Jan 7/8 Days 71/72 Dali-ing around St. Petersburg

As someone said here on the dock: “If this cold keeps up, I’m going to have to move to Florida!”  I mean, gee whiz- up on the panhandle we hit below freezing and we thought that was bad; but now down here in St Petersburg we were at 36 degrees at 8 am yesterday (not counting the wind chill factor…which was substantial!)  But despite the cold we have been out and about all over downtown St. Pete’s.

Finally…a semi-decent pic ..see!  Aren’t they cute accompanying us? Love them! 

It was a quick trip from Cortez over and we just beat the wind, the rain and dusk in with a 5:40 arrival at the St Pete’s Municipal Marina.  A wet evening walk around the hoppin’ downtown—live music all over (inside and out!), lots of restaurants and bars, and tons of people (not oldies, either!).

1-8-2017-boat-skylineIt dumped rain all night (and we stayed dry!–yay for the window repair!) but by morning at least the sun was out so despite the chill factor we hit the streets and waterfront for some touristy times:

We had some nice yummy Ethiopian versions of samosas—sambusas — at this  classic outdoor market which apparently the largest in Florida.

And then on to the world class Dali museum (that also had a temporary exhibit of Frida Kahlo too!)


N gettin’ ready to get his Dali-on!
Official full title of this is: “Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing a Grand Piano”    I really am not sure what additive value the”atmospheric” or theclarification that it is  “Grand” piano provide. My mind is struggling enough with all the other Freudian stuff. Hope this doesn’t stick in your brain like it has mine for the last few days! Hahaha


We also took in a great movie (as well as a ton of popcorn) at the movie theater across from the marina. Enjoyed Hidden Figures and, as always, want to google the real full stories.

More museum going at the very eclectic, fun Museum of History:

1-8-2017-museum-trioA bit of everything and more.  In fact, the world’s largest signed baseball collection (cooler and less boring than you would expect, actually!); a 3000 year old Egyptian mummy; a WWII exhibit focused on African American experiences—the Double VV for victory over fascism around the world AND equality at home; and in case you’re wondering…the bra with rolls of coins tucked in?…”cunning use” by  Southern Bell Telephone employees who used their bras to hide coins stolen from the pay phone proceeds!  I said eclectic, right?

Lots of city and waterfront walks to keep Ziggy tired while we did the museums and movies.

Walked past (multiple times) the historic Vinoy Hotel–a waterfront landmark.
And past this great big, ol’ tree for climbing or a treehouse?  Love it!
Ziggy’s not-so-cute “floridian sand-free/heat-free hair cut”…alas, she’s either needed a rain or fleece coat 70% of the time so far!  Can’t wait for the temps to increase and enjoy that sand and water!

We hit another movie too…more art-housey with a NON-hollywood ending which keeps N on his grumpy side!  Manchester by the Sea. Despite that, B would recommend it! Followed by a roaming dinner: first, oysters on the half shell and then a block away tapas of grilled octopus, stuffed little peppers, ceviche, mushrooms in sherry and more….and of course, red wine!  Great dinner and a movie night!

One thought on “Jan 7/8 Days 71/72 Dali-ing around St. Petersburg”

  1. Barb and Nick, it is always great to hear from you! I love St. Petersburg. There is a State Park called Ft De Soto where I spent Spring Break when I was 19. I love Catalina Island, and the shell place south of there.

    I hope you can get to the beaches. Leave your boat and get to the Gulf Beaches. Great sand beaches…will send separate text! Hope to see you in Florida! Call me! Love you, Jane


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