Nov 15/16 Days 51/52 Super Moonin’, Super Paddlin’, and Super Buffin’ =Super Time

We remain at Eastern Shores Marina outside of Mobile, Alabama until we return to (and from) Tacoma. As each day ends and we summarize what we did it appears to be, apparently, not very much! (BTW, WEB TECH stuff: if you are just reading this as it comes to your email you will not see the feature photo…you need to click the link!  and there you will also be able to see the comments on the right hand side!)    But the days just fill up somehow with a few activities and lots of dock chats w/ locals, Loopers, boat mechanics, fisherpeople, etc!   Fun! So these are just some snippets of our daily life:

Another golf day for N:

Hittin’ it long and straight…with some decline to help!

Another nature day for B and Z :

Mobile Bay shoreline (looking southwest)


A nice hike that goes a long distance  along nearly the entire eastern shore, zigging and zagging along the shore, into and out of the swamps and other little points of interest.




Ugh! Ziggy had to stay on leash.   I think the workers who installed the sign were probably looking over their shoulders in fear…who knows the tree’s excuse.
1800’s small family cemetery in the middle of nowhere on the coat trail….note the French spelling/grammar of a few words….either I learned/remember incorrectly or this is old langue (or typos)(?).

More “neighborhood” activities: walks, cleaning and paddles!

Typical morning playtime for Ziggy.  Great playmates (their owner not so much…never picks up their poops!)
Just exiting the marina is a  neighborhood squeezed by the Bay on one side and a really long, fairly deep creek on the other. Here is the street side of one of the Bay view homes 

and the ”back” Bay side of the same street…

Not sure the Army Corps of Engineers nor various the Washington state permitting departments would allow docks like these at home…especially knowing that there is a major fish explosion right along the shore beyond compare to our little salmon fingerlings!

Directly across from the Bay-side are the Creek-side homes:



Front and the back side…whole different ambience on the creek than across the street on the Bay-side…. A bit tiki bar-ish, casual, fun and full of personality. Way more fun looking, right?

Buff Man!

In a brilliant move, N exchanged a pound of our 6 pound horde of shrimp for the use of a buffer! Unfortunately, after a day at it, his arm may be shot for golf tomorrow. And of course, he has turned it into a competition w/ the neighboring boat: “I can’t have theirs being shinier than ours!!”
Who’s is shinier!??!? (Note: Don and Joan have gone hillibilly on us and started putting their gas cans on the bow now that we took ours off!)

While Nick slaved away, B went up a creek WITH a paddle (and a dog):

We brought an inflatable SUP for this trip! Finally dug it out of the “cubby” and N had “fun” getting it ready for B and Z’s maiden voyage. B loves how surprisingly responsive it is.  B wishes N had as much fun being generally responsive in daily life too. (and yes, Ziggy loves paddle-boarding..Aside from her interest in the darting fish and nearby birds, treats are always involved!)

Another tour up the creek but this time on the paddle-board a few different times. Totally different than in the dinghy. Going slowly (and quietly)  gives more time to enjoy the boats and different views.

However, Cue the  Gator-version of the Jaws music:  And you get what haunted B the whole way.  With every shadow, reflection in the creek, darting fish, acorn falling in the woods compounded by all the gator sightings the other day and the warning signs, B was sure a mega –gator was coming to deflate the new inflatable and chomp her and Z into tiny pieces.

Fly Creek is at least a mile of paddleboard-navigable deep…houses, beach camps, boat docks along the way…until there aren’t. That’s when the remoteness intensified…and any thought of being distracted and off balance taking a picture was impossible…so no remote pix!

More views from the paddleboard:

Another shrimper…we turned into their marketing division by taking other Loopers over tosupport the local economy; cool orange rescue boat— the sailboat guy next door called it a “redneck yacht”; perfect house on stilts.

Had a “date- afternoon” at the movies too!

Felt pretty special….N had arranged to have the whole theater to ourselves!  Hahaha Just kidding.  I guess that’s what happens when you go to a 4:30 movie in Alabama. We saw the Accountant..entertaining…..and for those of you high school chums who think N used to be an undercover operative this might let you envision it even more.

Back at the dock in time for evening camp fire and sing-a-long!

Nothin’ like some old former hippies singin’ great oldies! Altho no heavy/lively rock and roll…just peaceful, soothing, contemplative folksy rock.   Practically ready to roll out “Kumbaya!”

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