Jan 9/10, Day 73/74 Warmin’ Up

The weather finally relented a bit and it was good to get moving again after three days in St Petersburg (BTW, the town was named by a Russian after THE St Petersburg in Russia…. it was long ago so Putin was not involved…or maybe he was). After a lazy morning walking around and watching a retiree softball game (unbelievable to see a double play turned because it takes the runner 30 seconds to “run” from 1st to 2nd base) we left under sunny skies and warming temps.


We decided to leave the canvas up to see what it’s like to cruise that way. Pretty comfortable actually… hmmm, maybe that’s why everyone but us seems to do it that way (TBC)! Check out the plotter, still have channels to follow.

We didn’t have a big distance to travel as we’re simply dinking around the general Tampa Bay area waiting to head back to Cortez for our fancy new floor later this week.


Despite improving weather, we were one of the few boats out in the chop. Those we did see were flying Alabama flags and headed to downtown Tampa for the game. We headed the opposite direction to the Gulf Port Municipal Marina.

Entrance to Gulf Port Municipal Marina. Nicely tucked away and super peaceful…except for when some guy on a sailboat called squirrel chaser (the boat not the guy) started blasting Christian rock. Painful! Probably starts with calling your boat squirrel chaser. 

What a cool place! It’s a little marina off the ICW and tucked into a neighborhood so it has a totally laid back vibe. Even better it had floating docks so no clambering in and out of the boat to random elevations based on tides.


Had this dock to ourselves. BTW, Squirrel Chaser is the sailboat to the left with the white tarp!


Gulf Port itself was one of the Rand McNally’s six finalists out of 600 cities best for food! Needless to say, we took the less than one mile walk from the marina to check out the scene.


Gotta like the Spanish moss



Tried to get B checked in, but there were no vacancies!


Lots of cool restaurants and ZERO chain stores or eateries.


Never tire of beach bars with a western exposure!


We enjoyed a late lunch and then set off for a walk around town (amazing how much driftwood and jewelry art one community can sustain). Along the way, we found a driver’s license on the sidewalk. B wanted to mail it to the owner, but N suggested cruising the bars looking for cute blondes in their mid-40’s (like the pic on the license!) and was dumbfounded when B agreed. N spotted the owner at the second bar, but B was the one authorized for the handover. Just as well, the blonde was with a bunch of Alabama fans.


This is the only blonde N is allowed to post photos of!



Here’s how N watched the BIG game! Wished we could have been at a bar to see the ‘bama fans eat it, but the game went WAY too late…B’s asleep in the shadows to the left!


Amazingly, we came to learn you can ride a bike from where we were in Tarpon Springs all the way to here along the “car free” Pinellas Trail. That realization has us considering folding bikes, but we’ll see. There’s only so much crap you can load on a 28’ boat!


Speaking of bikes, check this out. The boat is called “Pedal, Pedal, Drink” and it’s 10 spin bikes hooked up to a paddle wheel! Now that’s N’s kind of biking (so long as he was at the helm and not one of the bikes)


…and here’s some more Florida bike technology. It’s an RV!

EPILOGUE: We decided to get some folding bikes and will pick them up a few marina stops along the way.



4 thoughts on “Jan 9/10, Day 73/74 Warmin’ Up”

  1. Really? Another cool marina, bike path, and hot 40’s blonde? You guys are KILLING ME! 🙂 Just wanted to let you know I paid Billy Bob to play that Christian Rock at volume 10 for you. Didn’t want your lives to be too easy. Did that canvas enclosure have any noticeable affect on your boat speed?


  2. Hi Guys…just know that behind every disturbed woman there lurks at least 1 man…maybe more. Case by case! Looks like a lovely time and you guys are professionals at this point so what fun for all. Maybe you will score a few pen pals for when the day comes that your travels are less frequent. Never know who you will meet at the dock? Hank & Jamie will join me in a day of leftover powder and chilly temps tomorrow (01/12) at CM. We will talk trash and all but really be more jealous and happy for you both. Who cares about bama? Not too many in these parts.


  3. New bikes and a new floor on the boat! You guys may never come back and are having way too much fun. Love the sign for disturbed women with Barb in front. Happy Birthday Barb can’t remember the exact date in January, what are you going to do for your big day? Nick get ready….


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