Jan 20/21 Days 84/85 Outta the Classroom; Back on the Water


This will be a short post unless you want to be as antsy as we were here:

Pretty sure that my brain blanked over to match the screen..but i zoned out so not sure.

If you DO want to be antsy just ask and we will regale you with some of the info we sat through. It is amazing how painful it is to sit in a room like that when fair winds and the boat both beckon. (Remember that spring fever feeling senior year??)  Will acknowledge that some (unfortunately not all) of the presentations were concise and worthwhile.   The worst was basically a 45 minute pitch to buy a book with minimal actual information imparted.  But oh well.  Ft. Myers was an okay place to stop and we got to see Bjorne and Christine for one more final dinner so it all worked out.

Bjorne and Christine had a before-dinner drink on the roof top of this hipster place while Nick did the laundry at the marina and B walked Ziggy so we could then have an “adult” (aka humans only) dinner!


We left the marina before noon with head-on winds picking up to about 13 mph.

Saturday “rush hour” coming and going before the storm arrives.
We’ve passed this several times in the last 5 days.  Took a picture every time but none impart the full beauty of this in real life….gotta come down and see it for yourself!

We took a short cut (although Navionics wouldn’t “let us” officially “take” it, even WITH hitting way points)  which significantly cut our wind frontage and distance—only could take the short cur because of our 2 foot draft! YAY, Bayliner!

The short cut was well posted with a lot of zig zagging markers and even 2 hairpin turns! Apparently they bring the coast guard trainees out here in the night to run the “course” at full speed to see if they can keep from running aground.
Another bascule bridge!  Lifted just for us.  Kinda makes you feel special…..and guilty at the same time when the cars all have to stop and wait.

We had planned earlier in the week to head out to anchor at some placesthat we had rushed by last week in order to get down to that boring conference (hmmmm, lesson learned!)  but the weather (big winds and rain) forecast  have required us to change plans so we headed out toward a marina NORTHward! Yeah, weird! But we really want to get to those anchorages, so we are basically now due east of them at Burnt Shore Marina (near Punta Gorda, Florida) and will sit out at least 2 days here until we get fairer weather. (Walks, biking and probably golf are in the cards.)

Lots of Loopers on the dock here who are in the harbor/marina out of the weather too.  Seeing some familiar faces and boats from way up on the rivers.   It’s fun to catch up.

2017-1-21-pelicansWhite pelicans  (different than those grey ones!) greeted us as we entered the marina.


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