Dec 8 Day 60 (!WOW—SIX-OH!) Hangin’ Out in Panama City

No, not THE Panama City.  Apparently at some point someone in charge here changed the town’s name from Harrison to Panama City, because they thought it would help the economy (you know THOSE politicians!!)  Logic was that since a straight line between Chicago and the capital of the Central American country of Panama passed through this Florida town, it only made sense to change its name…..hmmmmm,  on THAT theory, maybe Trump Tower should be Torre Colpatria after the famous tower in Bogota, Columbia since they are both on the 73rd W Longitude!  (well, we KNOW that name would never be acceptable!….(but I NEARLY digressed to that polit-speak!)

Anyway, we have spent a day and a half here and have just been doing some hangin’.  So just a few pix to give you the feel for the area and our day:

This morning’s left-overs from yesterday’s Pearl Harbor.  The old guy on the right sits there all day playing backgammon with himself.  He’s about old enough to have been in WWII.

Speaking of morning, the feature photo on top is a morning sunRISE beach walk photo.  Remember, all you west coasters with internal directional compasses pointing west to the wide open ocean, right now we are on the Panhandle facing south. (PS…we appreciate ALL comments you all give in the comment section but especially any that validate our own quirks!)

The marina is a nice mix of sail, motor and working vessels:


Just as in Mobile/Eastern Shores Marina, there are plenty of opportunities to buy fresh shrimp here too.  B has to figure out how to menu plan around that.  Couldn’t take advantage this time as the refrig was already crammed with fresh produce, chicken, etc that needs to be consumed.  Next time!  (note our boat in background 🙂  )

Speaking of shrimp, have you ever heard those little crackling/snap, crackle, pop sounds when you’ve been snorkeling or even lying in your berth late at night with no other sounds?  Well, that noise has literally popped up here and can even be heard with ambient noise during the day.  I understand there is a dispute on the source of the sound: barnacles and mussels feasting or shrimp “cracking.”  Not that this is so scientifically important, but it seems a simple question to what thousands have surely been wondering about for many years.  Based on the two sites I’ve reviewed here, I’m voting for the pistol shrimp…. Besides, I like that thought more than imagining barnacles invading our boat intake valves, etc!

The little park just outside the marina was full of sights:

Really cool AND one of a kind: 4 Headed Palm Tree!
Older than 250 years, this humongous old oak tree (no yellow ribbons today) looks out over the water.
And by night:  reminding me of a mini-version of Zoolights at Pt Defiance.
Who ya’ gonna call when they come for you…At first I thought they were coming to yell at me for having the dog in the park (yes, even leashed dogs with poop bags in hand are prohibited); but, they came for the guy with a dent on his truck instead….must be a slow day here.

Okay, okay we didn’t have room for healthy shrimp in the refrig, but we could not turn down this amazing place for lunch right inside the marina!

If you can see the menu board, the fourth item down (the first in the light green color) is THE signature dish. (note the other signs on the right! Haha!)
And while you wait for your order to be made….you get a FREE BEER!  No liquor license so he only charges for food, water and pop but gifts the beers! Whoa!
And this is the signature dish: A caramelized doughnut as the bun with caramelized onions, 3 cheeses, spinach (yay—something healthy!), tomato (ok 2 healthy things!), delicate pickle, burger,  and a bunch of other things. Yes, Joan and B split one. And yes, it was super, super yummy (and filling). Perfect sweet and savory mix.
Ernie, the chef, who invented the dish (and other yummy looking things on the menu) has been featured on the Cooking Channel.  He actually likes it when you ask him to prepare something/anything “off-menu.”  
Once a large oak tree landmark on the shore, it was destroyed in the 1995 hurricane. “Repurposed” by a local artist, the Pelican Tree is a nice reminder of whatever you want it to be for yourself!  (almost like looking at modern art)
Not the first marina we’ve been in where they’ve been getting ready for their annual Christmas Boat Parade.   This is just stage one of a 3 day prep…this guy won the $500 contest the last 2 years in a row and has his sights set on this year too. ‘Tis the season!

We got a few other things done too. N did the laundry while B went to the local yoga studio; a quick grocery stop for a dozen eggs; a field trip to Petsmart for Ziggy; and a field trip to Best Buy for N. We diluted the grease from lunch with a nice big green dinner salad with lots of veggies, grilled zucchini and grilled chicken. As you can see from our clothing, the weather is getting colder by the day and we really have to get rolling south (well, east first!). More tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Dec 8 Day 60 (!WOW—SIX-OH!) Hangin’ Out in Panama City”

  1. It is late, but loving the adventure! Thinking about you tonight as we made shrimp creole (GREAT) and imagined life in the Florida panhandle.

    Molly passed today. I will miss her greatly, but she was ready. So sad! But as I Think of this 13 year old golden retriever, I cannot help but reflect how lucky we are with our dogs.

    Ziggy is on a great adventure!!! And you two are better for sharing it with her. I am absolutely convinced that a good dog saves our souls, and we all need saving!

    Barb, reading Barkskins by Annie Proulx. Great book about early French settlers in Quebec. You would love it, this I know!

    Safe crossing!!!! Love you! J


  2. Dan D doughnut burger? Really? How cool is that?
    True story: I once had a hot dog stand at the Lane County (Oregon) Fair. Dan D’s Good Dogs – Every One’s A Wiener
    If only I’d thought of serving them on a doughnut . . !


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