Jan 11/12 Days 75/76 A Floridian Anchorage…Finally!

NOTE:  The map on the Home page was been updated a few days ago!

It was hard to say good bye to what we decided perhaps was the best marina yet: nice docks; excellent bathrooms(!); flat water with no wave action; peaceful, quiet, Old-Florida style neighborhood;  abutting a cool bayou preserve w/ little meandering trails ( we should have inflated the SUP but just never got around to it!); and a funky, fun little town within a few minutes walk from the marina and only a few miles from St Petersburg.   A leisurely morning and a long chat  and tour of another Looper couple’s boat meant we successfully delayed leaving until after noon!

The gang at the pelican rookery waved goodbye to us as we left the Gulfport Marina.

Since we are just killing time around the Tampa Bay area for a few days we don’t have big distances to cover and really it is just about exploring the area.  We made a pit stop on Treasure Island (just the name itself is worth making a stop for, right?!—Alas, a bunch of streets and strip malls fill it up)  so that we could pick up a few little grocery items that were unavailable at the open air market in Gulfport. Remember back up on the rivers when we stopped at the McDonald’s dock?

Well  this Publix (a mix between a Safeway and a Met Market) has a DOCK to “park on”  (see our boat in the far background beyond the car parking lot)  YAY! How fun is that?
Fresh water and toilet paper and all is good!  (Have to admit that the chocolate milkshakes we got at that McDonald’s on the river beat the fresh water and toilet paper in the “fun” category tho!)

We continue to travel with the isinglass and canvas on but with the “windows’ rolled up.  We’ve had a few reader comments and private emails regarding this whole topic. Just for clarification, we did NOT get new canvas but rather had some of the old isinglass replaced with nice, fully-see- through/not yellowed nor dinged up isinglass and also had some zippers and stitching fixed that got battered when we had that tornado-watch night (the same night we had that hillbilly tarp over the windows that were leaking).  All that isinglass and extra canvas does catch the wind a bit more (especially notable when docking if there is a wind…but N remains consistently successful despite that—particularly since we have no bow thruster).  We haven’t had a long enough trip or gone at our regular speed to re-calculate the impact on MPG…but I’m guessing there will be some negative impact. We are enjoying the added protection from the winds lately especially with the lower temperatures we had earlier this week—B doesn’t need to break out that cool sleeping bag coat either—darn! It’s also a hassle to stow the canvas stuff under the upper helm foot cubby…..so just “paying” for that luxury with the little plastic rectangular card in extra gas seems the easiest thing at this point!

After that big Publix sign, it seemed to be a day that called out for this song :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZzVdomYHnI :

After some zigzagging, mud stir ups in shallow water, and re-plotting, we found our way to Pasadena Marina (no…we didn’t make it all the way to California—remember we have to hang out in Tampa Bay area for a few more days!).
N, sensing more No Wake Zone signs, refused to walk this pleasant quiet little island neighborhood with B and Z!
And as a result, N missed seeing this wild parrot!
And instead N opted for this riveting, traffic-filled walk across a causeway by himself!  Nothing like alone time!

While the marina itself (and people) are fine (only one spot for one transient boat per night), the general neighborhood and busy streets are in stark contrast to our Gulfport experience and, therefore, highlighting even more our sense that that was our favorite marina overall to-date.

Had to share this great sunset with all the abutting apartments and condos too.


An aside, with this Throw-back Thursday shot:

Although not a toddler anymore, not in Florida (it’s Dash Point, Washington) and not on this trip, it’s son,  Alex’s, 33rd  b-day today so thinking of him off and on and wishing he and Lauren could be with us enjoying the warm weather and water.

We left Pasadena Marina in hunt of the perfect (albeit nearby) anchorage. After skipping the first possibility, we found this at De Soto Point:

2017-1-12-anchor-bEasy anchorage in the sand. 7 feet of water.  Sunny.  Sandy. Away from the City.  Woohoo!

The power davit (a/k/a N ) at work on the dinghy launch!


Lots of shoreline explorations to fill the afternoon!

B’s perfect afternoon vision: great beach walk with N and Z and bonus points to have the boat and dinghy in background!
Here’s what Z thought of the Spanish Conquistadors who messed w/ the Indians here in 1539.Yes, mutually inclusive scatalogic AND sophomoric humor all in one.  (and yes, B plastic-bagged-scooped after the photo op!)

Re-cue: Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs:

Poor old beautiful tree has a fungus and only a few more years left.


Lots of meandering trails to explore.  Full moon later tonight—should be fun!


Classic shot—THIS is what we came looking for.


And just to pre-empt further commentary:

Since some commentators have already spilled the beans regarding B’s impending birthday, let’s all enjoy Satchel’s wise words!

Ok all you 1957-ers….it’s our year and B is blazin’ the path.

Mantra of the Year: It’s just a number, it’s just a number, it’s just a number…

One thought on “Jan 11/12 Days 75/76 A Floridian Anchorage…Finally!”

  1. Hey Nick and Barb,
    1. Good thing Nick has plenty of credit cards. The south Eastern economic barometer has moved with this trip.
    2. On your head problem, you may consider running the head with fresh water input from the vessel. I have done this on the last couple vessels and it ends the through-hull issue which is common. Believe it or not it uses very little of your fresh water and yes, smells better too.
    3. I’m still looking at the pictures daily for an American flag on the stern of what till now is a Pirate Vessel…


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