Nov9/10 Day 45/46 Catfish Eatin’

OK, ok, you’re probably thinking the earth opened-up and swallowed our boat early Wednesday morning as the last electoral vote was counted, but no, despite earlier editorial commentary, the sun came up today and the river continued to flow. We have been having a bit of internet coverage issues, but I doubt it’s election related. I certainly hope the boat starts under this new regime-elect! The ignition key turns to the right so you never know. Whoa, what kind of boat is this and where are we going?!

Yep, the sun came up Wednesday morning as expected


Anyway, this is a two-day post as we’ve decided to consolidate multiple days when there’s not too much going on. We’re doing that to save our sanity….and yours! We spent another day on the dock at Demopolis. Not so much because we had to, but rather we wanted to hit the catfish restaurant at Bobby’s Fish Camp (open Thursday to Friday) which is also the ONLY gas stop between Demopolis and Mobile, but I get ahead of myself. More on Bobby’s later.

With evenings like this it’s easy to stay another day!


We started the day at the Demopolis Methodist Church Bazar! Plenty of baked goods together with general garage sale stuff all being sold by elderly women with name tags and deep southern accents. B said hi to one lady after reading her name tag. The woman was chagrined to not know B’s name until B pointed out she’d read the lady’s name on her tag. Hey, it was a slow day! Anyway, after buying a bottle opener/corkscrew for $0.10, some banana bread and a box of home baked cookies we figured we’d done our part and walked into town.

B perused the baked goods at the bazar after being assured there were no religious issues with making a purchase.


Downtown Demopolis is like so many towns we’ve seen on the river where a major highway and related Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc…. were built outside of the main loop so the latter is basically dead. Anyway, took 5 minutes to walk the town before we headed back to the dock.

When the most interesting thing in town is a window display of solar powered bobble heads at an otherwise shuttered office supply store you know life has moved on.


The weather was cool and with time on our hands we decided to do some extensive cleaning. Although we’re in freshwater, stuff still gets pretty dirty so it was good to get some basic boat tidying up done. Of course, part of that is pumping out the holding tanks. Never a fun project in the best of circumstances it gets particularly un-fun when the hose breaks! Fortunately, there was not too much of a mess and, importantly, N was able to fix the issue and complete the task!

No, those wet spots are not what you think, but fixing this in the dark was bad enough!


As we’ve said, Demopolis is a big looper stop. Each evening there’s a meeting to discuss who’s going through the lock and where everyone is going because there are limited anchorages and only one fuel stop between Demopolis and Mobile. N attends the meeting, but has no intention of getting up at the crack of dawn with everyone else. Most of the crowd is traveling between 6 to 10 mph so they need to leave early to get to the first reasonable anchorages downriver. When you go 25mph, you sleep in!

Exiting the Demopolis Lock…our penultimate lock (ie ONE more to go before we hit the Gulf!)


We left the marina about 9AM…..

It’s actually pretty cold in the mornings these days and B has been delighted to use her “sleeping bag” jacket. No kidding, it’s like a sleeping bag with arm holes.


At least two of the three crew members were warm on the trip down this morning!


……and by the time we pulled up to Bobby’s Fish Camp halfway between Demopolis and Mobile we’d not only passed the boats that had left early that morning, but a bunch of boats that had left the day before! We’d slow down to pass, but I think some of the sailboats were a little pissed anyway. Not sure it’s because they thought our wake was still too big, or the fact we’d taken a few hours to do what took them two days. They can revel in the knowledge they probably burned 10% of the fuel we did to get to the same spot.

Bobby’s is an iconic loop stop.

This is an old world fish camp!



Inside it’s part restaurant and part museum. B even found bills of sale for slaves dating back to the 1850’s! Check out the exposed beam ceiling!

As the only fuel stop over what is about a 200+ mile run, it’s mere existence is what allows boats like ours to make the trip. There’s not much there save a floating fuel dock and a few transient spots along the river bank.


Single gas pump! This is what you do after a day on the river. Sit around on the dock and debate catfish!


Of course, you come to Bobby’s not only for fuel, but also “wild caught” catfish! For you PNW’ers we’re talking Copper River is to salmon what Bobby’s is to catfish! Fry those babies up and serve with hush puppies and slaw and you’re eatin’ Alabama country style!

We heard they might come with heads still on, but fortunately not! We ordered because you “have to”, but it was good!

2 thoughts on “Nov9/10 Day 45/46 Catfish Eatin’”

  1. I love this one! Of course, catfish, hush puppies and slaw just make my mouth water! Mmm mmm!

    Broken pump hoses do not!

    Best picture of Barb and Ziggy in red sleeping bag! I wish I knew what Ziggy is thinking!

    So what happens when you get to Mobile?


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