Jan 5/6, Days 69/70

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We sort of blipped off the radar at the end of last year without any notice.


We found this great little place to visit about 40 miles east of Bradenton….and if you believe this is Florida we’ve got some land for sale!



Shorts for ski gear, but the sun was still just as nice!


No, the boat didn’t sink nor did we suffer some route stopping mechanical issue, we just went home for Christmas and New Year. The timing was fortunate because after his trail of trash talking N would not have wanted to be anywhere in the southeast the night UW was rolled by the Tide! As it is we fly our Washington flag at half-mast.


Very nearly landed this one, but then he spit the bait out!


Anyway, we flew back to Cortez on the 4th and were delighted to see our boat safely at the dock. I guess there wasn’t a reason to think it wouldn’t be, but there’s something comforting about knowing it was all tied up properly against a fixed dock and avoided any damage. Can’t say that has always been the case, but that’s another story.


No damage and no one took our dinghy! Here we’re sporting the new canvas (repaired old canvas) 


We had arranged for some work to be done while we were gone. We had all the windows resealed (they leaked like a sieve a few weeks ago, in heavy rain (remember the tarp) and had a bunch of canvas work done (the flaws in which had also been exposed in that same heavy rain). In addition, N finally located cabin light fixtures to match the ones that mysteriously burned up (you go Bayliner) and drilled new holes into the boat to better mount our BBQ. Those BBQ mounts that go into the rod holders are garbage!



Gotta keep the fluids up!


Notwithstanding the above, our BIGGEST project was to get the head working properly. Although we’ve been quiet about it, our toilet had been getting progressively less functional until it finally gave out and we were left to manually……. ok it’s complicated and not worth explaining here! B had a theory on what the problem was, but there were plenty of other paths to explore first! Long story short, N re-built the entire head from pump to valves to gaskets to no avail before finally relenting and checking the raw water intake. Eureka, it was blocked! Stuff had grown on the bottom of the boat and plugged up the intake holes.


Believe it or not THAT grossness was the through hull water intake for the head. No wonder it didn’t work!


Let’s not discuss B’s theory here, but N is confident all those valves and gaskets needed changing regardless. Fixing the problem required pulling the boat out of the water as N was unwilling to swim underneath with a wire brush. We just whipped out the little rectangular plastic pocket wrench, problem solved.


There is very little that can’t be fixed on a boat with a credit card. In this case we had to pull the boat to clean the intakes because N was not about to dive to do it.


With the projects done it was time for fish tacos Florida style.



OK, ok, enough of that! We finally got underway late Friday afternoon and ran quickly to St Petersburg to avoid incoming weather (Seriously?! We thought the winter weather was supposed to be good in Florida). We made it to the municipal dock just before the rain started and settled in to monitor our newly sealed windows and enjoy our expanded covered space courtesy of the canvas as investment.

2 thoughts on “Jan 5/6, Days 69/70”

  1. Your boat is looking good in her new canvass. Glad you found things ship shape and are back on the high seas. Looking forward to your posts. Sorry we missed you in T-town.


  2. Nick and Barb, it was great to see you guys at the Brown’s felt you had one toe in Washington state and four toes in your new adventure, good for you! I loved your post about the head, my imagination was going on your “manual” toilet duty, glad you got it fixed, that was a really ugly sore on the bottom of you boat. I like your new bright blue canvas. Alix


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