Dec 15/16, Days 67/68 Doin’ the ICW Shuffle

It’s yet another 2 for 1! Honestly, it’s because I’m a bit lazy and there’s not much that happens when we spend multiple days at the same place (including not much blog writing obviously). We spent a total of three nights at Marker 1 Marina in Dunedin.

N was going to complain about our spot on the channel side of the dock until he figured out it gave us this view!

The primary attraction was the opportunity to spend time with Alan and Jeanette and we had a lot of fun doing that. We had some fantastic food and good times together, but we have fallen so far off the dietary wagon N is concerned the trim tabs need extending to get on plane!

We spent another day riding some rental bikes. Sounds good on the exercise front, but both days of riding were punctuated with stops for food or drink so no brownie points there.

Lots of people carry bikes on their boat, but we don’t really have room and we had no problem finding rentals (yes, that’s B riding with one hand while filming!)

It was good to get up this morning at get underway once more. The weather was brisk, but the water calm.

Full of water and fuel for a relatively short day down the ICW.


If you look closely you’ll see a dolphin fin ahead of us. Of course it’s pretty tough to take pictures while navigating in a channel with 5 feet of water (see screen)…and that’s the DEEP part…. with even shallower water on either side at a speed the boat simply does not like to go. Check out the beach though.

This was our first navigation on the ICW through what can best be described as urban neighborhoods. Lots of houses and high rises with boats on lifts at every turn. It was sort of frustrating to slow down for the intermittent No Wake zones, but we had a short journey and the slower pace allowed us to better check out the shoreline.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but an interesting hodge podge of buildings……



This big boat was called “Not Guilty”, but someone’s gotta be guilty somewhere to afford that!


I kid you not…a live action shot of a “shuffleboard” game! Does it get any more Floridian than that?


Some of the crew got bored in the No Wake Zone, but beyond this bridge was the freedom of the Gulf and the opportunity to grab all the throttle you wanted….what to do…..?


….never a doubt! Under the bridge and throttle up!


The Gulf coastline is starting to look a lot more like the Florida we know with sunshine and bright sand.

Our destination was Cortez, Florida to visit B’s “double double cousin” Meredith. No explanation here of what it takes to be a double double cousin, but B will be happy to regale the curious with the whole story if asked. Anyway, Meredith and her husband Gerry live at a place with an attached marina and we’re leaving the boat here while we go back to Tacoma for Christmas and New Year.

All these boats are within yards of their owners doorstep and there you can see Meredith waiting to direct us….of course Bayliners to the back!

In the meantime, we’re going to get some general maintenance work done, get a US flag properly placed, have window leaks repaired and generally fiddle around with stuff getting ready for our big Florida swing!

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