Dec 9, Day 61 Cool Runnin’

 Holy Moley….it is freezing!!! We’ve read the brochures and seen those ads with enticing beach shots. Where’s THAT Florida? Fortunately, we have both A/C AND heating in the cabin…. you go Bayliner! OK, so there isn’t really a lot to write about today beyond the pics.

We’ve recently gotten into a rhythm of leaving the dock about 8AM. Today our objective was Port St Joe approximately 50 miles from St Andrews Marina. I know, pretty pathetic from a land travel perspective (actually by water too when you’re going 25mph, but this is a team exercise). To our credit, we were dealing with small craft warnings and the potential for 15 knot winds so we wanted to start early and get off the water before it got too bad.

We like to drive from the flybridge and not look through plastic so N’s resorted to wearing gloves (notice they’re sailing gloves so he has his thumb and finger to manipulate the touch screen) 


This part of the trip is interesting as we are passing across stretches of wide open water and then tucking into very narrow cuts all of which make up the ICW. Yes, we could go out on the Gulf side, but the water is way bigger and why would you do it when you can have a serene trip along the inland passage?

It was rough outside, but nice and serene once we were into these cuts…..until, YES, we see an on coming barge just like the good old river days!


Big rock pile on the port side!


Then an exit into a nice bay! The larger gulf is just beyond that cut on the horizon.


The exciting news is we’re now in the eastern time zone (I know, slow day if that’s the exciting thing!) and will be heading south in the next couple of days. That turn south couldn’t come too soon, but we’re told temps are warmer once we get across. As it is N had about 5 layers and gloves and was still cold at the helm.

Off with the baseball cap and on with the ski hat. Something N brought from our last trip home fortunately!


Of course B was fine in her “bag” jacket. N has admitted it’s pretty good and agreed he needs to get one.


What, isn’t this supposed to be Florida already? Tomorrow we’re getting to the jumping off point for our big crossing.

It’s cold, but we have sunsets!
Sorry, we started eating these before realizing we should have taken a pic. Don’s first ever oyster! The good news is he didn’t like them so more for us.

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