well….so use your imagination and get excited about them!


Barnacle head!  (and my shadow!)
The “hand/foot/flipper/fin” thing flapped sending Ziggy into frenetic barking which, then meant we saw no more manatees.
Quintessential deserted island just across from Cayo Costa……almost warm enough to swim.  Almost.
Another dinghy-accessed beach for shadow fun and runs.

And lots of boat time:

As usual, we cooked, grilled, and cleaned but also even made brownies on the range top today.  But mostly, if we were on board, we read and napped:

I mean why waste money on  dark glasses with reader magnifiers built in when you can just make use of what you have?   I think this is the reverse of redundant systems …or maybe not.   There was a nap-version with the glasses…but thought i’d leave that to your imagination…much like the full view of the manatee. (yes, Dave and Alix: thanks for the flag!)


We also “watched”  our solar panels charge up these handy xmas gift contraptions from the kids (an inflatable globe light…see it on Amazon)  and a USB charger for phones, etc. Pretty cool. We’ve used them a little before but  a lot more now that we are anchoring out for extended time and trying to conserve every ounce of battery juice for the refrigerator.  Next sales pitch: solar panel on the bimini, right?

Speaking of solar:

Sunset on the hook in Pelican Bay, Florida





One thought on “Jan 24/25 Days 88/89 Conquering Cayo Costa”

  1. Hi guys, looks like a great place to stretch your legs and relax, love the American flag pictures. What are those popcorn looking things on the manatees? Who is the Dali lover, you surprise me, I would not have looked at that dead plant and made that connection. Love the posts and your adventure.


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