Dec 10/Day 62 Baby Its Cold (and Christmassy..and FUN) Outside

Despite the 32 degrees outside,  could not resist pausing to enjoy  (and snap) this early morning walk view.
Now that we’ve gone E with our local TNT newspaper, this young dog has NEVER heard of a newspaper being delivered to the front door–let alone the front door of the BOAT…well that’s a first even for us old fogeys!   Just like those fancy hotels; but at only $25/night at this marina sure seemed like a surprise and also a super luxury!

We delayed pushing off by an hour with hopes of the temperature rising a bit.  It actually dropped another degree between 8 and 9 am. We bit the bullet, left and started up on the fly bridge.  The first leg of the Intra-Coastal Waterway this morning was calm and scenic…yet still with other constant reminders of the force of Mother Nature

But, Baby it’s cold outside….was the theme song of the morning!  So we came down from the flybridge and drove from inside for a little bit.  Still needed our hats and layers on though.
A wide variety of …derelictes! (NOT a typo!)                    
Worn out pencil pier posts
Cool, old swinging bridge RR trestle
Pelicans humming to Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay….
Heading into big bay for today’s second segment  (NOT the big open gulf segment….yet—that’s coming up on Monday) 

The Bay was rough and tumble and seemed to go on and on.  In fact, way out in the middle was this:2016-12-10-dredge

At first we thought it was a pipe line. But it turned out to be very active dredging with lots of workers.  They REALLY had to be there (even though it was a Saturday) doing that work because not only did we bump bottom and then ultimately make our way around but we heard later from other Loopers in a Grand Banks that they came to two hard full stops and spent half an hour trying to figure out how to get around and out of the shallow and back to the channel that was deep enough.

Anyway, the Bay went on and on despite only being about 2-6 feet deep (other than in the narrow channels for the boat traffic).  We had 2 and 3 foot waves; although no water over the bow today.  B and Z had to go below because the unofficial 3 hour maximum of sitting up on a swaying  and bouncy flybridge and the queasy factor was approaching! No problem because within a few minutes of going below, things calmed and we approached our “entrance” into an inlet where we would spend the night.

Just before going into the river inlet to our destination we passed this Gilligan’s island look-alike.  Although it looks tropical, it was still only about 40 degrees by noon.

We made it into the cute town of Carrabelle, Florida and docked at The Moorings Marina.  Friendly, small town place known as the Pearl of the Forgotten Coast.  A few pix:

“Hood ornaments”…..actually tons of boats were getting decorated for the boat parade tonight!
Street fair fun!
Gettin’ her oyster fix.
Guinness Book of World Records: Seriously, it was  an actual police station.


Firework prep…you know what that means!
A fun, festive ending to the day.

One thought on “Dec 10/Day 62 Baby Its Cold (and Christmassy..and FUN) Outside”

  1. Post for N+B:
    I’m a few days late posting this for Dave, up with my parents in Northern California.

    From Triple D:
    Glad that the outside temps are identical between Seattle and your marina. Your view and scenery are much better as is the clear Florida sky. Nick looks a bit like a prison inmate between the hat and grimace. Hope he doesn’t have a “shank”.. Oh well the Gulf crossing will be splendid and we will see you with tales to tell. Good for you guys… Love the Blog, Read it first and always! Heading out Sunday with Henry and Deb among others to do Xmas ships in same temps…


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