Jan 18/19, Days 82/83 Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

We are finally getting to the Florida we expected this time of year. Nice sunny morning and about 70 degrees. Now that we have these bikes our exploration options have widened significantly. Today we decided to pedal down to Gasparilla State Park at the southern end of the island

OK, I know, the beach shots are getting a bit tedious, but let us revel in them for a few more days and then tone it down. Really a spectacular morning though.

and then explore anther local marina before leaving Boca Grande and going to the Ft Myers Yacht Basin.

Here we are at Boca Grande Marina… see what $3.25/ft gets you?
About 200 yards down the road was this marina. It’s on the register of National Historic Places and costs $50/night regardless of boat length. Of course you can’t get much more than a 35′ boat in there…. fun to visit, but not sure I’d stay.


Uhmm yup, here’s a pic of one of the two pigs at the marina. Ziggy was far more fascinated than we were.


The trip from Boca Grande to Fort Myers was not very long, but there were many “wake control” zones in Manatee areas and various channels to follow. Despite all of that, it really was a spectacular day on the water.

Leaving Boca Grande….this why we boat!


Try as we might we CANNOT get these guys (the fish!) to follow a Bayliner! Pretty cool to watch as we went by though.

EDITOR’S NOTE:   Bubs,  they are not FISH!  They are mammals!!! LOVE the dolphins!


You better believe in channel markers here in Florida! As it is you have to get philosophically “OK” operating at pace in 5′ of water (or less) or you’re going to be white knuckling it for days on end.  



I know Washington State touts itself a boating capital, but look at this boat traffic on a weekday at 2PM! You don’t see this on a Saturday in Puget Sound.


We spent a lot of time dinking around in the Tampa area over the last 10 days so we had to hustle down to Ft Myers to meet our friends Bjorne and Christine and go to a “Looper” meeting on Friday we signed up to attend.

Thursday, we went for a day trip on the boat with Bjorne and Christine to a restaurant on Sanibel Island. Nothing like the stress of guests on the boat while providing the luncheon entertainment docking in wind right in front of the restaurants huge picture window.

On the dock for lunch!


That maneuver was only to be outdone by the exit where the pressure was compounded by boats having tied up behind and off to the side after we arrived leaving basically a 12’ gap to thread a 10’ boat….in reverse. Astonishingly, the team completed both coming and going without a hitch!

When the restaurant gets crowed they look for any available floor space! Not really, but this was so weird when walking into the bathroom we (may not be correct to say WE) had to post a pic…. and THAT’s not even the most amazing thing…..


… sorry, but HAD to post this. Can you believe a one way mirror above the urinal so users are looking out across the bar as they pee?! Whoa, that was really weird. OK…. sorry, sorry, but this was just too much not to share.
OK, back to boating. This is a floating convenience store open 24/7! The person working today had a shift that started this morning and was finishing on Saturday. Those are not real people on the roof, but mannequins.
Of course, if you see a floating 24 hour convenience store you gotta stop whether you want something or not! So we did with Bjorne and Christine.


We’re loath to miss some the more picturesque spots like North Captiva Island, Sanibel, and Cabbage Key so we’re going to backtrack a bit early next week before renewing our southern push to Key West.

One thought on “Jan 18/19, Days 82/83 Pictures Worth a Thousand Words”

  1. Barb, Love your Pic of the restroom/ restaurant…very efficient. As to boat traffic, must get you and Nick on TANGO in lake Washington one weekend this summer… 4X the cut you were in. Tight times indeed. DDD


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